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Project name
New skinning system based on XBL

XBL is an XML language that allows binding a new presentational or behavioral aspect on top of an existing XML element. Although a not so popular language, and not implemented in most browsers, there is a small js library that implements XBL 2.0, along with other important W3C specifications rarely seen in the real web, and which can be used cross-browser:

The idea of this project is to make a new skin that uses XBL to enhance the raw markup so that a skin can insert new elements needed for styling not by changing the velocity templates that generate the HTML, but by binding those elements from an XBL/CSS file.

What needs to be done:

  • Integrate the XBL library and check that it works
  • Strip the velocity templates of extra styling-only elements
  • Create bindings in the skins to add those elements back


Developer profile


  • Good knowledge of XML, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML and a general familiarity with Web technologies
  • Ability to learn new technologies fast
  • XML Design Patterns


  • Familiar with Velocity
  • Familiar with XSLT
  • Familiar with Java

The ideal candidate has some experience with Web technologies, and I don't mean PHP or Flash, but sites built on W3C standards, or programs that manipulate XML data.


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