Latest and LTS Definitions

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2020/10/30 10:27

As a general rule and when not indicated differently, we support the "latest" and "LTS" versions of products.


  • "latest": This is the last, stable release of a product. It excludes any development version that is not stabilized.
  • "LTS": This is the last super stable release of a product, that is still maintained (i.e. for which bugfix versions are released if problems are found). Sometimes it's not easy to understand what is the LTS version. So here are some rules to help find it out:
    • It's the closest previous version that is maintained (ie it has bugfix releases)
    • It's been maintained for over a year or so
    • It's a free maintained releases (doesn’t require a paying contract)
  • For both, the version must be available to all OSes (for ex for Oracle, version 19.5 was only available for Solaris at a time, and thus couldn't be considered as "latest" version).

Note that the tested version values displayed represent the tags on docker container for the related product, found on DockerHub. In order to not have to change very frequently the tested tags, we use tags that represent the latest versions. For example if Tomcat's last release is version 9.0.35, we use "9.0" or even "9" to signify the last released version of that branch.

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