Release Date: 11/06/2012
Released by:
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Pre-release June 4th

  • accept 2 day warning and ask if anyone needs to block the release.
  • accept Verify no open issues.
  • accept Verify no failing tests (or that failures are understood).
  • accept Verify all closed issues have documentation.
    Closed issues without documentation
  • accept Branch stable-4.1.x
  • accept Start Jenkins jobs for stable-4.1.x
  • accept Begin Release notes
Delayed 1 day for windows 7 support.

Schedule altered because of newly raised concerns with the staging approach.

Changes to the process documented here:

Staging June 11

  • accept Update translations
  • accept Mark the agent offline
  • accept Copy manager's .gitconfig profile
  • accept Install GPG key

Jira releases

  • accept commons jira
  • accept rendering jira
  • accept platform jira
  • accept enterprise jira
  • accept manager jira
  • accept Install Jenkins agent's key in github account
  • accept Build release and push into staging.
  • accept Copy original .gitconfig profile
  • accept Remove GPG key
  • accept Mark the agent online
  • accept Add CLIRR results to release notes.
  • accept release on nexus
  • accept push downloadable files to ow2 from maven.xwiki via scp
  • accept prepare release on forge.ow2
  • accept Push signed tag to github
  • accept Remove Jenkins agent's key in github account
  • accept FreeCode
  • accept Wikimatrix
  • accept Announcement Mail
  • accept Add Purl URL for blog post.
  • accept Twitter
  • accept Ping Vincent about uploading to maven central.
Created by Vincent Massol on 2013/02/07 11:24

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