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5 You'll find below several options to discuss with the XWiki community. If you wish to have a realtime talk with the community instead please check the [[Chat page>>Community.Chat]].
7 = Forum =
9 XWiki offers a [[Forum>>]]. The following main categories exist:
10 * ##Help/Discuss##: For users of XWiki. Please use this forum for user or development questions.
11 * ##Development##: For developers of the XWiki product and contrib developers.
12 * ##Security##: For security-related discussions. This is a private category. To get access, start [[contributing>>Contributing]] and ask for permission by posting on the [[ forum (in the ##Other## category)>>]] and explain why you need access. Committers will decide whether you will get access or not.
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15 Historical information:
16 * We moved to the [[Forum>>]] on May 2017. Prior to that we used to offer a [[User mailing list>>]] and a Nabble Forum working on top of this mailing list (it's been decommissioned). There was also a Gmane archive (also decommissioned). We've decided to move to a [[Discourse-based>>]] forum for a nicer and simpler user experience (for example even though users were registered on Nabble, they were still required to also register on the user mailing list before being able to post on the list from Nabble).
17 * On 18th of September 2019 we also moved the development mailng list to the Forum.
18 * You can search for old messages using [[Markmail>>]].
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21 = Mailing Lists =
23 There are 3 mailing lists active:
24 * **[[notifications AT>>]]**: All code commits, JIRA issues and Continuous Build failures are sent to this list. XWiki developers must be subscribed to this list to follow what's going on.
25 * **[[security AT>>]]**: This is a moderated list where anyone can report security-related issues. However, we encourage reporters to report security issues by using the [[issue tracker>>]] (see [[Security Policy>>dev:Community.SecurityPolicy.WebHome]] for details).
26 * **[[infra AT>>]]**: For discussing infrastructure issues.
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29 The last 2 are private mailing lists for reading.
31 * Anyone can write to these lists to report issues (no subscription needed)
32 * But unlike public mailing list above, these mailing lists are only accessible for core committers and some other trusted persons. Unregistered users can not read archives of this mailing list, because it might contain sensitive security details.
33 * If you want to contribute to discussions on these lists, start [[contributing>>Contributing]] and ask for permission by posting on the [[ forum (in the ##Other## category)>>]] and explain why you need access. Committers will decide whether you will get access or not.
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36 Before posting on the lists, please make sure to follow [[these posting tips>>]].
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39 Before sending mails to any of the lists mentioned above you'll need to be subscribed to the list. Be very careful to send the mail with the email address you've used to subscribe or your mail won't make it to the list and will be rejected. You can register by clicking on the links above (you can also use these links for unsubscribing). Please also note that large emails (over 100K) will be rejected when sent to these lists.
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42 == Mailing List Archives ==
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46 Search XWiki archives using MarkMail:
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52 There are several places where XWiki lists are archived:
54 * On [[Markmail>>]]
55 * On the following pages:
56 ** [[users archives>>]]
57 ** [[devs archives>>]]
59 == Troubleshooting ==
61 === I've subscribed but can't post ===
63 The most likely reason is that you're sending an email with a different email address than the one you've used to register. Use the same email address and it should work fine! You can manager your mailing list information using the [[Mailing list user interface>>]].

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