There are a lot of databases out there and supporting all of them in all versions is just too hard to be done in a quality manner.

By "supporting" we mean:

  • Issues created for these databases in JIRA are not closed as won't fix and we make a best effort to fix them.
  • We include these databases in our tests (be them automated or manual).
  • When we create new features or modify existing features we make a best effort to verify that they work on the supported list of databases.
  • The complete and precise list of supported databases in a given XWiki release is indicated in the Release Notes for that release (starting with XWiki 4.0-milestone-2).

Supported databases

DatabaseVersionsReason for supporting it
LatestCurrently Hypersonic DB is used in embedded mode in our standalone distribution.
Latest of oldstable, stable and unstable Debian repositories (Note: MySQL has been replaced by MariaDB in all Debian and most of the Linux distributions).MySQL/MariaDB is one of the most used database (especially when building an open source stack)
Latest of oldstable, stable and unstable Debian repositories.PostgreSQL is also one of the most used database (especially when building an open source stack)
Latest of 19.3.xBeing an enterprise wiki, XWiki also supports Oracle to be "business"-friendly

Databases that are not supported

The following databases are not officially supported. XWiki may work with them, completely or partly. We don't constantly test against it, we don't ensure that new features work on them. However whenever someone raises an issue on JIRA about them and it's easy to fix (or if someone provides a patch) then we fix it.

Note that we use Hibernate for our persistence and thus if the database you wish to use is supported by Hibernate you should be able to make it work in XWiki. However it may require tuning some Hibernate HBM files

IBM DB2 Database
Microsoft SQL Server
Apache Derby

You can Search the XWiki mail archive to see all discussion threads about the Database you're interested in.

Created by Vincent Massol on 2019/03/27 15:40

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