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1 There are a lot of [[Servlet Containers>>]] out there and supporting all of them in all versions is just too hard to be done in a quality manner.
3 By "supporting" we mean:
5 * Issues created for these Servlet Containers in JIRA are not closed as won't fix and we make a best effort to fix them.
6 * We include these Servlet Containers in our tests (be them automated or manual).
7 * When we create new features or modify existing features we make a best effort to verify that they work on the supported list of Servlet Containers.
8 * The complete and precise list of supported Servlet Containers in a given XWiki release is indicated in the Release Notes for that release (starting with XWiki 10.7).
10 = Supported Servlet Containers =
12 |=(% style="width: 216px;" %)Servlet Container|=Versions|=(% style="width: 954px;" %)Reason for supporting it|=Installation Instructions
13 |(% style="width:216px" %)(((
14 (% style="text-align:center" %)
15 [[image:tomcat-icon.png||height="64" width="64"]]
16 Tomcat
17 )))|[[Latest of ##oldstable## Debian repository for Tomcat8>>]], [[latest of ##oldstable##, ##stable## and ##unstable## Debian repositories for Tomcat9>>]].|(% style="width:954px" %)Biggest market share of Servlet Containers and [[most used by XWiki users>>doc:xwiki:ActiveInstalls.ServletContainers]]|[[Instructions>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.AdminGuide.Installation.InstallationWAR.InstallationTomcat.WebHome]]
18 |(% style="width:216px" %)(((
19 (% style="text-align:center" %)
20 [[image:jetty-icon.png||height="64" width="64"]]
21 Jetty
22 (XWiki Standalone packaging)
23 )))|Latest of 9.x.|(% style="width:954px" %)Provided as a packaging in the XWiki Standalone distribution|[[Instructions>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.AdminGuide.Installation.InstallationStandalone.WebHome]]
24 |(% style="width:216px" %)(((
25 (% style="text-align:center" %)
26 [[image:jetty-icon.png||height="64" width="64"]]
27 Jetty
28 (Official packaging)
29 )))|[[Latest of ##oldstable##, ##stable## and ##unstable## Debian repositories for Jetty9>>]].|(% style="width:954px" %)Second [[most used Container by XWiki users>>doc:xwiki:ActiveInstalls.ServletContainers]]|[[Instructions>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.AdminGuide.Installation.InstallationWAR.InstallationJetty.WebHome]]
31 = Servlet Containers that are not supported =
33 The following list of Servlet Containers are not officially supported, even though we have installation instructions for them, contributed by the community. XWiki may work with them, completely or partly. We don't constantly test against them, we don't ensure that new features work on them. However whenever someone raises an issue on [[JIRA>>]] about them and it's easy to fix (or if someone provides a patch) then we fix it.
35 |=(% style="width: 216px;" %)Servlet Container|=(% style="width: 1265px;" %)Installation Instructions
36 |(% style="width:216px" %)(((
37 (% style="text-align:center" %)
38 [[image:wildfly-icon.png||height="64" width="64"]]
39 [[WildFly>>]]
40 )))|(% style="width:1265px" %)[[Instructions>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.AdminGuide.Installation.InstallationWAR.InstallationJBoss.WebHome]]
41 |(% style="width:216px" %)(((
42 (% style="text-align:center" %)
43 [[image:glassfish-icon.png||height="64" width="64"]]
44 [[Glassfish>>]]
45 )))|(% style="width:1265px" %)[[Instructions>>doc:xwiki:Documentation.AdminGuide.Installation.InstallationWAR.InstallationGlassFish.WebHome]]
47 For a larger list, see the Wikipedia page on [[web container>>]].

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