The following rules must be followed:

  • The HTML output produced by XWiki pages must be valid XHTML.
  • The XWiki projects is also following the W3C WCAG Guidelines. In addition we're also following the Dutch Web Guidelines which are even stricter than the WCAG ones.


  • We have automated tests to verify the XHTML validity. These are executed as part of the XWiki Functional tests suite (see the Testing section).
  • However for the WCAG guidelines, you'll need to verify manually (for now) that you code conforms to the rules by executing it against this validator.
  • CSS validation can be tested manually using the W3C validator.


Here are some exceptions that make the WCAG validator test fail but that we consider valid:

  • We are using the H1 element several times on pages, once for the page title and once for the header level 1 from the page's content. We consider that this doesn't violate the rule "Do not skip any heading elements in the document hierarchy." since we're not skipping any level.
Created by Vincent Massol on 2009/11/04 14:52

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