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6 This page is currently not working well and needs some love. In short, the GitHubStats Application needs to be fixed/improved and the version on updated. Ask Vincent since he last worked on it and he's known to have said that he has some local work that he needs to publish...
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9 The XWiki project would like to thank all people who have participated to the development of XWiki in any manner whatsoever. There are [[various forms of contributions>>Contributing]].
11 = Source Contributions =
13 There are 2 category of users who contribute to XWiki sources:
15 * [[Committers>>Committership]]. They are the main driving force behind XWiki. The notion of "active" committer is defined on the [[Committership page>>Committership]].
16 * Contributors. Contributors contribute source by issuing [[Pull Requests on GitHub>>]].
18 XWiki wouldn't be what it is without all its contributors. Contributors are usually XWiki users who go beyond just using the product. They contribute back value to the project and form XWiki's vibrant community. Committers are usually contributors who have shown interest in XWiki over the long run and who've submitted good patches. Actually it is said that one good way of becoming a committer is to submit so many patches that the current committers get fed up applying your patches and vote you in as a committer! ;)
20 Here are the number of commits for the last **365 days** ([[All times>>HallOfFameFull]]) for the [[##xwiki## organization on GitHub>>]] (Commons, Rendering, Platform, etc).
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26 And here are the number of commits for the last **365 days** ([[All times>>HallOfFameFull]]) for the [[##xwiki-contrib organization on GitHub##>>]] (contains extensions not supported by the XWiki Committers).
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32 Legend:
34 * Green color: committers
35 * Yellow color: contributors who sent Pull Requests
36 * Red color: committers who haven't been active for the past 365 days and who're going to loose their "Active" status
38 == Others ==
40 * Kevin Hoaru: manages the infrastructure for the web sites (JIRA, Jenkins, Maven, wikis, etc)
41 * Ilie Andriuta: manual testing QA
42 * Ecaterina Valica: UI Design, Usability
44 == Committer Statistics ==
46 See the [[Project's Health page>>Community.ProjectHealth]].
48 = Contributors =
50 Source contributors are listed above but remember that there are [[various ways to contribute>>Contributing]]!
52 == Translation Contributors ==
54 See the [[stats on the l10n wiki>>]].
56 == Others ==
58 Of course there are so many contributors that we wouldn't want to miss anyone. If you have contributed something and you're not in the list below please add yourself to this list! Come on, don't be shy, you've earned it!
60 (sorted by First Name + Last Name)
62 |=Contributor's name|=Area of contribution
63 |Alberto Lugrís|Galician translation
64 |Alla Dorozhinskaya|Updated German translation. Bug reports.
65 |Anamaria Stoica|Various patches for the blog application and the core
66 |Ancuta Gheorghe|Patches on the core and XE
67 |Arnaud Thimel|Various patches on MessageTool, Lucene plugin, etc.
68 |Arun Reddy|Patches on the core
69 |Bindul Bhowmik|Patches for DB2 support, scheduler plugin and other parts of the core
70 |Brandon Esbach|Great help on answering questions on the mailing list
71 |Brian Thomas|Great help on answering questions on the mailing list
72 |Christian Gmeiner|Various patches on the XMLRPC area.
73 |Cristian Vrabie|Initial implementation of the Asynchronous JS live grid (used in AllDocs, administration UIs, etc.)
74 |Cristina Scheau|Various patches for the core and XWord
75 |Denis Gotthans|Several Bugfixes
76 |Dilipkumar Jadhav|Contributions on the mailing list and documentation improvements on (on XML-RPC amongst others).
77 |Dusan Krizan|Fix mapping for oracle
78 |Evelina Vrabie|Overhaul of XE administration and rights management UIs
79 |Gilles Serasset|Patches on fixing internationalization issues + very active on the mailing list
80 |Gregory Gueneau|Provided input on the list on roadmaps/features
81 |Guillaume Lerouge|Very active and helpful on the mailing lists, contributed applications on
82 |Ioana Boureanu|Various patches (Improved Delete page, etc)
83 |Jackson Wang|Simplified Chinese translation.
84 |James Xu|[[Google Summer of Code 2011 on "Auto Completion in Content Editors">>]]
85 |Johannes Stoldt|Improvements to the XWiki Syntax page and to translations in general
86 |Luis Arias|Lots of various patches and wonderful work on documentation on (macros, etc).
87 |Marc Lijour|Great help on answering questions on the mailing list
88 |Marcela Mihai|Patches on the new GWT WYSIWYG
89 |Mariusz Olejnik|Polish translation
90 |Melv Ng|Documentation of several macros (Image, Attach, etc).
91 |Mihai Paun|(?)
92 |Mikhail Terekhov|Patch to support Oracle.
93 |Pablo Oliveira|Various patches and great help on the mailing list.
94 |Pascal Voitot|Active on the mailing list. POC development.
95 |Paul Iosif Guralivu|Wrote a few selenium tests. Completed/Updated some.
96 |Pavel Grushetzky|Russian translation.
97 |Ricardo Rodriguez|A lot of (good) activity on the mailing list; involving others in XWiki
98 |Shawn Lauzon|Great help on answering questions on the mailing list + very cool installation instructions for WebSphere/DB2 and more.
99 |Teofil Achirei|Patches for XWord
100 |Thomas Porcham|Updated German translation.
101 |Victor A. Rodriguez|Wrote XE 0.9 to 1.1.1 migration guide
102 |**Add more here**|
104 = Emeritus Committers =
106 Starting Feb 2022, we've started using an [["Emeritus Core Committer" team>>]] on the [[XWiki GitHub Organization>>]] to manage Emeritus Committers. Below, you'll find Emeritus committers from before.
108 These are people who were once committers on the XWiki project but who haven't been active for some years now. Thanks to them for their past work and let's hope they can find the time to join us again in the future. If you guys are interested to join again just let us know and we'll make it easy for you!
110 |=Id|=Name
111 |abusenius|Alex Busenius
112 |amelentev|Artem Melentev
113 |AndreasJonsson|Andreas Jonsson
114 |asiri|Asiri Rathnayake
115 |austriancoder|Christian Gmeiner
116 |cvrabie|Cristian Vrabie
117 |erwan|Erwan Arzur
118 |fmancinelli|Fabio Mancinelli
119 |hritcu|Catalin Hritcu
120 |jvdrean|Jean-Vincent Drean
121 |jvelo|Jerome Velociter
122 |jeremi|Jeremi Joslin
123 |jkraemer|Jens Krämer
124 |kaaloo|Luis Arias
125 |/marta-|Marta Girdea
126 |mholst|Michael Holst
127 |moghrabi|Xavier Moghrabi
128 |namphunghai|Phung Hai Nam
129 |rewbs|Robin Fernandes
130 |sgaide|Sébastien Gaïde
131 |slauriere|Stéphane Laurière
132 |thimel|Arnaud Thimel
133 |torcq|Cédric Torcq
134 |tepich|Jiri Luzny
135 |wr0ngway|Matthew Conway
136 |tharinduj|Tharindu Jayasuriya
138 Special Emeritus Mentions:
140 * Guillaume Fenollar and Daniel Patriche - Were managing the infrastructure for the web sites (JIRA, Jenkins, Maven, wikis, etc)
141 * Sorin Burjan and Manuel Smeria - Were doing manual testing QA + documentation of
142 * Guillaume Lerouge (glerouge) - Was our [[OSS Product Marketing guy>>]] for a while
143 * Laurent Lunati - Was working on design, usability
144 * Raffaello Pelagalli and Alex Stancu - were part of the infrastructure team

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