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Last modified by Paul Libbrecht on 2022/02/25 09:25

Estimated workload

several weeks


The tool proposed here is to provide an environment to create ePub archives that work on mobile devices. The objective is to export assemblies of wiki pages within an ePub book (a zip of XHTML files) that can be read offline on mobile devices.

The software should complement the XWiki collaborative editing mechanism to support the author in predicting and verifying the display of the content on various devices (e.g. warning that a given tag is not going to work on the profile Aldiko on Android XVGA, or presenting on a window of that device size to insure a reasonable layout is achieved). It should also leverage open-source media-conversion softwares such as ImageMagick, or ffmpeg to ensure an embedding that is reasonable in size and that works on the target sizes and platforms.

A very successful contribution should, with a small amount of changes, allow developers to also export to other package formats such as Mobi, SCORM or Common Cartridge and maybe even deliver Android's APK applications.

Discussion: is to happen on the xwiki-devs mailing-list as well as on the #xwiki IRC channels.

Delivery: open-source code (LGPL) using Groovy, Velocity, Unix command-line-tools.





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