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5 = Task 1: Use AWM =
7 [[Application With Minutes>>doc:extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application]] (a.k.a AWM) is an XWiki extensions bundled by default in XWiki Standard and that you can use to create some small data applications in your wiki.
9 In this task use it to create a small application such as a Holiday Request Application that will have the following fields:
11 * A start date (Date)
12 * A number of days (int)
13 * An employee (User)
14 * A status (Static list) with the following statuses: Pending, Accepted, Refused
15 * A manager (User) to validate the request
17 If you have problems, check the [[FAQ tutorial>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.DevGuide.Tutorials.FAQTutorial.FAQTutorialAWM]] which does something similar.
19 = Task 2: Export your application =
21 Now that you have a first version of your application running in your XWiki instance, let's export it as a XAR and extract the various XML files making it into a Maven-based directory structure so that you can build your extension with Maven.
23 To help you do this, check the [[Creating Extension tutorial>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.DevGuide.Tutorials.CreatingExtensions.WebHome]].
25 = Task 3: Understand XWiki concepts =
27 AWM has made it simple to create your first application but it's cheating a bit since it's doing all the work of generating the various wiki pages for you. Now in this task you'll start from scratch and re-implement the Holiday Request app but without AWM! :)
29 To do that you need to understand the concepts of XClass, XObjects, XProperties, Sheets and Templates. To do that, start by following the [[advanced FAQ tutorial>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.DevGuide.Tutorials.FAQTutorial.FAQTutorialManual]]. Once you've finished it, start implementing the same for your Holiday Request app.

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