Design Proposals

This space is dedicated to new design proposals. The process is the following:

  • First, discuss the idea on the mailing lists
  • Once a first conclusion is reached document it on this wiki here
  • Create a JIRA issue so that it's not forgotten and reference the page on the wiki
  • Continue improving the design implementation on the wiki
  • When the proposal is finalized, send a mail on the dev list for approval
  • Once approved implement it and document it properly in the final location in the wiki
  • Once the JIRA issue is implemented mark the Design proposal as "Completed" and move it to the Design Archive space

List of open Design proposals

There are 0 open design proposals on this page.

Completed or Dead proposals can be found in the Design Archive space.

Title Status Lead JIRA Creation date
Created by VincentMassol on 2007/09/11 11:59

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