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Profiling is useful to find out performance bottlenecks and find out memory hogs. There are 2 types of tools that can be easily used to profile XWiki.

Profiling using a Profiler

The best tool for the job is of course a profiler. Follow the steps:

  • Get a profiler

    For XWiki committers, we have free YourKit licenses for developing on XWiki.

  • Build XWiki or simply download a XWiki binary release
  • Check your profiler's documentation to see the command line that needs to be added when starting the XWiki JVM.
  • If you're using YourKit you can start XWiki with the following command line: 8080 profiler /path/where/agent/is (for example: 8080 profiler "/Applications/YourKit Java Profiler")
  • Run the Profiler and then start XWiki

Profiling using Byteman

See Byteman and the XWiki Byteman tutorial.

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