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10:45 <Pbas> Hello, FYI is down since this morning
10:48 <tmortagne> restarted it
10:48 <tmortagne> checking why it did not restarted automatically
10:51 <Pbas> Ok thxs :-)
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15:17 <vmassol> mflorea: importing AWM on exo :)
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16:42 <Trefex> my god
16:42 <Trefex> the nested pages with the tree stuff is like the best thing EVER to have been done in xWiki
16:48 <vmassol> Trefex: awesome! Can I quote you on this? :)
16:48 <Trefex> vmassol: Yes, you can even use my real name
16:48 <Trefex> it gives a complete new dimension to organizing our data
16:49 <vmassol> yup
16:49 <vmassol> what's your real name? :)
16:49 <vmassol> ok thanks
16:49 <Trefex> PM ;)
16:50 <Trefex> while i have your attention :D
16:50 <vmassol> hehe
16:50 <vmassol> there's always a pirce!
16:50 <Trefex> in the page tree gadget, is it possible to exclude certain root nodes
16:50 <vmassol> *price
16:50 <Trefex> rather than include all of them? :)
16:50 <Trefex> vmassol: of course ^--^
16:51 <Trefex> like I want to hide Home, XWiki and Sandbox
16:51 <vmassol> I don't know the document tree macro that well but I can point you to the doc and mflorea may be able to help
16:52 <Trefex> sure, that would work i guess
16:52 <vmassol>
16:52 <Trefex> also, and that is the last question for today, how can i find out the reference of a document?
16:52 <Trefex> you know the XWiki.Main.WebHome:Whatever
16:53 <vmassol> Trefex: yeah we need to write some doc for that
16:53 <vmassol> basically you can deduce it from the url
16:54 <vmassol> if you give me a url I can translate it for you
16:54 <Trefex> oh ok
16:54 <vmassol> it's:
16:54 <vmassol> <wiki name>:<spac1>.<space2>…<spaceN>.<page>
16:54 <Trefex>
16:54 <vmassol> so that would be:
16:54 <Trefex> well now that there's no more spaces
16:55 <Trefex> how would that work?
16:55 <vmassol> lcsb-sysadmins.Foreman.WebHome
16:55 <tmortagne> Trefex: no more spaces in the UI
16:55 <tmortagne> bu in practice it's still spaces
16:55 <Trefex> aha
16:55 <ClemensR> spaces are the parent documents
16:55 <vmassol> Trefex: have you seen ?
16:55 <vmassol> (it has some explanations)
16:55 <vmassol> btw Trefex: you're now on congrats! :)
16:56 <vmassol> (and thanks)
16:56 <ClemensR> actually it would be   csbbiocore:lcsb-sysadmins.Foreman.WebHome ;)
16:56 <Trefex> ok ClemensR thanks, so to hide "Home, and Sandbox" I could simply include all the others in that form wikiname:space.WebHome ?
16:57 <Trefex> vmassol: that link is behind paywall :D
16:57 <vmassol> ah yes thanks ClemensR
16:57 <vmassol> missed the wiki part
16:58 <vmassol> but you only need it Trefex if you're referencing from another wiki
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16:58 <Trefex> i mean the preview link is not accessible
16:58 <vmassol> oh sorry
16:59 <cjd> haha it's not a paywall, it's a broken link
16:59 <vmassol> right link is:
16:59 <cjd> Hmm, maybe we should setup a paywall :)
16:59 <cjd> good idea Trefex
16:59 <ClemensR> hm, I think the macro only accepts one root ...
17:00 <Trefex> nice ! vmassol
17:00 <Trefex> ClemensR: well, how do you generate a list of pages then?
17:00 <ClemensR> what is does to "extend" the tree is to send JSON requests to XWiki.DocumentTree, which in turn uses stuff in XWiki.DocumentTreeMacro
17:00 <Trefex> i mean, either all or nothing or ? :)
17:01 <Trefex> btw this is the page tree gadget i'm talking about, i guess it's the same as documenttree?
17:01 <ClemensR> and if I have to modify the behaviour of the tree I usually end up modyfing stuff there .... whioch of course changes the behaviour of all document trees :(
17:02 <Trefex> just FYI, but the "root" explanation in is completely strange for a novice like me. No clue what you mean that we should put :D
17:03 <ClemensR> but it is technically fully correct ;)  Hey, there are even examples
17:03 <Trefex> then all i need is one mapping to my case?
17:04 <Trefex> like using the URL from above
17:04 <Trefex> i tried like couple combinations, nothing really works :(
17:04 <ClemensR> I guess what you want is having multiple roots, and that does not work
17:05 <ClemensR> or what did you try that didnt work ?
17:05 <Trefex> ok, is there another way for me to somehow hide some ?
17:05 <Trefex> i have a list of stuff, like SpaceA, SpaceB, SpaceC, Home, Sandbox, XWiki
17:05 <Trefex> the last three are noise, but could still be useful to keep
17:05 <Trefex> especially since the wiki home is in "Home", but shouldn't be shown there
17:07 <Trefex> before i had a small velocity script that was removing those entries ClemensR
17:07 <ClemensR> yeah, this i where I usually start to patch the XWiki/ DocumentTreeMacros
17:08 <Trefex> snief
17:08 <ClemensR> because If you look i.e. in the debug console of the browser you can see the result is returned from a request to /xwiki/bin/get/XWiki/DocumentTree?outputSyntax=plain&....
17:09 <ClemensR> the macro has a flag to hide, well, hidden pages, but you likely do not want to make the "Home" page hidden ...
17:10 <Trefex> ClemensR: another issue i have, is that I created a new Page (Space) and picked the "Dashboard" Template for that, now my velocity macro shows the new space but with a ? next to it
17:10 <Trefex> ClemensR: true... that would be quite silly
17:11 <ClemensR> hm, but that should bot depend on if you use the "Dashboard" template or not
17:11 <ClemensR> or is it shown on the new page itself, before saving ?
17:11 <Trefex> no this is after eveerything was created
17:12 <Trefex> ClemensR: here is my code:
17:12 <Trefex> i guess it's somehow wrong since it's referring to WebHome which I guess doesn't exist then?
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17:12 <ClemensR> WebHome exists as soon as you create the page, I am sure
17:13 <Trefex> then i dunno what's wrong
17:13 <ClemensR> but with nested spaces ... I guess that is the Problem
17:13 <Trefex>
17:13 <Trefex> this is the output
17:13 <ClemensR> one moent, I try to check what  $xwiki.spaces does now
17:14 <ClemensR> narf, I started the wrong instance, 6.4.6 is not much help here :p
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17:15 <Trefex>
17:16 <ClemensR> if "sandbox" would be made into an App, as it seems the decistion went, that would then be hidden from that view
17:16 <Trefex> how would i do that?
17:17 <ClemensR> for "XWiki" I usually made a hard wired patch to XWiki/DocumentTreeMacros  - I know my users do not want to see it either
17:17 <ClemensR> well, it would just et the "hidden" flag on the Sandbox, you can do that rigth now
17:20 <Trefex> i hit the Hidden checkbox
17:20 <Trefex> but it still there
17:20 <Trefex> i guess that's not what you emant
17:20 <Trefex> ah wait, have to tell the macro
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17:21 <Trefex> i guess the gadget can't set the hidden flag
17:22 <ClemensR> it is set by default
17:22 <Trefex> doesn't work
17:22 <Trefex> still showing up
17:22 <ClemensR> and I have been worng, it is not enoguh to set the "hidden" checkbox on the start page itself
17:23 <ClemensR> the tree figures that there are subpages in Sandbox, to it still shows the sandbox itself ... sorry
17:23 <Trefex> i also hid them all
17:23 <Trefex> still shows up
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17:26 <Trefex> there's also a bug in the UI in my opinion
17:27 <Trefex> when you click the arrow next to the house you get the tree of the current wiki
17:27 <ClemensR> ow, really, it does :(  ... I thought I can hise tio that way
17:27 <Trefex> when you click the arrow next to the current wiki you get the tree of the Parent Wiki
17:28 <ClemensR> that is likely a bug, should be reported to the JIRA
17:28 <ClemensR> with showing the wrong wiki, I mean
17:28 <Trefex> yep
17:28 <Trefex> for hiding the spaces, it kind of blows
17:28 <Trefex> do you know why my velocity actually creates the entry with an "?" ?
17:29 <Trefex> otherwise i would just stick with that one for now
17:29 <ClemensR> nah, I forgtot it shows attachment, too that is whi  it isnt empty :-/
17:29 <ClemensR> no, I can only try one thing after the other
17:29 <Trefex> :d
17:29 <Trefex> :D
17:30 ClemensR creating a subwiki, trying to reproduce the issue with the parent wiki shown ...
17:32 <vmassol> Trefex: what version are you using
17:32 <vmassol> ?
17:32 <Trefex> 7.3
17:32 <vmassol> (asking since we fixed some issue for the breadcrumbs tree)
17:32 <vmassol> but I think it was done for 7.3 final
17:33 <Trefex> should i submit the issue?
17:33 <Trefex> i am ready :D
17:33 <vmassol> sure go ahead
17:33 <Trefex>
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17:33 <vmassol> thanks
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17:41 <Trefex> ClemensR: ok so two potential issues still to tackle, one is the ? in the velocity script, and the second is perhaps the missing feature of excluding spaces from the documentreee
17:41 <Trefex> i guess for the latter one i can create an issue
17:45 <ClemensR> the (?) is becasue XWiki things the space path is for a single space
17:45 <ClemensR> it shpuld be the same for normal pages
17:45 <Trefex> so my code is wrong?
17:45 <ClemensR> no longer current so to say
17:46 <ClemensR> for example in Sandbox you crate a Page "Test"
17:46 <Trefex> ah right
17:46 <ClemensR> this page as the path "xwiki:Sandbox.Test.WebHome"
17:46 <Trefex> for the documentree macro, i created
17:46 <ClemensR> and "space part" is Sandbox.Test
17:47 <Trefex> ClemensR: ok
17:47 <ClemensR> if you look at the (?) link it tries to link to /Sendbox.Test/WebHome or so
17:47 <ClemensR> but now for the fix ... need a moment ....
17:48 <Trefex>
17:48 <Trefex> it links to this
17:48 <ClemensR> (after rebooting a hanging build server here ....)
17:49 Trefex is fed up with servers today too
17:50 <ClemensR> this "$xwiki.spaces"  is no good any longer :( it is deprecated anyway, but to find a better solution,  hmmm
17:51 <ClemensR> if you know your user are not using '.'  inside space names there is a workaround, but usually sooner or later someone shows up using a '.'
17:51 <Trefex> very true, normally though, they now not to use spaces or weird chars, but hey, nobody is fool proof
17:52 <Trefex> can I not use $wiki.getSpaces() ?
17:52 <Trefex> or is that the same as $wiki.spaces
17:53 <ClemensR> it is the same, and both is deprecared I thought
17:55 <ClemensR> but even for me "@deprecated use query service instead" is not really helpful enough atm :)
17:55 <Trefex> here it's not marked as deprecated
17:55 <Trefex> is not valid anymore?
17:55 <Trefex> also how can i know the mapping between velocity and the java objects?
17:57 <ClemensR> no, that SRD foir for 5.0 or so
17:57 <ClemensR> for the current one see
17:58 <vmassol> yeah we need to remove that SRD probably now that we have the Scriptnig Documentation app
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18:02 <ClemensR> the one on is only for 7.1.1 however
18:04 <ClemensR> and for local installs there is SCRIPTDOC-2  blocking the use if it
18:05 <Trefex> what a mess :D
18:06 <vmassol> note: adding jean simard aka woshilapin as admin on so that he can update the REST doc
18:08 <Trefex> that app is a blessing though
18:10 <Trefex> ClemensR: boah, so now we would have to create direct queries to fetch list of spaces? that sucks
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18:11 <vmassol> Trefex: yes I agree it sucks a bit, but just a bit
18:11 <ClemensR> Trefex: $xwiki.spaces is not gone, just deprected, and I see in t impl that there is a"named" querty or it
18:11 <vmassol> queryManager.getNamedQuery("getSpaces")
18:11 <ClemensR> ah, this one
18:12 <Trefex> well it sucks only so much as it breaks my script :D
18:12 <vmassol> because now you can use all the query manager params
18:12 <ClemensR> nah it somethign else
18:12 <ClemensR> I think I got it
18:12 <vmassol> set the wiki, set the starting index, hwo many items to return, etc
18:12 <ClemensR> replace   [[$space>>$services.model.createDocumentReference('', $space, 'WebHome')]]
18:12 <ClemensR> by  * [[$space>>$services.model.resolveDocument("${space}.WebHome")]]
18:13 <ClemensR> tmortagne would complain  that this is not really an API, but it wordks (mostyl)  ;)
18:13 <vmassol> woshilapin is spamming us! :)
18:14 <woshilapin>
18:14 <Trefex> ClemensR: it seems to work! Not sure how you were able to get this query together, but it shows I could never really contribute code to this project :D
18:15 <ClemensR> it is actually here:!%2Forg%2Fxwiki%2Fmodel%2Fscript%2FModelScriptService.html
18:15 <Trefex> of course now it shows all nested spaces too D
18:16 <ClemensR> and you just used a method that had an explicit single "space" parameter - these are nearly guranteed not to work properly with nested space, hey just cannot
18:16 <ClemensR> yes, it does - it did so before
18:16 <Trefex> makes sense i guess
18:16 <Trefex> there was no nested spaces in 7.1
18:16 <Trefex> so i didn't have that problem
18:17 <ClemensR> but before the links to nested spaces  were broken, now they are not ;)
18:17 <vmassol> nice woshilapin :)
18:17 <ClemensR> what you want is a query that shows only first level spaces I guess
18:17 <cjd> admin rights for 5 minutes, starts deleting spaces
18:17 <Trefex> ClemensR: ideally yes, but well i already bugged y'all too much again
18:18 <ClemensR> well, actually I lean something that I should have learned in the summer, where nested spaces where in the making :D
18:19 <Trefex> you're welcome :P
18:19 <ClemensR> a slightly more elaborate @deprecated for xwiki.getSpaces() would be nice, I still think
18:19 <ClemensR> I still try tofiguee out trhe right incantation ;)
18:20 <vmassol> yep I agree ClemensR
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18:21 <Trefex> ClemensR: perhaps i just delete Sandbox from the sub-wikis
18:21 <Trefex> i don't need a sandbox in every one of them i guess
18:21 <ClemensR> $services.query,getNamedQuery("getSpaces")  seems not to work - it is not in the ScriptAPI ?
18:22 <ClemensR> yes, some folks just do that ...
18:22 <ClemensR> to exclude it from the tree
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18:26 <Trefex> created a app within minutes, can't delete it now
18:26 <Trefex> oh boy, what a day
18:29 <ClemensR> why not? should be doable
18:31 <Trefex> ClemensR:
18:32 <ClemensR> did you try to create it as a nested space ?
18:32 <ClemensR> darn, I have no XWiki  7.3 on mysql running ATM
18:32 <Trefex> ClemensR: what euh no
18:33 <Trefex> i don't know, it's my first try
18:33 <Trefex> ah shit
18:34 <Trefex> maybe because i called it "Home" ?
18:34 <ClemensR> that is odd.  can you delete it as a normal space ?
18:34 <ClemensR> "Home" should be ok
18:35 <ClemensR> ok, and my meddelign with the documenttee macro didt wor because I pated it in one wiki and tested it in  another :p
18:35 <Trefex> and finally for today, when i clcik on sub-wiki it shows the Home page, but on the left there is the Dashboard app which shows somethig else, how confusing :)
18:37 <Trefex> ClemensR: oh man i messed up, now i have two times my App on the left and I can't delete either, emergency help?
18:37 <Trefex> even a dirty trick to delete that stuff is OK
18:37 <ClemensR> well, click in that app
18:37 <Trefex> ya
18:37 <ClemensR> and then try to delete it as a space ... ah. one moment
18:38 <ClemensR> well, at least not delete it as an app
18:38 <Trefex> that doesn't work, the ref to the app in the panel somehow stays
18:39 <Trefex> i'm pretty sure it got fucked up with the name "Home"
18:39 <Trefex> check this:
18:40 <Trefex> so i can't delete the whole thingy
18:41 <Trefex> ok, worked, by deleting as a space, i had to remove the app from the panel using the Applications Panel Admin
18:41 <Trefex> that is a bug imho
18:43 <ClemensR> I try to reproduce, sorry, a light flue is really slowing me down
18:45 <ClemensR> can you check if you have a hidden "HomeCode" space ?
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18:45 <ClemensR> that is where the application icon is lurking, I think
18:46 <Trefex> well I guess now it's gone
18:46 <Trefex> since i removed it from the panel and deleted again as a "space"
18:46 <ClemensR> hm, for me the application is not in a nested space ....
18:47 <Trefex> dunno what happened :S
18:47 <ClemensR> ah, did you create it in a subwiki ?
18:47 <Trefex> well ya
18:47 <ClemensR> ah, sothe "machine learning" is a subwiki, not a space ?
18:47 <Trefex> yeaaah !
18:47 <Trefex> sorry... :D
18:48 <ClemensR> ah, ok that has confused me
18:49 <Trefex> what i wanted to do, was create an app that would link to the Home page of the sub-wiki, rather than to the Dashboard
18:49 <ClemensR> strange, If I create an app, and name it "Home", I can delete the home page and it is gone from the app panel, too
18:50 <Trefex> aha!
18:50 <Trefex>
18:52 <ClemensR> of course when I try to recreate it, it tells me the app still exists
18:52 <ClemensR> which is right, the "HomeCode" page is still there
18:55 <ClemensR> i.e.actually not the HomeCode page itself, but a bunch of subpages
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18:55 <ClemensR> just create the HomeCode.WebHome, then delete it inclusding children, and all should be cleaned up again
18:57 <Trefex> I guess it's cleaned up, I can't see anything anymore in the panel, or in the Document Index
18:57 <ClemensR> anyway me going home now, see you tomorrow
18:57 <Trefex> and you
18:58 <Trefex> thanks for all the help
18:58 <ClemensR> "Homecode" is hidden, you might be see it if you put "display hidden pages" to "on"
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18:58 <Trefex> where is that option?
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