Improved ColorTheme Wizard

Last modified by Marta Girdea on 2011/03/08 23:02

  • Sergiu Dumitriu
    Sergiu Dumitriu
    Sergiu Dumitriu dev
  • Ecaterina Valica
    Ecaterina Valica
    Ecaterina Valica dev
Estimated workload
2 months
The current ColorTheme Wizard has a hardcoded layout that does not always reflect the current layout of the wiki and for this reason is not 100% WYSIWYG.

A first step is towards a better ColorTheme Wizard is to standardize the key html elements of the UI. This should to be done by the dev team before starting the project.

The new wizard should appear in full screen and should take into account all the CSS/velocity changes that have been introduced in the wiki (i.e. not rely on the default look).

Developer profile
Required skills: JavaScript (Prototype) advanced, CSS advanced.
Created by Marta Girdea on 2011/03/05 13:10

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