Raluca S


Fix pickers and displayers for date, user, pages, email fields. Create new fields as necessary.


1/ Improved suggest API and Multipicker based on this suggest

Sergiu with code backported from Marta

2/ Query REST API

Ludovic has a Query REST API

3/ Fix suggestDocuments and suggestUsers classes for better display


Display nicely the pretty name of the user
Call REST APIs instead of suggest.vm

4/ Improve suggestDocuments to support passing an HQL/XWQL query and a wiki name for the suggest


Use REST API as the backend for this query

5/ Implement template based custom displayer

Ludovic auto user customerdisplay_dblist.vm (based on field name)

6/ Move date and email customer displayers to templates

All at the end

7/ Implement user and dblist single/multi select and local/global/inter wiki picker 

Sergiu, Raluca + Ludovic

Activating the right JS classes and Multiselect picker from 1/
Support nice display of user and pages with pretty names and links
Enhance DBList class for supporting other wiki

8/ Create User, Reference and Page classes for simpler users

Raluca and Ludovic

Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2012/07/20 16:21

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