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127 127  In addition if you plan to contribute large amount of code that impact existing code, we recommend discussing it on the mailing list first.
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129 += Contribute Designs =
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131 +There are various ways to contribute design related artefacts:
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133 +* You can propose new ideas/features/improvements in the [[Design>>design:Main.WebHome]] wiki
134 +* You can provide resources (graphics, fonts, icons) on our [[Media Resources>>dev:Community.Contributing]] page
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136 +You can get feedback on the proposals on the mailing lists or on the Forum.
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129 129  = Sponsoring issues =
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131 131  If there are [[issues>>]] you'd like to see fixed, you can vote them up and wait for some good soul to come along and fix them. The other option you have to try and speed up this process is to sponsor an issue by clicking the "Sponsor This!" link on the issue itself (see screenshot below). We're using [[>>]] and you should check out their [[FAQ>>]] for more information on how it works.

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