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111 111  Tip: Because the build process is a lenghty one (currently around 2 hours), it is a good idea to use the [[screen linux command>>]]. This is most helpful in case your Internet connection or electrical power drops. However, it is not in any way mandatory to use screen during the release.
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115 +Tip: running the release script will first ask you for your GPG key passphrase. If you mistype or enter a wrong passphrase, the release will fail to perform. You can test your passphrase locally running the following command :
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117 +{{code language="bash"}}echo "test" | gpg --no-use-agent -o /dev/null --local-user <KEYID> -as - && echo "Passphrase is correct"{{/code}}
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119 +If for a reason or another you've made a mistake typing your passphrase in, you will need to delete (locally on the agent machine) the release branch and created tag before you can start over again.
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114 114  == Release Candidate ==
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116 116  In case the version you`ve just build was a ##Release Candidate##, there are 2 extra steps you need to perform, which are to **update the parent version and version properties** on the ##master## branch and to **update the continuous integration jobs** to build the new stable version that you have just created trough the release of a RC version.

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