Project name
Various small applications and plugins
Estimated workload

XWiki is an application wiki, but it does not have enough applications so far (compared with the hundreds or thousands of extensions available for Moodle, Joomla or Wordpress, for example).

This project does not have one specific goal, but allows the student to bring his own application/plugin ideas. A good application should include at least 5 ideas for new small applications or plugins. Other work could include:

  • cleaning up existing plugins, moving them to a distinct build module, documenting, testing
  • maintaining existing applications (like the FAQ, poll, blog, photo album)


Developer profile

Creative person, fond of web 2.0 and mashups/small web applications.


  • Familiar with XWiki applications and the XWiki platform API
  • Familiar with Java programming
  • Familiar with clientside programming (javascript, css, xhtml)
Created by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2008/04/03 17:36

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