Contributions pain points

Version 35.1 by Thomas Mortagne on 2014/09/03 09:11

This page aim at gathering ideas on how to make easier or encourage contributions to XWiki. The ideas are list items in each possible kind of contributions.

This is not in any way a TODO list, it just list ideas, some of which they we don't want to do right now (but it could change) even if they are very rare.


  • Add <scm> (source URL) support to Extension Manager and extension importer on
  • Indicate the contributors in each release notes
  • Make pull request handling first priority: “Awaiting committer feedback” should not stay more than a few days (23 with 14 more than 1 year old right now)
  • Lower the expected quality
  • Some bounty platform integration. See
  • Move to Apache or other foundation
  • Some regular official "contribution day" or something like this in client dev team (XWiki SAS)
  • Create pull request from an XWiki instance

  • Add <scm> (source URL) support to Extension Manager and extension importer on
  • Make possible to fully release an extension without the help of a committer (Nexus step still remaining)
  • Publish/commit/release AWM application from an XWiki instance
  • Publish snippet from the wiki
  • Selective export
  • Rating of extensions
  • Number of times an extension has been installed


Documentation and support

  • Reputation system

Answer questions on mailing lists

  • Reputation system
  • Get rid of mailing lists and use stackoverflow instead

Answer questions on IRC

Answer questions on stackoverflow


Report bugs

Test new releases

  • Show a notification when a new version is available

Test new milestones

Spread the word




XWiki Users Groups, Meetups

  • Showing the path by doing it ourself (Paris, Iași)
  • Display a map (OpenStreetMap/GMap integration) in based on the addresses registered in users profiles

Conferences, talks


Get Connected