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Vincent Massol 1.1 1 The purpose of this page is to brainstorm and list ideas about how to increase our [[Active Installs>>doc:xwiki:ActiveInstalls.WebHome]] numbers.
3 Increasing Active Installs can be done in 2 complementary ways:
5 * Attract more users to XWiki
6 * Keep them using XWiki more
8 The idea is to see if there are some low hanging fruits and implement them.
10 = Attracting more users =
12 |=Idea|=From|=Complexity & Cost
13 |Talk at more conferences|Vincent|Medium
14 |Move XWiki to a well known foundation such as Eclipse|Vincent|Hard
15 |Have XWiki bundled in some distributions (e.g. linux distributions)|Vincent|Hard
Vincent Massol 3.1 16 |Make it even simpler and more visible to demo XWiki on XWiki SAS Cloud|Vincent|Easy
Vincent Massol 5.1 17 |More videos of XWiki in action on youtube and update old ones|Vincent|Medium
Vincent Massol 6.1 18 |Write a book about XWiki|Vincent|Hard
Vincent Massol 7.1 19 |Have some new large company using XWiki and advertise it|Vincent|Hard
Vincent Massol 12.1 20 |Write a bot that creates new XWiki instances every day! **just kidding ofc** ;)|Vincent|Easy
Vincent Massol 15.1 21 |Provide several Flavors for several needs|Vincent|Hard
Thomas Mortagne 21.1 22 |Provide an XWiki package on the [[Snap Store>>https://dashboard.snapcraft.io]] (an app store for Linux supported by more and more distributions and the list is already impressive)|Thomas|Medium
Thomas Mortagne 18.1 23 |Finish and maintain rpm packages and repository|Thomas|Technically easy but require someone who actually use a rpm based system or it won't work
Vincent Massol 22.1 24 |Announce our releases on more websites. List of websites we could add:(((
25 * [[Linuxfr.org>>https://linuxfr.org]] ([[Example>>https://linuxfr.org/news/sortie-de-xwiki-9-0]])
26 )))|Vincent|Easy
Vincent Massol 23.3 27 |Promote myxwiki: make it work, promote wikis hosted here|xrichard|Hard (and already done with XWiki Cloud which is cheap and free for open source projects)
Vincent Massol 1.2 28 |<add your idea here>|<add your name here>|<add cost here>
Vincent Massol 1.1 29
30 = Keeping users =
32 Reasons for leaving:
Vincent Massol 8.1 34 * Fail to install XWiki
Vincent Massol 10.1 35 * Generally too complex to use / Frustration
Vincent Massol 1.1 36 * Doesn't understand how to use in the first 10mn
Vincent Massol 15.1 37 * User don't see all the nice things they can do with their wiki and stop for lack of knowing this
Vincent Massol 4.1 38 * Doesn't see the value of the features and what they can be used for
Vincent Massol 1.1 39 * Missing some key feature. Which one?
40 * Competition is better. Which one?
Vincent Massol 14.1 41 * Too hard to upgrade? (Hopefully not, we've worked hard to make this one no longer be the case)
Vincent Massol 1.1 42
Vincent Massol 2.1 43 |=Idea|=From|=What does it fix?|=Complexity & Cost
Vincent Massol 11.1 44 |Provide a Feedback Panel by default in XS. Something similar to what we get in [[survey forms>>xwiki:Main.Feedback.DownloadFormFeedback]] Feedback would be aggregated on xwiki.org automatically.|Vincent|Understand frustration/problems|Medium
Vincent Massol 9.1 45 |Make XWiki work on Java9+|Vincent|Fail to install XWiki|Medium
Vincent Massol 8.1 46 |Promote more the cloud options instead of the download option (higher success rate). Maybe have a single "download" get on xwiki.org and ask if the user is technical or not and if not, promote the XWiki SAS cloud option|Vincent|Fail to install XWiki|Easy
Vincent Massol 16.1 47 |Promote less the manual WAR install and instead promote more the Debian and Docker installs for installation on premises since they're easier to use and avoid mistakes|Vincent|Fail to install XWiki|Easy
Vincent Massol 4.1 48 |In the Support panel, have a chat and allow Admin users to ask questions on this chat (possibly during the 1st week of usage to reduce support cost; after that time it could become a link to the chat page of xwiki.org, to reduce ). This chat would integrate the XWiki Matrix/IRC chat|Vincent|Generally too complex to use & Doesn't understand how to use in the first 10mn|Easy
49 |Provide some demo content by default in XWiki Standard to see the usage in action, with ability to remove content easily when user is ready to use it for real.|Vincent|Doesn't see the value of the features and what they can be used for|Easy
Vincent Massol 15.1 50 |Provide several Flavors for several needs|Vincent|Users may not know what to do with their wiki and how to start|Hard
Vincent Massol 1.2 51 |<add your idea here>|<add your name here>|<add cost here>

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