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The project refers to the ability of having Live Notifications integrated inside XWiki.

The notification system will be generic and able to address use cases such as:

  • When editing a page inside XWiki and a new editor opens the page, notify the current editor about the other collaborators;
  • Notify the user that the page he is viewing has been updated;
  • Integration with the current Activity Stream (display live notifications of new/deleted comments, new/deleted pages, etc.);
  • Integration with the current Watchlist (receive a notification when a favorite page has been modified);
  • A private message has been received (an advanced mode would be a real-time chat);
  • Applications events:
    a new event has been added in your calendar;
    • you have been invited to a workspace;
    • added/removed to a group;
    • etc.

The notification system will have both a server-side (Java) component and a client-side (JavaScript) component. It will be implemented as a generic system available to all applications that would like to send live notifications to an user or a group of users. 

Developer profile

Good knowledge of both Java, for writing the component, and Web Technologies (JavaScript plus HTML and CSS), for implementing the user interface. Passion for UI/UX design is a big plus.

Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/03/12 17:10

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