MicroData Enrichment

Last modified by Paul Libbrecht on 2022/02/25 09:25

Estimated workload

several weeks


XWiki allows comfortable and user-friendly web-page editing for both novice users and experts. This project aims at creating the necessary XWiki objects, their edition, and the page rendering so that microdata annotations, such as those of schema.org  can be included in in HTML page delivery and thus be accessible by custom search engines.

This allows XWiki users to take part to the semantic web.

Examples include the documentation of an event or a business location: based on these annotations, specialized tools such as shows' listings or maps link to the web-page within their context.

The proposed tool is an XWiki extension that allows web-page editors to select the annotations from the list of accepted field names at repositories such as schema.org and the target content, and enriches the rendering engine (at the server side) to produce the tages.

The tool should include tested samples which interoperate with such tools as the Google Custom Search Engines or the Yandex structured data validator.

Technologies: Groovy, XWiki objects, Java





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