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Estimated workload
a summer

The project aims at exploring best practice and realizing extensions to XWiki and a widespread open-source static-site-generator such as Jekyll or Wintersmith (more here) so that XWiki is used as a back-office for a large part of the content of a static-generated website.

The extensions should be written for XWiki and for the SSG with such functions as:

  • detect when the site-generation is needed
  • list all pages or pages of with a given object type or pages with a given object value (e.g. tags)
  • include page content, attachments, and objects' properties for 
  • include the attachment content in different forms (e.g. rescaled images, converted video or office documents)
  • include the textual-content in different forms (rendered wiki syntax, source syntax, with or without traces of the XWiki origin)

It should be possible to trigger the creation of the static site from the command line, also from a remote client, and from the server.

The idea behind this this investigation, is that the trusted collaboration of a team of persons should be complemented by a published (and potentially attackable) set of web-pages.



Developer profile

The interested student should know HTML well, should present knowledge of the static site generators proposed and the underlying programming language (e.g., for Jekyll: ruby), and be ready to discover the HTTP APIs and the scripting that XWiki offers.




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