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Project name
XWiki Jabber, Google Talk, Skype Integration
Estimated workload
3 man month

The objective is to integrate the major IM tools with XWiki. It should be very easy to start a chat in any of these tools with members of the Wiki. For example, editors of a page or members of a group (XWiki group or Workspaces space) could be invited to join a chat.

The tool then should allow to archive the chat in wiki pages. 

The tool should allow to list the chats actively launched or monitored by the wiki.

This can be done using a Jabber client or with a dedicated Skype instance remote controled. 

A Jabber AJAX chat tool can also be integrated for users not having Jabber or Google talk installed. 

This should work with public Jabber server and also with private Jabber servers.

In case of public servers (Jabber,GTalk,Skype) the users will list their ID in their profile.

In case of a private server the Jabber server would be fully integrated with the wiki (the wiki or LDAP being the source of users)



Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2008/03/04 14:53

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