Project name
Skin and template support for XOffice
Estimated workload
3 month

XOffice is a project which allows users to browse,create, attach and edit wiki documents inside Microsoft Office. XWord is an Word extension that allows users to do powerfull WYSIWYG editing, and collaborate over advanced rich content. Currently XOffice does not have an effective mechanism for handling styles in a consistent manner with the XWiki Server. Additionally, the Wiki syntax of a Word edited page is usually messy because of style data. Proposed features/bahavior for this new module:

  • Gather skin data and save it locally in CSS files usable by XWord
  • Inline, WordML and exernal styles generated by Word should be integrated in XWiki using style extension objects.
  • WYSIWYG editing should toggle skin styles, so that the editing would be skin dependent or independent.
  • Create templates from style data. These templates will be used for editing under style constraints and ensure consistency over the wiki.
  • Lock & Unlock skin regions,like headers and footers, and allow modifications using Content Controls. The new data should be stored in new skin objects or style extensions on the server and templates locally. Modifications can be done at wiki, space or page level.


Developer profile


  • .NET framework experience
  • java knowledge
  • web development knowledge(html, css, javascript)
  • fast learner

Nice to have:

  • VSTO experience
  • Other office extensions experience(VBA, COM add-ins)
  • Experience with the XWiki data model and API
  • Experience with REST and XML-RPC services.

Successfully terminated

Created by fciubotaru on 2009/03/24 00:42

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