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Welcome to the XWiki contributors community. This area is for developers of XWiki itself and all contributors in general. It's also for XWiki users interested in discovering how XWiki's development is done. 

XWiki Development Topics

Google Summer of Code 2007 is now over. Check out the results on XWiki GSoC page.

Project Health
Statistics about XWiki development
Hall Of Fame
Come and acclaim all those who have contributed to XWiki...
Source Repository
Find information on how to get XWiki sources.
Mailing Lists
Discuss with other XWiki users or developers.
Talk with other XWiki users or developers in real time.
Find out all the different manners in which you can contribute to the project.
Development Practices
Tools suggestion to be able to contribute to the project in good conditions.
Development Tools
A list of development tools that can be used when developing for the XWiki project.
Code Style
Be a good XWiki citizen and follow the agreed upon code style when submitting patches or committing code.
Learn how to build XWiki directly from the sources
Learn how to debug XWiki when things go wrong...
Learn how to profile XWiki
Defines XWiki's test strategy.
Explains what is a Committer and his role and responsibilities.
Release Process
List all steps to take for releasing XWiki.
This is where new ideas and proposals should be logged. Discussions should happen on the mailing lists and be taken in that space so that they do not evaporate and are recorded for posterity!
Space for work in progress meant to be moved to the main xwiki.org spaces when it's finished. Feel free to start working on stuff in there.
Created by VincentMassol on 2006/12/10 22:12

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