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It's a draft for a new Documentation page for XWiki. This page should contain all relevant links, something like a Table of Content. This draft should be completed until end of 2009.

A discussion would be appreciated: 
1) Every feature in the Features List  should contain only a short description what the feature is and not how to use it (see for example Page Editing). At the end there must be just a link to the related documentation.
2) All documentation pages should be placed in the same wiki, currently it's not the case.
3) The current FAQ page is not really the FAQ most users get used to use, therefore I haven't included this page here. Probably all useful tips can be moved to Cookbook (HowTo) pages. And for user questions the mailing list should be used instead (or a users forum in the future...).

Have you seen the Features list already? Then depending on what you want to do, choose the guides below. If you want to improve the documentation see how you can do that in the Documentation Guide.

Basic Usage

XWiki is first and foremost a standard wiki. You might want to read up on the definition of a wiki. This section of the documentation will show you how to use all the basic features of XWiki. At the same time as you follow the guides below we recommend that you try out what you learn on the Playground. This is a XWiki instance that we've set up for you so that you can easily discover the joys of using a wiki.

Understanding XWiki

Advanced Usage

That is what the second generation wiki means emoticon_smile


Further information

You shouldn't write your questions as comments to the documentation pages, because in this way these will remain unanswered!

 Therefore I would suggest to disable the comment feature for final/public documentation. But for drafts it can be really useful.

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