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5 = Task 1: Report an issue =
7 You can report issues to the [[XWiki issue tracker>>]] (you'll need to register an account there the first time). The issue tracker project to report in is usually the [[Platform project>>]]. But if the issue is related to an extension, you need to [[identify>>]] the correct location to report it.
9 Before reporting a new issue, you need to make sure [[the issue has not been already reported>>Community.DevelopmentPractices||anchor="HRule:Don27tcreateunnecessaryissues"]].
11 When reporting an issue there are some [[details you need to provide>>Community.ManualTestStrategy||anchor="HCreateJIRAissues"]] in order for people to understand how to reproduce the problem and in what conditions.
13 = Task 2: Pick an issue to fix =
15 If you want to fix a problem inside XWiki or its extensions, first you need to make sure there is an existing issue describing the problem. You will need to make a [[reference to the issue number>>Community.DevelopmentPractices||anchor="HRule:AlwaysputaJIRAissuereferenceincommitmessages"]] in your commit message.
17 If you are looking for beginner issues, we suggest you pick some of our [[Onboarding issue>>]] and start implementing it. When you know the solution, you should create a [[Pull Request>>]] in the appropriate repository and follow the [[code contribution>>Community.Contributing||anchor="HContributeCode"]] guidelines.
19 For more specific issues that you need find, use the query language in the search advanced section to filter what you need. This is an example that filters easy, open issues in the Web Templates category for XWiki Plaform:
21 {{code language="sql"}}
22 project = XWIKI AND component = "Web - Templates & Resources"
23 AND Difficulty in (Easy, Trivial) AND resolution = Unresolved
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26 In case you are looking for issues related to a particular extension, you need to find the project where those issues are reported to. Usually the tracker is marked in the extension's page, in the "Issues" section. Here is an example of a query that filters open issues for the Forum application:
28 {{code language="sql"}}
29 project = XAFORUM AND status = Open
30 {{/code}}
32 With these filtering techniques you can limit the issues that occur in a particular browser, XWiki version, component or extension.
34 We organize weekly [[XWiki Days>>Community.XWikiDays||anchor="HBugfixingdays"]], majority of these events being ##bugfixingday##s. You are more than welcomed to join and helps us squash some bugs. We are using a dedicated [[dashboard>>]] in order to easily track bugs.

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