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This page hosts information and project ideas for the open source project XWiki related to the Google Summer of Code 2018 mentorship program.

XWiki has also been participating to Google Code-In since 2017.

About GSoC

You can learn a lot about the program by reading the GSoC FAQ. The timeline of this year's edition is given here.

XWiki Guidelines

Being part of the XWiki community means knowing our rules and practices. As a GSOC student you need to make sure you read and apply our guidelines. 

Student Application template

When applying for one of our projects, please provide this information about yourself and the project you choose in the application which you submit to Google.

Selected Projects for GSoC 2018 (0)

The projects below, out of all the proposed projects, have been selected to participate in GSoC 2018.

Proposed Projects (4)

Students can come up with their own ideas, but the ideas need to be proposed and discussed on the mailing list.

Finish and improve Android XWiki authenticator and contact synchronization

The idea is to continue the work on XWiki Authenticator and contacts started during GSOC 2016.

The main use case is to get all the contacts of your organization's intranet automatically synchronized on your phone so that you don't have to use a browser, go to your intranet, login and search form some user to see if he entered his phone in his profile. The other important part is to make sure this is as integrated and as standard as possible from Android point of view and allow other applications to use registered XWiki authenticators to access an XWiki instance without the need for the user to give the password to that application.

Current code: https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/android-authenticator
Known bugs/improvements: http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/ANDAUTH
Documentation: http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Android+authenticator/

The first requirements for this project during this GSOC are:

  • get something stable enough to release a 1.0 version, especially a good support of bad network
  • a nicer and more polished configuration UI

Then any improvement idea is welcome. You can find some ideas already listed on jira and here are a few others:

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Translation in context

XWiki 4.4 introduce new translation macro which will allow to find easily translated content in a page when using annotated HTML5 renderer (you can see the result by adding ?outputSyntax=annotatedhtml in the URL).

The idea is to use that and provide a "translation mode" where you can directly select and translate what you see in the page (when the translation macro is used). The idea is also to make easy to contribute to http://l10n.xwiki.org from your local wiki by sending your corrections to it.

Various ideas for the look and feel of this feature:

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The project aims at exploring best practice and realizing extensions to XWiki and a widespread open-source static-site-generator such as Jekyll or Wintersmith (more here) so that XWiki is used as a back-office for a large part of the content of a static-generated website.

The extensions should be written for XWiki and for the SSG with such functions as:

  • detect when the site-generation is needed
  • list all pages or pages of with a given object type or pages with a given object value (e.g. tags)
  • include page content, attachments, and objects' properties for 
  • include the attachment content in different forms (e.g. rescaled images, converted video or office documents)
  • include the textual-content in different forms (rendered wiki syntax, source syntax, with or without traces of the XWiki origin)

It should be possible to trigger the creation of the static site from the command line, also from a remote client, and from the server.

The idea behind this this investigation, is that the trusted collaboration of a team of persons should be complemented by a published (and potentially attackable) set of web-pages.

Coordinated by

Estimated workload: a summer.

Integrate lint tools in the Wiki editor

The Wiki editor has been improved lately with integration of tools for code autocompletion and syntax highlighting. The next step is to integrate some lint tools for the supported scripting languages: Velocity, Groovy, Python, Ruby, PHP (see the Scripting page), CSS, JavaScript and provide a way of configuring the checkstyle rules to be applied for each of them.

Current code: https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/wiki-editor-devtools.

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Contact us

You can ask for more information about each project proposal and interact with the community and mentors through the usual communication channels: mailing list (devs AT xwiki.org) or the IRC channel.

What's next after GSOC?

First and foremost: Thank you for having participated to XWiki!

We want to keep you in the community for as long as possible. We understand that you may have school projects to carry on and won't have the time to continue participating much immediately after GSOC. However, we're really keen to see you coming back to this community when things settle a bit more and you get some time again.

Here's some visibility and ideas of what's next after you've completed a GSOC project and opportunities you may have:

  • You could be voted as Committer
  • You could get hired by one of the companies doing some business on top of the XWiki project
  • Become a Google Code-In mentor
  • You could propose a school project, PhD, etc about XWiki to your teachers!
  • You'll be able to add a nice line to your CV about having participated to an open source project emoticon_smile
  • You can ask for recommendations on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc about your work as a GSOC student
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Your name on the Hall of Fame
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Receive an XWiki GSOC t-shirt
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Be sponsored to take about XWiki at conferences
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Be able to implement some bounties for XWiki and get paid for it
  • (Future, doesn't exist ATM) Be invited to physically participate to an XWiki conference

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