All Serious decisions are made on the mailing lists. However if you have a question or want to drop by for a chat, we have both a Jabber group chat and an IRC channel.

We've set up a bi-directional bridge between the IRC channel and the Jabber group chat so you can use either of them.

Currently, the bridge is not always working, when it's down most discussion happens on IRC.


The IRC chat is logged, and all the archives are publicly available.

You can connect to our IRC channel through this webpage.

Or you can connect with your favorite chat client.

The IRC channel is available on FreeNode:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667 (SSL on port 7000)
  • Channel: #xwiki

You can use any IRC client. Examples of IRC clients are:


The Jabber group chart is available at:

  • Server:
  • Room name: xwiki

Example of Jabber clients:


The IRC chat is archived (and thus the Jabber chat too thanks to the bridge) and the archives are located here.

Created by vmassol on 2006/12/12 22:11

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