Enhance the CRaSH Console extension to:

  • make it available for users that don't have programming rights (limiting the set of available commands based on user rights)
  • be able to write commands that redirect the current page (e.g. a document export command)
  • be able to write new commands outside the crash-api jar (e.g. in wiki pages, using Groovy code).

Then implement XWiki specific commands to:

  • browse the wiki using a "cd"-like command
  • list the "children" of the current entity (wiki, space, document) using a "ls"-like command
  • delete, move, rename wiki entities (wikis, spaces, documents, objects, attachments)
  • create or edit wiki entities (redirect to edit mode)
  • less, grep, find, uname etc.
  • actions specific to each wiki entity (export a wiki page with various parameters, view the history of a document, etc.)
  • more (ask the community)


Developer profile

Knowledge of JavaScript is required to enhance the front-end. Good knowledge of Java is needed in order to implement the back-end for the varios commands. Experience with Groovy is a big plus since one of the targets is to be able to implement new commands in wiki pages using Groovy and the XWiki API.



Created by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2013/02/19 11:36

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