XWiki Days

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2023/12/08 13:52

We organize regularly special Days (every Thursday) where we try to get the maximum number of committers and contributors to work on a special task, in order to get the maximum work for that task and reduce the backlog.

Ideas of XWiki Days

  • Doc Fixing Day: improve xwiki.org (add missing docs, write guides, improve navigation, clean e.x.o - marking old extensions as deprecated, writing
    documentation, specifying what version the extension is working on -, etc
  • Deprecation Fixing Day: reduce # of deprecated calls and move code to legacy
  • Sonar Fixing Day: reduce # of bugs and high severity issues (for example, see https://sonarcloud.io/project/issues?resolved=false&id=org.xwiki.platform%3Axwiki-platform)
  • Javadoc Improvement Day: Add missing javadocs in our code and remove checkstyle excludes
  • Broken Links Day: fix as many broken links as possible on xwiki.org.
  • Improvements Closing Day: close as many small improvements as possible
  • Pull requests Closing Day: close as many PRs as possible
  • Localization Improvements Day: Add as many translations as possible on l10n, improve l10n itself, add missing keys in code, etc
  • Todo Fixing Day: resolve and remove TODO and FIXME markers in our code
  • Usability Improvement Day: Resolve small usability issues for end users (navigation, home page content, help pages, more simple macros, etc).
  • Contribution pain points days: discuss/fix things listed on ContributingPainPoints page
  • Build/release tooling days: improve build/release related scripts and tools especially automation
  • Test Fixing Day: Fix flickering tests or Implement Manual QA-raised requests for new tests (or add new tests)
  • ProgrammingRights Fixing Day: Work on removing the need to have PRs on pages that are part of the XWiki Standard Flavor and Recommended Extensions.


So far we've organized the following:

Deprecation days

Bug fixing days

The goal of this day is to close the maximum number of bugs (note that I've said "close" and not "fix"!) in order to have globally more bugs closed than bugs created. The idea is to take the low hanging fruits. Here are some ways of closing bugs:

  • Fixing a bug of course (the hardest but the best too)
  • Closing a bug as invalid (the bug doesn't make sense)
  • Closing a bug as cannot reproduce
  • Closing a bug as duplicate of another existing JIRA issue (the simplest to do)
  • Closing a bug as won't fix (the bug exists but we don't want to fix it for some reason)

Our rule for a Bug Fixing Day is to label issues with the label bugfixingday. Here are stats for all the issues tagged so far.

Past BFD events:

Improvement Fixing days

DocHour days

Pull Request Days

Test Day

ProgrammingRights Fixing Day

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