Project name
XWiki Cross Platform Web and Desktop Widget
  • Ludovic Dubost
    Ludovic Dubost
    Ludovic Dubost dev
Estimated workload
2 man month
The objective is to spread the use of your Wiki. In order to do this we need to make your wiki content accessible from any existing widget platform:

  • iGoogle, NetVibes, My Yahoo
  • Facebook, OpenSocial
  • Desktop widgets (Google Desktop, Windows Vista, Dashboard)
  • Custom Desktop application (Firefox extension, Windows Tray)
The Widget should show the most important information from the Wiki (what's new, stats, members, watched pages) but also be extensible by adding pages created in the wiki to show information in the widget

The widget should include notifications features (using AJAX or internal scheduler) to warn of new content.

The widget should support multiple wikis in a nice UI.

Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2008/03/04 14:47

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