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3 == Design Process ==
5 The process involves the creation of specifications, analysis, mockups, partial prototypes and even final versions of the proposals made. The aim of these proposals are to improve XWiki's interface, look&feel, usability, experience and interaction.
7 * Design //planning// for improvements/features is made according to the current [[XWiki Roadmap>>xwiki:Roadmaps.WebHome]]
9 * Design //discussions// are made on [[IRC>>Community.IRC]] or on the [[mailing lists>>Community.MailingLists]]
10 ** design discussions on mailing lists have [Proposal] and/or [UX] in the subject field
11 ** design discussions on mailing lists are usually sent both to (users AT and (devs AT, depending on what kind of feedback is requested
12 ** if you are not following the mailing lists, you can browse for the proposal mails on XWiki's (% class="external" %)[[Markmail mailing list archives>>]](%%) (example: (% class="external" %)[[[Proposal] Rights Management UI>>]](%%))
13 ** there are also [[archives for IRC discussions>>IRC.WebHome]]
15 * Design //proposals// deliverables (use cases/requirements/mockups/prototypes) are located on [[Design>>design:Main.WebHome]] wiki (example:[[ [Proposal] Flamingo Skin>>design:Improvements.Skin4x]])
17 == UX Topics ==
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21 === Topics Definition ===
23 * //User Experience// answers the question, “Did the user have as delightful an experience as possible?”
24 * //Usability// answers the question, “Can the user accomplish their goal?” with effectiveness and efficiency
26 //User Experience// encapsulates all the other subtopics, but being very broad is also very hard to define it and quantify it by appropriate marking the JIRA issues. That's why 'ux' label is //not recommended// and is more specifically defined by the 'usability' label.
27 //Usability// is a subset of the overall User Experience, while //Accessibility// and //Consistency// (//Standard// is related to Consistency) are subsets of Usability. When labelling an issue choose the most specific topic.
29 === Issues Labels ===
31 You can contribute and help us [[report>>Community.Contributing#HTesting]] issues within XWiki. There are several tags that can be added to a [[JIRA>>]] issue in order to mark it important from an user experience point of view: ##ux##, ##usability##, ##consistency##, ##standard##, ##accessibility##.
32 Initially these issues were marked using the '##keywords##' field, but now this field is deprecated in favour of '##Labels##' field.
34 * **User experience** (UX) involves a person's behaviours, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service.
35 ** Label: [['ux'>>]] (% class="noitems" %)(not recommended)(%%) - is the user not having a great/delightful experience using the product?
36 *** Keyword: [[ux>>]] (% class="noitems" %)(deprecated)
37 * **Usability** is the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object.
38 ** {{success}}Label: [[**'##usability##'**>>]] (% class="noitems" %)(recommended)(%%) - does the user have problems accomplishing his task?{{/success}}
39 *** Keyword: [[usability>>]] (% class="noitems" %)(deprecated)
40 * **Consistency** states that things that are related should be presented in a similar way.
41 ** {{warning}}Label: [['##consistency##'>>]] - are elements that define/break the interface consistency?{{/warning}}
42 *** Keyword: [[consistency>>]] (% class="noitems" %)(deprecated)
43 * **Standard** refers to defining elements that will be reuse throughout XWiki (like [[.xform>>platform:DevGuide.VerticalForms]]) and applying them to existing interface elements
44 ** Label: [['##standard##'>>]] - are elements that define/break the interface standard?
45 *** Keyword: [[standard>>]] (% class="noitems" %)(deprecated)
46 * **Accessibility** means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with websites and tools, and that they can contribute equally without barriers
47 ** Label: [['##accessibility##'>>]] (% class="noitems" %)(deprecated)(%%) - are there accessibility problems users are facing while using the product?
49 ==== Defining an 'usability' issue ====
51 * Usability issues refer exclusively to interface/front-end issues, since only these issues affect the end-user directly.
52 * The generic definition of an usability issue is if it is preventing the user from completing a task. This means the functionality is not usable and thus useless.
53 * Improvements on a specific functionality are also considered usability issues if implementing that functionality will provide an obvious benefit to the user by making things clearer, easier to use, improving learnability, improving the way the user interacts with the system, boosting productivity etc.
54 ** Most of the 'Improvements' issues are usability improvements, but this doesn't mean 'Bugs' or 'New Features' cannot be labeled as usability issues. Also we could have 'Improvements' that are not usability issues.
55 * So, in general, usability issues are front-end improvements that provide functionality that enhance the user's interaction with the product.

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