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1 {{velocity}}
2 #set ($object = $doc.getObject("ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanClass"))
3 #set ($version = $object.getProperty("version").getValue())
4 #set ($shortVersion = $stringtool.replace($version, '.', '\.'))
5 #set ($shortVersion = $stringtool.replaceChars($shortVersion, '-', ''))
6 #set ($shortVersion = $stringtool.upperCase($shortVersion))
7 #set ($shortVersion = $shortVersion.replace('MILESTONE', 'M'))
8 #set ($releaseNotesWikiLink = "xwiki:ReleaseNotes.Data.XWiki.${shortVersion}")
9 {{/velocity}}
11 {{info}}Use these icons to mark the release progress: (x) not done, (/) done, (!) not done for a good reason (explain reason){{/info}}
13 * (/) [[Verify>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HInitialBackwardCompatibilityCheck"]] that the ##xwiki-commons##'s top level POM has a ##xwiki.compatibility.previous.version## property correctly pointing to the latest stable (non-milestone) release and if not, change it.
14 * Make sure next version exists on [[jira>>]] projects:
15 ** (/) [[Commons JIRA>>]]
16 ** (/) [[Rendering JIRA>>]]
17 ** (/) [[Platform JIRA>>]]
18 ** (/) [[Enterprise JIRA>>]]
19 * (/) [[Verify>>ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HVerifyJIRAissue"]] that there are no {{velocity}}[[open issues on JIRA for version $version>>$version%22%29+and+resolution+in+%28%22Unresolved%22%29]]{{/velocity}}.
20 * (x) Verify that no tests are failing [[on the CI Server>>]] (or that failures are understood, see [[known flickering tests>>]]).
21 * (x) Verify that there are no {{velocity}}[[missing documentation for closed JIRA issues for version $version>>$version%22%29%20and%20resolution%20in%20%28%22Fixed%22%29%20and%20%28%28Documentation%20is%20EMPTY%29%20or%20%28%22Documentation%20in%20Release%20Notes%22%20is%20EMPTY%29%29]]{{/velocity}}
22 * (x) Ensure that the {{velocity}}[[Release Notes are complete and nice-looking for version $version>>${releaseNotesWikiLink}]]{{/velocity}}
23 * (/) Since the release is performed on ##agent-1-1##, mark it offline in the [[Jenkins admin screen>>]] to avoid using it in the CI. Put as comment {{velocity}}{{code language="none"}}Temporarily marking agent-1-1 offline for the release of $version{{/code}}{{/velocity}}.
24 * (/) [[Log on the release machine>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HLogonReleasemachine"]], [[set up your identity>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HSetupyouridentity"]], [[update the release scripts>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HUpdateReleasescripts"]] and [[set the correct Java version>>dev:ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HConfiguretheJavaVersion"]]
25 * (/) [[Update translations>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HUpdateTranslations"]]
26 * (x) [[Build the release>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HBuildtherelease"]]
27 * (x) [[Clean up your identity>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HCleanupidentity"]]
28 * (x) Mark ##agent-1-1## online again in the [[ Jenkins admin screen>>]] (button on the right).
29 * (x) Publish [[backward compatibility reports>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HGenerateBackwardCompatibilityReport"]] in the {{velocity}}[[Release Notes for version $version>>${releaseNotesWikiLink}]]{{/velocity}}
30 * (/) Publish [[code contributors list>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HGenerateCodeContributorslist"]] in the {{velocity}}[[Release Notes for version $version>>${releaseNotesWikiLink}||anchor="HCredits"]]{{/velocity}}
31 * (x) [[Push distribution files to OW2 and release them>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HPushtoOW2"]]
32 * (x) Force [[rebuild of the Debian repository index>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HRebuildDebianDistribution"]]
33 * (x) Update the [[Download page>>]] (Use bullets points for the major features to make it easy to read; Update/Bump the LTS if doing a final major version release, i.e. new cycle)
34 * (x) [[Force extensions update>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HForceExtensionsUpdate"]]
35 * (x) Set the Release date + Release flag in the {{velocity}}[[Release Notes for version $version>>${releaseNotesWikiLink}]]{{/velocity}} by editing with the object editor.
36 * (x) [[Create blog post on>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor=""]]
37 * (x) [[Update the API doc>>platform:DevGuide.API]], including [[Rendering>>rendering:Main.JavaDoc]]
38 * (x) Update [[Wikipedia (en)>>]], [[Wikipedia (fr)>>]] and [[Wikipedia (compare wiki software)>>]]
39 * (x) [[Wikimatrix>>]] with Ludovic's account
40 * (x) [[Announcement Mail>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HAnnouncementMail"]]
41 * (x) [[Announce on Twitter>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HAnnounceonTwitter"]] with the [[xwikiorg account>>]]
42 * (x) Update the [[Release Plan page>>ReleasePlans.WebHome||anchor="HNextReleaseManagers"]] to move yourself to the bottom of the list for your next release.
43 * (x) Ensure that the {{velocity}}[[release date in this Release Plan>>path:$doc.getURL("edit", "editor=object")]]{{/velocity}} corresponds to the date when the release was finished
44 * (x) Update the release date on the [[Roadmap page>>xwiki:Roadmaps.WebHome]] for non bugfix releases and move the roadmap items to the archive page (for final releases)
45 * (x) [[Push Commons and Rendering to Maven Central>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HPublishtoMavenCentral"]]
46 * (x) [[Update the XWiki official Docker images>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HUpdateDocker"]]

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