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EyeQ is a paying service provided by Programeter which they are offering for free for the XWiki Community.

Understanding the Reports

  • Contribution size
    • This is supposed to represent how much you've contributed. However right now it only measures how many lines of code you have contributed (removing some invalid ones like for releases, etc). This means that if you're removing lines for refactoring purpose, for cleaning up, etc you're getting negative contribution values. For example, see the detailed example of Vincent Massol contributions to understand how points are computed.
    • Thus for now this indicator should be considered carefully. A large score could mean that the person is not refactoring and not cleaning up existing code... emoticon_wink

Starting with August 2008 reports new metrics were added:

  • Effort illustrates the size of the work the developer has performed during the project. Any code contribution is counted as effort. Efficiency illustrates the utility of the effort: how much of the effort translates into the code used in the project.
  • Code Maturity illustrates how code contributed by the developer survives the test of time. Lower values mean that the produced code often needs to be corrected or adopted by other team members.
  • Owned Code - Indicates the size of the code whose latest modifier is the profiled developer.
  • New Code is the number of new lines of code that developer has added during the reporting period.
  • Modified code is depicted  by two indicators,  namely "other" and "own". These indicators represent amount of lines of code modified by the developer during the reporting  period. If the developer has modified a line of code created by someone else, then the indicator "other" is increased by one. And if he modifies a line created by himself, then the number "own" is increased accordingly.
  • Deleted Code is traced in a  same manner as modified code, by two  indicators "other" and "own". They keep the count of lines of code deleted during the reporting period. Each deleted line increases either indicator "other" or "own". If developer deletes his own line of code then the indicator "own" is raised by one. If the deleted code was created by someone else, then the indicator "other" is raised consequently.


After September 2008

While EyeQ is nice it's not built for open source projects and there's currently no possibility to provide open access to everyone to the online reports. In the past we've been diligently copying them here but it's too much work and there's no automation. We're waiting for Programeter to improve their support for open source projects.

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