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This page lists various metrics related to the development of the XWiki project.

You can also browse the old Project Health page.

Metric Sites

There are several sites on the web analyzing the XWiki project and providing metrics:

Active Installs

See dedicated page for Active Installs.


Downloads for the WAR + HSQLDB packagings:

XWiki Downloads (WAR+HSQLDB)



  • At one point we had more distributions (workspaces, xeclipse, xoffice, xwatch, etc) and this could have lead to more downloads
  • Since XWiki 3.3 we now have a Debian distribution (.DEB), installable through APT and we don't count those downloads in the figures above. They could account for an important part, we would need to retrieve their stats.
  • Since XWiki 8.4 we now have Docker images too.
  • These download figures need to be correlated with the Active Installs.
  • These downloads do not count XWiki Extensions.
  • The majority of XARs are downloaded from the Extension Manager and are not counted in these stats.
  • In 2018 we stopped publishing our binaries on OW2 and thus we don't have the download figures since then. In addition, since we have several distribution channels (APT, Docker,, etc), it's impossible to track the download numbers. Thus we're now relying solely on Active Installs figures which provides a better tracking metric.

Corrected Graph:

We're using the Active Install Distribution proportions to correct the download figure above. 

Note that the Distribution data are only retrieved for XWiki 8.4.4+ so the corrections make sense only from 2017+ and they only been applied from 2017 forward.

XWiki Downloads (Total)


  • Based on the corrected graph, we're actually increasing the number of downloads of XWiki overall!

Mailing Lists Activity



  • Either less users since July 2010 or the product is easier to use
  • Either less devs since July 2010 or they're asking less questions (more proficient?)

Commit Activity

Commits for Platform, Enterprise, Manager, Commons, Rendering, XOffice, XEclipse, XWatch, XWorkspaces:


Commits for Contrib:



  • SVNSearch and Git/GitHub
  • To compute all commits between 2 dates in Git: git rev-list HEAD --count --since="2011-06-30" --until="2012-06-30"


  • See also the Commit Activity on Ohloh which also shows a small commit slowdown since 2011 (i.e. since we moved to Git)
  • Starting in 2011 we moved to Git (we were using SVN before) and this could have caused some difference in # of commits. For example sandbox and contrib code was moved in different Git repositories. In addition it's possible that using Git generates less commits because with SVN merges were a pain and thus devs were committing very frequently to not have to perform merges... emoticon_wink
  • Some projects have been deprecated and moved to contrib such as XEclipse, XWatch, XOffice, Workspaces, XEM, etc and this has probably resulted in reduced commits
  • We had 7605 commits in 2011 means about 20 commits/day. This is to be compared to other well known projects in 2011:
    ProjectCommits per yearCommits per day


    1000+ devs
    100+ commits/day
    Linux, KDE, Apache, Eclipse, Perl+CPAN, Drupal, Gnome
    20-200 devs
    50-100 commits/day
    MySQL, Qt, OpenOffice, Mono, JBoss
    MediumGIMP, SVN, wordpress
  • Comparison between XWiki, Foswiki and MediaWiki on Ohloh

Source Contributors




  • For the full list of committers and their stats see also the Hall of Fame.
  • Seems the number of contributors has been steadily increasing till mid 2011 and from then on it's pretty stable between 8 to 15 different contributors each month.
  • Thomas Mortagne is increasing his lead and is moving towards a 30% commit share for all times (27% ATM and 30% for 2015)
  • Sergiu has reduced his participation, that's too bad! Come back Sergiu emoticon_smile
  • Jean-Vincent has left the project and is no longer active unfortunately
  • Vincent is reducing slightly from 20% all time to 17% for 2015
  • Marius is stable at 9%
  • Guillaume is increasing: from 2% all time to 15% for 2015
  • Eduard is also increasing: from 2% all time to 10% for 2015
  • Pretty stable in # of core committers (but this doesn't take into account the activity on contrib! We need to find a way to analyze this).

Issues Activity

Closed Issues per year


  • XWiki's JIRA
  • JQL example for 2012-06-30: resolution = Fixed AND resolved >= 2011-06-30 AND resolved <= 2012-06-30 AND type = Bug


  • Activity has been stable for the past few years. This needs to be correlated with the size of the team which has also remained stable during the same period.
  • In the 5.x cycle (From December 2012 to December 2013) we've increased a lot the number of bugs fixed thanks to our BFD strategy (one per week during this period). In the 6.x cycle (Jan 2014 to Dec 2014) we've reduced this by doing other types of XWiki Days but still doing BFDs to keep bugs at bay.

Bugs Killing

Number of bugs closed vs bugs created over the past 1600 days:

July 2015:




  • BFD is working great so far, we're keeping up!

l10n Activity

l10n modified translation keys

l10n Contributors



  • User "114 Hareketi" has 21K in from 2013-06-30 to 2014-06-30 but seems he saved 6 times several keys he modified... We would need to have unique modifications per key per user.


XWiki Enterprise/Standard Releases per year



  • At some points we were releasing other projects in addition to XWiki Enterprise (XWiki Office, XWiki Enterprise Manager, XWiki Watch and XWiki Eclipse).
  • Pretty stable release cycle which means we're globally following strictly our release plans at a rate of about 30 releases per year, that's 1 release every 12 days, or 2.5 releases per month. Our release strategy is to release a minor version every 2 to 2.5 months in average. However we do release milestones, RCs and bugfix releases too.

Security Issues

Created/Closed security issues per year


  • JIRA query examples:
    • Created: created >= "2018-06-30" and created < "2019-06-30" and labels = security
    • Closed: resolved >= "2018-06-30" and resolved < "2019-06-30" and labels = security and status = Closed


  • You need to correlate created vs closed security issues as otherwise it doesn't mean much.
  • Note that there are various criticity levels in security issues and some are of minor importance while others can be important.

Contrib Repository Creation

Contrib Repositories Created per year



  • Sustained activity over years (even though declining slightly)
  • As of now, there's a total of 195 repositories. We would need to check how many are active or dead.

Contributed Extensions

Number of extensions contributed on, excluding those done by the XWiki Dev Team.

Contributed Extensions per year



  • Eerily stable from 2012-2014: 81 new extensions per year is close to 7 new extensions every month, or 1 new extension every 4 to 5 days.

External Analysis


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