This is a list of people that have participated to previous Google Mentor Summit editions on behalf of the XWiki open source project. This list helps us keep track of things across the years and also simplifies things when it comes to deciding who will go next.

It is the responsibility of the participants to keep this page up to date.

 Year Pass/Fail ratio Participants
20183/0Pawan Pal, Clément Aubin, (Ludovic Dubost, Anca Luca)
20172/4Thomas Mortagne, Vincent Massol
20160/1Eduard Moraru, Ecaterina Moraru
20150- (XWiki wasn't selected for GSOC)
20140- (XWiki wasn't selected for GSOC)
20130/1- (no mentors willing to go)
20123/3Sergiu Dumitriu, Jerome Velociter
20113/3Eduard Moraru, Ecaterina Moraru
20100- (XWiki wasn't selected for GSOC)
20094/6Anca Luca, Florin Ciubotaru
20088/10Ludovic Dubost, Thomas Mortagne
20075/6Ludovic Dubost
20064/5Vincent Massol
20056/7- (No mentor summit?)
Created by Eduard Moraru on 2012/07/30 16:17

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