This is draft page and currently doesn't represent the POV of the XWiki community. It's a work in progress with the goal of possibly producing a comparison page as we have for Confluence and MediaWiki

Source of Data


  • Vincent - Less polished UI than XWiki OOB
  • Vincent - The TikiWiki configuration seems very complex
  • Vincent - The TikiWiiki configuration seems very powerful. Lots of use cases taken into account OOB. Feels like more options than XWiki OOB (we could achieve most of them with some bits of scripting possibly)?
  • Vincent - Less script-oriented than XWiki in wiki pages (everything is done using existing configs). You can change stuff but AFAIR you need PHP programming knowledge when you need that.
  • Vincent - TikiWiki bundles everything vs Extensions for XWiki. How does their community can contribute new features? Do they need to be committers? How they decide to bundle or not bundle something? If not bundled, can it still be added to a TikiWiki instance?

Open Questions

  • How does structured data work in TikiWiki vs XWiki
    • Answer: Using trackers
    • Are tracker definitions stored in wiki pages and benefit from the wiki paradigm (history, rollback, permissions, etc)?
Created by Vincent Massol on 2019/02/08 22:39

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