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This application wants to be a real-time, collaborative environment for creating, developing, versioning and online publishing of vector graphics. It can serve as an online meeting room for people working together on a project, who need to share ideas through the use of svg-based media (for example UML diagrams describing several parts of a project), or as a personal web-based drawing board, very useful to put down ideas quickly and to share them with colleagues or to have fun drawing with friends, and communicate with them in real-time through the incorporated chat (text and voice). 

Such a tool can serve to a wide range of people, starting from graphic designers, architects, software engineers, teachers and students to the most uninitiated computer users, who are in search of a simple, clean, web-based application to serve their needs in this area.

Where could Codi be used in XWiki? It can be used as an application for Chronopolys (imagine having a mindmeister inside Chronopolys, that could effectively be used for project management), Workspaces and even Enterprise (free-drawing with chat, for instance). Codi can be customized to be used anywhere inside a bigger application. I really consider that this will be a nice feature to have. Why would it be better that other similar projects that were done in the past? Because I will make it using xwiki features from the scratch (not trying to adapt it to be used by xwiki). 


Evelina Slatineanu



Created by EvelinaSlatineanu on 2008/03/06 14:39

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