We organize regularly special Days (every Thursday) where we try to get the maximum number of committers and contributors to work on a special task, in order to get the maximum work for that task and reduce the backlog.

Ideas of XWiki Days

  • Doc Fixing Day: improve xwiki.org (add missing docs, write guides, improve navigation, clean e.x.o - marking old extensions as deprecated, writing
    documentation, specifying what version the extension is working on -, etc
  • Deprecation Fixing Day: reduce # of deprecated calls and move code to legacy
  • Violation Fixing Day: reduce # of violations. 12K right now on platform for ex (see http://sonar.xwiki.org/drilldown/issues/org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform)
  • Javadoc Improvement Day: Add missing javadocs in our code and remove checkstyle excludes
  • Broken Links Day: fix as many broken links as possible on xwiki.org. To find them is easy: we just need to enable the IRC Link Checker botlet and wait on IRC to get them listed!
  • Improvements Closing Day: close as many small improvements as possible
  • Pull requests Closing Day: close as many PRs as possible
  • Localization Improvements Day: Add as many translations as possible on l10n, improve l10n itself, add missing keys in code, etc
  • Todo Fixing Day: resolve and remove TODO and FIXME markers in our code
  • Usability Improvement Day: Resolve small usability issues for end users (navigation, home page content, help pages, more simple macros, etc).
  • Contribution pain points days: discuss/fix things listed on ContributingPainPoints page
  • Build/release tooling days: improve build/release related scripts and tools especially automation
  • Tests Day: fix long standing flickers, write new tools, move test from XE to platform, write new tests, etc.
  • ProgrammingRights Fixing Day: Work on removing the need to have PRs on pages that are part of the XWiki Standard Flavor and Recommended Extensions.


So far we've organized the following:

Deprecation days

Bug fixing days

Improvement Fixing days

DocHour days

Pull Request Days

Test Day

ProgrammingRights Fixing Day

Created by Vincent Massol on 2013/11/29 09:02

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