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00:00 <vmassol> thanks
00:00 <vmassol> I've done it like this for my need:
00:00 <woshilapin> Another way was testing the version
00:00 <woshilapin>
00:01 <vmassol>
00:01 <vmassol> cool thanks woshilapin, useful to remember for the future, we should put that somewhere on actually
00:01 <vmassol> I'm in java though
00:02 <vmassol> anyway I'm happy with my solution
00:02 <vmassol> which is the best possible IMO
00:02 <woshilapin> Not bad your solution
00:03 <woshilapin> Considering what you tell me today :-)
00:03 <woshilapin> OK, going to bed
00:03 <woshilapin> See you
00:03 <vmassol> nn
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00:51 <vmassol> ok my turn to go to bed, nn everyone
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10:41 <xwiki_finstern> hi
10:42 <cjd> Hello
10:44 <xwiki_finstern> je peux parler en français ici ?
10:45 <xwiki_finstern> can I speak french here (I can express myself in english but I would be more .. precise in my native langage
10:45 <cjd> This is a English language channel, it's that way in order to share questions/answers with as many people as possible.
10:45 <xwiki_finstern> ok no pb
10:48 <xwiki_finstern> so I have a question about the Environment configuration in the file
10:48 <vmassol> shoot!
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10:49 <cjd> G'morning Vincent
10:49 <vmassol> gm cjd
10:49 <vmassol> cjd: you'll be proud of me
10:49 <cjd> ut oh
10:49 <vmassol> I'm rewriting all my spam tools in java and removing all hacks done yesterday… almost done
10:50 <xwiki_finstern> I have my application build on xwiki, it work nicely and all, but I'm moving it to a new server now and I discover that I cannot use /opt/ to store my data anymore, for administratives reasons and all
10:50 <cjd> haha
10:50 <vmassol> xwiki_finstern: ok
10:50 <xwiki_finstern> so I wanted to move it to another place, I think I need to use the environment.permanentDirectory option
10:50 <vmassol> correct
10:51 <xwiki_finstern> but can I change it and move all my /work/Catalina/localhost/xwiki to the new place ?
10:51 <xwiki_finstern> is it just as simple as that ?
10:51 <vmassol> you mean you didn't set it before
10:51 <xwiki_finstern> (ah and hello vmassol, I have read a ton of your messages those last months :D)
10:51 <vmassol> and thus it was using some temp location
10:51 <vmassol> ?
10:51 <tmortagne> given the previous path yep he did not set it before :)
10:51 <vmassol> hehe
10:52 <xwiki_finstern> yeah I didn't set it before
10:52 <vmassol> ok
10:52 <vmassol> so yes you can move it
10:52 <vmassol> to the new location
10:52 <vmassol> there might be too many files in there
10:52 <vmassol> forget that
10:52 <xwiki_finstern> so my "application" is still in the /work/Catalina/localhost/xwiki path
10:52 <vmassol> you can move it
10:52 <xwiki_finstern> my bad
10:52 <xwiki_finstern> ok
10:53 <vmassol> when you start your wiki it prints the path it's using for the permanent dir if it's not set
10:53 <vmassol> you should move all the files in that path to your new location
10:54 <tmortagne> ( xwiki_finstern: just for the record, /work/Catalina/localhost/ is a temporary folder from Tomcat point of view, you are just lucky it was not configured to clean it )
10:54 <xwiki_finstern> I will try it in my integration environment just now .. I have to move the permanent directory + database to another place than initially set in my production environment .. surprise ..
10:54 <vmassol> :)
10:54 <xwiki_finstern> I do weekly save and was the only person using the app' 'til now, so it was ok, but yeah, I'm lucky I think you're right
10:55 <xwiki_finstern> I will try it now, and call for help is something go wrong :p
10:55 <vmassol> ok gl!
10:55 <tmortagne> if you move to Debian (or some other Debian based system) there is Debian packages with this kind of property set in a more standard way
10:56 <xwiki_finstern> (it's not a possibility mortagne .. I have to stick to enterprise rhel, not my choice)
10:57 <tmortagne> it was actually just in case your move was planned to a Debian system
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10:57 <xwiki_finstern> hehe well not the case, rhel server to rhel server
10:58 <xwiki_finstern> they don't have any other linux dist here
11:00 <tmortagne> I don't have anything against rhel, don't know it enough. Too lazy to move from Debian based systems.
11:03 <xwiki_finstern> you find them in most enterprises environment, but it's still "linux"
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11:27 <vmassol> FYI we're going to setup cloudflare on today
11:29 <vmassol> hopefully it'll work fine but it's possible that there'll be some outage during DNS propagation or something like that
11:32 <cjd> cool :)
11:33 <xwiki_finstern> ok
11:34 <xwiki_finstern> so I cp my files to another place and changed the path for the permanent dir
11:35 <xwiki_finstern> I managed to restart the application and log in and all
11:35 <xwiki_finstern> but he's angry and don't find the files, I have the pages and text since it's in the database
11:35 <xwiki_finstern> but no jpg or whatever
11:36 <xwiki_finstern> what should I have done wrong here ?
11:37 <tmortagne> does tomcat have write access to those files in the new location ?
11:37 <xwiki_finstern> good question, I havn't checked this
11:37 <tmortagne> probably a right issue with the root folder of the new location
11:37 <xwiki_finstern> it's in /var/xwiki for this test
11:38 <xwiki_finstern> I'm in root and created this in root
11:40 <xwiki_finstern> the original "temporary directory" is set to root too
11:40 <tmortagne> the owner yes but the rights ?
11:40 <xwiki_finstern> I'm not a genius of linux, sorry
11:40 <xwiki_finstern> it's root:root
11:41 <xwiki_finstern> in each case
11:41 <tmortagne> still the owner :)
11:41 <tmortagne> do ls -l and look at the numbers
11:41 <tmortagne> you should have something like 6 4 0
11:41 <tmortagne> near the owner
11:41 <tmortagne> it tells you what are the owner, group, everyone rights
11:42 <xwiki_finstern> it's more drwxr-xr-x
11:42 <tmortagne> yep so only read and execution for the group and everyone else
11:42 <tmortagne> best is to give all this to tomcat user
11:42 <tmortagne> what user is used to run tomcat ?
11:42 <xwiki_finstern> it's the same in each case
11:43 <tmortagne> maybe tomcat is run by root and it's useless to look at it :)
11:43 <xwiki_finstern> hah, tomcat is installed via a script so I can't tell exactly, it's not a manual install sorry
11:43 <tmortagne> if tomcat is running you can see who runs it in top or ps
11:44 <xwiki_finstern> but everything was launched with root (it's a secure environment, without any access to Internet)
11:45 <xwiki_finstern> yeah as far as I can tell, everything except mysql is stuck to user root
11:45 <xwiki_finstern> (and I don't even see a catalina process, only "java" process)
11:45 <tmortagne> then I can't tell you
11:45 <xwiki_finstern> (never understood that)
11:45 <tmortagne> what error do you get exactly in the log ?
11:46 <tmortagne> "I don't even see a catalina process, only "java" process" that's because all that is a Java application so actually program running everything is Java
11:46 <xwiki_finstern> ok
11:47 <xwiki_finstern> I believed there should have a catalina process but you're right, if it's java, only java shown
11:47 <xwiki_finstern> I'm checking catalina logs
11:47 <xwiki_finstern> a sec
11:50 <xwiki_finstern> 2016-01-28 11:36:41,367 [] WARN  c.x.x.p.i.ImagePlugin          - Failed to transform image attachment.
11:50 <xwiki_finstern> I get this
11:51 <vmassol> could you use to paste?
11:51 <xwiki_finstern> it give a hint about attachment storage switched from database to filesystem (I did this switch actually but that was 6 month ago and had no pb)
11:51 <xwiki_finstern> full log ?
11:52 <tmortagne> full log since last tomcat startup
11:52 <tmortagne> but not here
11:53 <xwiki_finstern> of course not .. not on irc xD
11:53 <xwiki_finstern> is there a special pastebin adress for xwiki ?
11:56 <vmassol> no
11:58 <xwiki_finstern> it's a large file
11:58 <tmortagne> select just the part after last tomcat restart
11:59 <xwiki_finstern> it's catalina.2016-01-28.log where you find the relevant data ?
11:59 <xwiki_finstern> or catalina.out ?
11:59 <tmortagne> depends how it's installed, on Debian I would looks at catalina.out
12:00 <tmortagne> but maybe catalina.2016-01-28.log is a duplicate of the log for today
12:01 <xwiki_finstern> ok
12:04 <gdelhumeau> xwiki_finstern: do you have file system attachment enabled?
12:05 <xwiki_finstern> yes
12:17 <xwiki_finstern> eww
12:17 <xwiki_finstern> finally
12:18 <xwiki_finstern> sorry it was really a big log, had to find the right part, it's an exctract but I think it point some usefull info
12:18 <xwiki_finstern>
12:20 <xwiki_finstern> especially this line
12:21 <xwiki_finstern> starting at 170
12:23 <xwiki_finstern> line 426 : 426.2016-01-28 11:09:05,499 [pool-2-thread-1] INFO  o.x.s.s.i.EmbeddedSolrInstance - Using Solr home directory: [/var/xwiki/solr]
12:24 <xwiki_finstern> mean it's using the new directory for data I wrote in option file, that's good
12:24 <tmortagne> at least this line means you are using the right directory yes
12:26 <tmortagne> looks like the issue you have are with the FS attachments
12:26 <tmortagne> but there is something weird
12:26 <xwiki_finstern> images, attachments, it tell me the file does not exist
12:26 <xwiki_finstern> everywhere
12:26 <tmortagne> I see "Solr index directory '/var/xwiki/solr/xwiki/data/index' doesn't exist."
12:26 <tmortagne> which means you did not moved everything
12:26 <tmortagne> did not skipped solr folder on puprose ?
12:27 <xwiki_finstern> nope
12:27 <tmortagne> then seems to me you did not really moved the content of the old folder
12:27 <xwiki_finstern> that's strange I litterally used cp -rf xwiki /var
12:27 <tmortagne> at least the solr content was definitely not moved
12:27 <xwiki_finstern> this solr index should be in the xwiki folder, right ?
12:28 <tmortagne> what do you new folder content looks like ?
12:28 <xwiki_finstern> have the folders .. cache extension jobs solr ..
12:29 <xwiki_finstern> xwiki
12:29 <tmortagne> wait
12:29 <tmortagne> no nothing
12:29 <tmortagne> could you copy/paste ls resilt
12:29 <tmortagne> result
12:30 <xwiki_finstern> checked and found the famous "index" folder
12:30 <tmortagne> yes it created it automatically
12:30 <tmortagne> you should probably stop tomcat, empty all that and try copy again
12:31 <xwiki_finstern> ok
12:31 <tmortagne> and check the result after the copy before running tomcat
12:31 <xwiki_finstern> will try it
12:31 <xwiki_finstern> should I stop mysql too ?
12:31 <tmortagne> no need
12:31 <xwiki_finstern> ok
12:31 <tmortagne> because at least for solr something went wrong
12:31 <xwiki_finstern> I alway wonder
12:31 <xwiki_finstern> ok erasing all the mess and trying again
12:31 <tmortagne> (which is not a big deal in case of solr but it means it could be wrong for other things too)
12:35 <tmortagne> (lunch time for me, back in about 1h)
12:43 <xwiki_finstern> good apetite to you mortagne and thank you very much
12:44 <xwiki_finstern> ll
12:44 <xwiki_finstern> oops
13:10 <gdelhumeau> I would like to install on
13:10 <gdelhumeau> any objection?
13:11 <gdelhumeau> It's a plugin that offer a badge (build pass/build error) that you can embed in the README of your project (I'm thinking about contrib applications here)
13:14 <vmassol> no objection but I though there was something by default but probably not
13:14 <gdelhumeau> xwiki_finstern: maybe check that the folder containing the attachments is the same than the one you have copied
13:15 <vmassol> so +1 gdelhumeau
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13:17 <xwiki_finstern2> test
13:18 <xwiki_finstern2> ah good, it work again, sorry gdelhumeau, wanted to answer you and the irc client wasn't working anymore
13:18 <xwiki_finstern2> so as I tryed to say : it's ok now, the application is working as intended, I think I had problem when I tryed to move files and folders
13:19 <xwiki_finstern2> I erased all this new folder in /var and started from scratch, this time using cp from my yesterday save
13:19 <xwiki_finstern2> and now it work fine
13:19 <xwiki_finstern2> it's a relief
13:20 <xwiki_finstern2> time to write some procedures and go back to the prod admin with this new deal
13:20 <xwiki_finstern2> thank you very (very) much
13:20 <xwiki_finstern2> next time I will come to bug you about the UrlRewriteFilter
13:23 <vmassol> notice: restarting spam cleaning
13:24 <vmassol> sorry...
13:24 <vmassol> :)
13:28 <xwiki_finstern2> wow
13:33 <vmassol> guys can you find more spam on (except in the AS which I still need to finish cleaning)
13:34 <gdelhumeau> mflorea: any objection against having on
13:35 <mflorea> vmassol:
13:35 <vmassol> thanks
13:36 <vmassol> mflorea: done
13:36 <vmassol> any more?
13:38 <mflorea> vmassol: hmm, if I go to the second page of results I still have spam
13:38 <mflorea>
13:38 <helge> has joined #xwiki
13:38 <vmassol> ops
13:38 <vmassol> is so fast :)
13:39 <mflorea> :)
13:39 <helge> Hi, just want to note that your wiki seams to be open to all (
13:39 <mflorea> gdelhumeau: nothing against it
13:39 <helge> everybody can delete or do anything.
13:39 <gdelhumeau> good :)
13:40 <vmassol> helge: wdym?
13:40 <gdelhumeau> helge: is open, yes
13:40 <vmassol> just logged out and there's no delete button
13:40 <gdelhumeau> helge: you do post-actions-moderation
13:40 <helge> I am not logged in but can blogpost
13:40 <gdelhumeau> hmm
13:41 <vmassol> I don't think you can
13:41 <gdelhumeau> I have the "The current wiki is temporarily in read only mode, due to some technical issues. Editing rights and new user registration will be restored as soon as possible." message but I can actually do things
13:41 <vmassol> have you tried?
13:41 <vmassol> trying
13:41 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: that's because you are admin
13:41 <helge> I see all the buttons. should I try?!
13:41 <gdelhumeau> ok sorry for the noise
13:41 <gdelhumeau> anyway it's faster now
13:41 <gdelhumeau> good job
13:41 <vmassol> we should imrpvoe the ui to not show the create form
13:41 <tmortagne> it's not in a real readonly mode
13:42 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne:  any objection against having on
13:42 <tmortagne> +0
13:43 <helge> ok, I can not. Asks to log in. However, earlier I never saw all the edit and post buttons. Now everybody does.
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13:46 <vmassol> mflorea: I don't understand why there are holes in the display for
13:46 <vmassol> there are plenty of page results but the first pages are almost empty in content
13:47 <vmassol> helge: I'll check it out
13:47 <vmassol> ClemensR: do you remember the pages you rolledback?
13:47 <mflorea> the search results are cached on the solr side, but we check if the page exists and if the user has view right on display
13:48 <vmassol> ok got it
13:48 <helge> Ok, just wanted to let you know. I' out.
13:48 <ClemensR> rolled back? I thoight I just deleted them
13:48 <helge> has quit
13:48 <vmassol> if that's the case then good
13:48 <ClemensR> and deleted from trashcan, too
13:48 <vmassol> hehe was checking that :)
13:49 <vmassol> any spam anyone?
13:49 <vmassol> I'm eager to kill more!!
13:49 <vmassol> it's so easy now
13:49 <vmassol> :)
13:50 <vmassol> helge is gone but the reason he was seeing the form is because we cahc eit
13:51 <vmassol> and as I was the one who rendered its content and I have admin permissions it was cached with the form...
13:51 <vmassol> we'll need to fix this at some point
13:51 <vmassol> too bad that the date search on|t=alldocs&p=1&l=15& is failing
13:52 <tmortagne> found :)
13:52 <tmortagne> old style spam resolution
13:53 <vmassol> thanks, need to add a user-based algorithm now
13:54 <vmassol> (well jus the ui part)
13:54 <vmassol> (since I have the backend)
13:54 <vmassol> please don't touch this page
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14:07 <vmassol> haha
14:07 <vmassol> since clemens added a rev to my tool didn't fully remove the page
14:08 <ClemensR> oops
14:08 <vmassol> not your fault clements, just stating the issue I have :)
14:08 <vmassol> *clemens
14:08 <vmassol> doing it by hand
14:09 <ClemensR> ah, its is very old. I thought I did it yesterday ;)
14:10 <vmassol> done
14:10 <vmassol> so any more spam?
14:10 <vmassol> any idea on how I can get the list of pages modified in the past 2 days using the UI?
14:10 <vmassol> I guess I'll have to script this...
14:15 <tmortagne> you have last edit date in the document index
14:19 <vmassol> yes but it does't work
14:19 <vmassol> - you can't filter
14:19 <vmassol> - you can't sort
14:20 <vmassol> (you can sort but it doesn't work)
14:28 <tmortagne> that's weird I often use it
14:29 <tmortagne> sorting on date field is supposed to work well
14:29 <ClemensR> document index seem to work for me just now, but it only shows pages from one wiki, of course
14:29 <tmortagne> seems to work well for me when I go to|t=alldocs&p=1&l=15&
14:30 <vmassol> try having latest first
14:30 <ClemensR>|t=alldocs&p=1&l=15&
14:30 <vmassol> doesn't work for me
14:30 <tmortagne>|t=alldocs&p=1&l=15& work well
14:30 <vmassol> when I click your link ClemensR
14:31 <ClemensR> or better|t=alldocs&p=1&l=50&   ... hmm
14:31 <vmassol> doesn't work :)
14:31 <vmassol> check the dates
14:31 <tmortagne> what "doesn't work means" ?
14:31 <tmortagne> I did check the date and they are ordered properly
14:31 <vmassol> it means the date are not sorted properly
14:31 <tmortagne> they are
14:31 <vmassol> first date should be 2016 for ex
14:31 <ClemensR> here date is descenfing, 5 entries today, 2 yesterday ...
14:32 <tmortagne> first date is 2016/01/28 for me
14:32 <tmortagne> so today
14:32 <vmassol> I don't see how this could be related to the browser using it...
14:32 <ClemensR> mayeb browser bug? some ole Firefox here
14:32 <tmortagne> try cleaning your cache maybe I don't know, but this filter always worked well for me
14:33 <ClemensR> even works on IE 8 :)
14:33 <tmortagne> hmm I get some weird result as guest
14:33 <tmortagne> it's order propery but there is some doc without any date or link
14:34 <tmortagne> in the middle of the others
14:34 <ClemensR> well, no access rights, that is normal
14:34 <tmortagne> probably document on which guest does not have read right
14:35 <tmortagne> I tough those were not listed at all
14:35 <ClemensR> no, access rights applies only on the content
14:35 <ClemensR> in search they are not shown at all
14:35 <tmortagne> anyway I get proper ordering in both FF and Chrome
14:35 <tmortagne> there is something very weird on your side vmassol
14:36 <ClemensR> but in index they just get listed without link
14:37 <tmortagne> I tried without hidden document enabled but works well too
14:39 <vmassol> ok AS is clean now
14:39 <vmassol>
14:39 <vmassol> :)
14:40 <vmassol> we should probably do something about created profiles as they tend to spam the AS
14:40 <vmassol> maybe minor edit or filter them
14:41 <vmassol> well we're still missing the filters in the AS UI
14:41 <vmassol> if we had them we could configure the default filter to filter user creations for example
14:41 <vmassol> (provided we were sending custom events...)
14:41 <vmassol> checking AllDocs with different browser now
14:41 <vmassol> (I'm on chrome)
14:42 <vmassol> indeed works on FF
14:42 <tmortagne> works on chrome for me
14:43 <vmassol> so it seems we have no more spam, do we agree?
14:43 <vmassol> tmortagne: weird
14:43 <vmassol> (I'm on version 46)
14:43 <tmortagne> I agree I have no more keyword idea to find spam at least :)
14:44 <vmassol> there are some user profiles which probably belong to spammers
14:44 <vmassol> but till they create spam I don't think we should remove them
14:44 <vmassol> since it's hard to know if they're real or not
14:44 <tmortagne> I don't understand how it could be related to the browser since it's all done on server side
14:44 <vmassol> yes me neither
14:44 <vmassol> could be cookie
14:44 <tmortagne> I don't think we look at cookie for that
14:45 <tmortagne> does it do something when you click on date column ?
14:45 <vmassol> you mean on the sort arrow?
14:45 <vmassol> it tries to sort accordinly
14:45 <vmassol> (asc or desc)
14:45 <vmassol> I'll show you a screenshot
14:46 <tmortagne> I mean does it actually do something (right or wrong) ?
14:46 <tmortagne> i.e. is this asking to sort this column really generate a new ajax request to the server
14:46 <tmortagne> you should maybe check the request sent to the server
14:47 <vmassol> hmmm
14:47 <vmassol> it works now
14:47 <vmassol> could have been some cache issue maybe
14:48 <vmassol> I'm going to open edits and registration again on
14:48 <vmassol> anyone against?
14:48 <tmortagne> +1
14:52 <vmassol> ok it's open again
14:52 <Inge-> has quit
14:54 <woshilapin> Hi, I'm trying to play with the new VFS API
14:54 <vmassol> cool :)
14:55 <woshilapin> I've tried the snippet to list all the files in a ZIP
14:55 <woshilapin> I was wondering how $niotool.newDirectoryStream is knowing what is the kind of archive it's opening?
14:55 <woshilapin> Extension of the file?
14:55 <vmassol> attach:
14:55 <vmassol> the prefix
14:55 <woshilapin> *.zip -> ok, I know it's zip so I use ZIP algorithm
14:55 <vmassol> the URI scheme
14:56 <vmassol> ah sorry
14:56 <vmassol> it's the extension yes
14:56 <cjd> has quit
14:56 <woshilapin> OK, is there a possibility to force to parse with zip?
14:56 <vmassol> truevfs has a list of known extensions
14:56 <vmassol> not that I know of
14:56 <vmassol> would need to check truevfs
14:57 <vmassol> what is easy to do is to add new mappings
14:57 <tmortagne> does it means it does not know how to open a XAR ?
14:57 <vmassol> indeed I haven't added the mapping for our xar
14:57 <vmassol> but there's a xar format that exists
14:57 <vmassol> and truevfs may not it
14:57 <vmassol> which would be an issue...
14:57 <vmassol> ;)
14:57 <vmassol> *may not it/may know it
14:58 <woshilapin> mmh
14:58 <tmortagne> would be nice to provide some mime type some way
14:58 <woshilapin> Indeed
14:58 <tmortagne> at least that way you are sure it will read it properly whatever file name you have
14:59 <vmassol>
14:59 <vmassol> "Note that TrueVFS automatically recognizes false positive archive files, so it cannot get confused by files with arbitrary content which accidently use the extensions of your custom application file format."
14:59 <vmassol> cool at least
14:59 <woshilapin> Yes, but I was planning to use an unexisting extension name, because it's a ZIP, but with a specific format in it
15:00 <woshilapin> TrueVFS 0.11.0 ships with pluggable driver modules for FILE, HTTP(S), JAR, ODF, SFX, TAR, TAR.BZIP2, TAR.GZIP, TAR.XZ, ZIP and ZIP.RAES (TZP) file system schemes.
15:00 <woshilapin> May be extensible
15:00 <vmassol> actually
15:00 <vmassol> this list not the full list
15:00 <vmassol> it has a lot more
15:00 <woshilapin> The interesting part is "ships with pluggable driver modules"
15:00 <woshilapin> Looks like you may be able to add some
15:00 <vmassol> yes that's what I did
15:00 <vmassol> :)
15:01 <woshilapin> For XAR ?
15:01 <vmassol> no
15:01 <vmassol> for supporting archives in attachment
15:01 <MasterPiece> has joined #xwiki
15:02 <woshilapin> With this FsArchiveDriver?
15:02 <vmassol> yes
15:02 <vmassol> well not directly but ues
15:02 <vmassol> *yes
15:03 <vmassol> ifi you're interested:
15:04 <vmassol> and here's where I register it, keeping all the other drivers/extensions:
15:04 <woshilapin> Oh Thanks, will take a look
15:07 <woshilapin>  // Configure custom application file format.
15:07 <woshilapin>         config.setArchiveDetector(new TArchiveDetector("aff", new JarDriver()));
15:07 <woshilapin> Maybe this is it
15:09 <vmassol> sure
15:09 <vmassol> as I said you can add mappings
15:09 <vmassol> but it's in code
15:09 <woshilapin> What would be the best place to configure that?
15:10 <woshilapin> (at the launch of XWiki but I'm not sure where)
15:10 <cjd> has joined #xwiki
15:11 <woshilapin> I was thinking in the initialize() of a ScriptService but looks like a hack
15:11 <vmassol> I dno't understand
15:11 <tmortagne> usually this kind of thing goes in a listener
15:11 <vmassol> I've already pointed to the place where it's registered
15:11 <vmassol> *pinted you
15:11 <vmassol> *pointed
15:11 <tmortagne> listening to ApplicationStartedEvent for example
15:11 <vmassol> tmortagne: that's the link I gave already
15:12 <vmassol> this one:
15:12 <woshilapin> Ah, EventListener is for that kind of things, ok
15:12 <woshilapin> (sorry, I'm a bit slow)
15:12 <vmassol> what needs to be designed if it's an important use case is to define how to let the user add new known extensions
15:13 <vmassol> I'm not suggesting to do the same thing, I'm suggesting to reuse it to let users configure new extensions
15:13 <tmortagne> yes it's quite a pity having to write a component just to say that .toto is actually a zip
15:13 <woshilapin> :-)
15:13 <vmassol> but
15:13 <vmassol> really you're complicating a bit woshilapin
15:14 <vmassol> you just need to rename your zip
15:14 <vmassol> and you're done
15:14 <vmassol> and it's better than a .toto extension which doesn't mean much
15:14 <woshilapin> Yes, I know... but that cut out the fun of exploring new stuff ;-)
15:14 <tmortagne> sometime you don't control the file name
15:14 <vmassol> you rename to the format that you wish to open your archive with
15:14 <woshilapin> And the extension is a well defined format in Learn PAd project
15:14 <vmassol> yes I'm not saying that are not some cases
15:15 <vmassol> just that there's an easy workaround ATM
15:15 <woshilapin> yes, yes completely agree, there is a simple solution
15:15 <vmassol> actually
15:15 <vmassol> I wouldn't do it in the listener
15:15 <vmassol> I would add a new scripting api
15:15 <vmassol> to register a new extension
15:15 <vmassol> well
15:16 <vmassol> not sure
15:16 <vmassol> anyway
15:16 <vmassol> needs to be designed
15:16 <vmassol> got to go finish stuff
15:16 <vmassol> :)
15:16 <vmassol> I'll leave it to you woshilapin:)
15:16 <woshilapin> Thanks for the help
15:16 <vmassol> if you want to create a .rabbit extension
15:16 <vmassol> ...
15:16 <woshilapin> :-D
15:16 <vmassol> bb in 15
15:33 <xwiki_finstern2> hello back
15:37 <xwiki_finstern2> I'm trying to find the meaning of an Error 11007 but havn't been successfull for now
15:38 <cjd> looks like a mysql error code, or perhaps Oracle (?)
15:39 <cjd> either way, looks like a database error code
15:44 <KermitTheFragger> has quit
15:45 <woshilapin> OK, I thought the piece of code was about adding a extension to TrueVFS, but in fact, it's replacing completely the Driver...
15:45 <woshilapin> Mmm
15:45 <woshilapin> So doing that, I'm removing the 'attach' driver
15:45 <vmassol> xwiki_finstern2: you need to paste more details
15:45 <vmassol> woshilapin: yes
15:45 <vmassol> that's why you should read the code I pasted
15:46 <vmassol> there's a comment explaning this :)
15:46 <vmassol> s/pasted/linked
15:46 <woshilapin> I read it, but I add to reach error to begin to understand what was happening
15:46 <vmassol> the event listener
15:46 <woshilapin> I had to reach*
15:47 <woshilapin> Note that I still don't completely understand what the code is doing exactly :-)
15:50 <xwiki_finstern2> yeah I know vmassol, I was collecting data
15:50 <xwiki_finstern2> I think I found out
15:50 <xwiki_finstern2> 2016-01-28 15:25:32,109 [XWiki initialization] ERROR c.x.x.s.DBCPConnectionProvider - Could not create a DBCP pool. There is an error in the Hibernate configuration file, please review it.
15:51 <xwiki_finstern2> should mean that I don't have the right user set in my mysql database
15:51 <xwiki_finstern2> I thought it had been exported with the db when I mad the dump
15:51 <xwiki_finstern2> will have to create the user manually
15:53 <xwiki_finstern2> basically I have access denied for user xwiki when I start the app'
15:53 <xwiki_finstern2> pfffft
15:55 <xwiki_finstern2> I'm sorry to have annoyed you with such a noob question :-|
15:56 <woshilapin> OK, it works (but in a initialize() function for now, I'll try with EventListener, even if I don't know much about Events, and then, I'll be able to paste this snippet on
15:56 <woshilapin> (initialize() of a ScriptService)
16:00 <tmortagne> vmassol: is the status of XWIKI-12912 blocker for 7.4.1
16:00 <tmortagne> ?
16:03 <MasterPiece> has quit
16:03 <gdelhumeau> ?
16:03 <gdelhumeau> I haven't done anything
16:03 <tmortagne> me neither :)
16:04 <tmortagne> looks like password reset forget to update document author
16:04 <tmortagne> not even since it changed the author from me to you
16:04 <tmortagne> it's doing something weird anyway
16:04 <tmortagne> *from you to me
16:07 <woshilapin> tmortagne: About XWIKI-12912, I believe it's about the caching that TrueVFS is doing and which is by-passing their own Right management system
16:07 <woshilapin> Because I discussed that with Vincent yesterday, and as far as I know, it's a LOOOOT of work to fix it
16:07 <woshilapin> Because it's more about refactoring TrueVFS if I understood correctly :-)
16:07 <tmortagne> woshilapin: my question is not that much "do we need to fix it" but "can I release 7.4.1 without it, please"
16:11 <vmassol> tmortagne: moving the issue to 7.4.2 as I won't have the time and it seems really hard to do with truevfs, I'm almost blocked...
16:12 <tmortagne> anyway we still have a lot of failing test on 7.4...
16:12 <vmassol> and we need to release tomorrow..
16:12 <tmortagne> most of which are new
16:14 <tmortagne> the 2 failing test on platform are pretty weird and don't fail on master
16:14 <tmortagne> they end up with a document reference not containing the space...
16:14 <tmortagne> probably related to XWIKI-12920
16:25 <xwiki_finstern2> I'm leaving you for now, will be back soon. I thank you very much for your precious help this late morning and early afternoon
16:25 <vmassol> ok np
16:25 <vmassol> let us know how it goes
16:25 <xwiki_finstern2> I thank you too for developping this awesome application, it's the best out there, I think it really
16:26 <vmassol> oh nice, can I quote you on ? :)
16:26 <xwiki_finstern2> my admin had to go so I will see tomorrow but now I know that I forgot to add the xwiki user, that was really a lame error from my side :(
16:26 <xwiki_finstern2> have been stressed a bit
16:26 <vmassol> actually maybe you could come up with some quote to add there? that helps us continue!
16:26 <xwiki_finstern2> you can vincent
16:27 <woshilapin> OK, my new filename extension works pretty well with VFS API now, just took me a bit of time to understand the black magic behind events
16:27 <woshilapin> vmassol: You did an awesome work on VFS (I believe it's mainly you, right?)
16:27 <vmassol> thanks
16:27 <vmassol> (to both of you ;))
16:55 <xwiki_finstern2> ok I will take the time to contribute to your testimonial page tomorrow
16:55 <xwiki_finstern2> thank you for your help again
16:55 <xwiki_finstern2> and I hope your today task will end as intended
16:55 <xwiki_finstern2> good by
16:55 <vmassol> bye
16:56 <xwiki_finstern2> has quit
17:04 <vmassol> hehe nice )
17:04 <vmassol> :)
17:56 <woshilapin> If you're interested, I wrote a little tutorial about how to add a filename extension to VFS
17:56 <woshilapin>
18:30 <mflorea> has quit
18:31 <vmassol> woshilapin: detailed tutorial… :) I thought you were working on a PR to imprvoe VFS :)
18:32 <vmassol> (what I mean is that a fix to the xwiki vfs code would make this tutorial not required)
18:41 <woshilapin> vmassol: For later... maybe ;-)
18:41 <vmassol> :)
18:41 <woshilapin> Should I make the links to the VFS page and publish it or you prefer to review it a bit before?
18:42 <woshilapin> (because, I hope I'm not saying shit in that tutorial)
18:48 <vmassol> I'd prefer we find a better way to solve the need. I don't feel this should be proper documentation. What about creating a jira issue about the need and linking it from the jira issue and keep it in the drafts space while the issue is open and once the issue is fixed, delete it?
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19:02 <woshilapin> Anyway, do what you want with this tutorial
19:02 <woshilapin> I guess it's still accessible from Google, right?
19:03 <woshilapin> OK, I'm out for today
19:03 <vmassol> bye
19:03 <vmassol> yes it's avail from google
19:03 <vmassol> right now it's not even recommended at all to use the vfs api :)
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22:28 <cjd> vmassol: blocked registration so that you won't have another 2 days of cleaning up ^^
22:28 <cjd> looks like *our* spammers are enough unique that cloudflare doesn't stop them
22:29 <cjd> Could just tell people to come to irc during business hours if they want an account
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