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vmassol1 - (14:00): since we have 38 failing tests in XE FTM for 2.2 and since there's still a lot of tests to be done on XEM to ensure it's working fine, we don't have any choice other than postponing the final XE 2.2 release.
vmassol1 - (14:01): I'd like to suggest 2 things:
vmassol1 - (14:01): 1) everyone not working on something related to 2.2 please stop and help on stabilizing XE 2.2
sdumitriu - (14:01): Right, I still have to look at the deprecated stuff
vmassol1 - (14:01): depprecated has nothing to do with 2.2
vmassol1 - (14:01): 2) we postpone the release till Wednesday afternoon (for now)
vmassol1 - (14:02): (on trunk we have 200+ tests failings sergiu because of deprecated stuff)
vmassol1 - (14:02): (but it's less urgent than 2.2)
sdumitriu - (14:02): Right
tmortagne - (14:10): +1 for 1) and 2)
jvdrean - (14:18): +1 for 1) and 2)
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lucaa - (15:12): hi all
jvdrean - (15:13): hi
lucaa - (15:13): would we update the with 2.2RC1 in the near future? vmassol1 I saw you said you commited a fix for the refs issue this morning
vmassol1 - (15:13): lucaa: yes but there are more problems
lucaa - (15:13): ah cool :)
vmassol1 - (15:14): tmortagne is currently looking at 2 more
lucaa - (15:14): I wanted to upload the new anno demo, and it won't work on 2.2RC1
vmassol1 - (15:14): - profile link is invalid when logged user is from main wiki
vmassol1 - (15:15): - import issue in virtual mode when import history from xar
vmassol1 - (15:15): lucaa: all issues I know of are related to XEM
vmassol1 - (15:15): I don't know any related to XE right now
vmassol1 - (15:16): or said differently the issues I know are for XE + virtual=1
lucaa - (15:16): it's ok, it's ok, I just wanted to estimate how long would myxwiki stay on 2.1 if there's a point in updating the demo knowing that on upgrade it will fail
vmassol1 - (15:17): "it won't work on 2.2RC1"
vmassol1 - (15:17): then it probably doesn't work in 2.2 branch either
lucaa - (15:17): no, they don't
lucaa - (15:17): but we had this conversation a few days ago...
vmassol1 - (15:17): oh
vmassol1 - (15:17): but that's normal
vmassol1 - (15:18): I thought you were saying there was a bug
lucaa - (15:18): no, no, I didn't say bug :)
vmassol1 - (15:18): ok got it now
vmassol1 - (15:19): so re the upgrade I'd say tomorrow
lucaa - (15:25): restarting
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bblfish - (15:49): hello
glerouge - (15:49): hi bblfish
bblfish - (15:52): hi
bblfish - (15:52):  I am going to try now to change xwiki so that it can generate certificates
glerouge - (15:52): ok
bblfish - (15:52): I suppose one thing I would need is some place to store the public key with the user
bblfish - (15:52): so that that can also be published
vmassol1 - (15:52): bblfish: in the user profile's object
vmassol1 - (15:52): you can add fields
vmassol1 - (15:53): directly in the wiki
vmassol1 - (15:53): edit the XWiki.XWikiUsers page, using edit class
vmassol1 - (15:53): add a new field
bblfish - (15:53): does that then get stored in the DB?
vmassol1 - (15:53): yes
vmassol1 - (15:53): then go on an existing user profile page and select edit objects, you'll see the new field and you can set the value there
vmassol1 - (15:54): (you can set value/get it from velocity script of course)
bblfish - (15:55): I have a war to help create keys across browsers now
bblfish - (15:55): the user should be able to only to
bblfish - (15:55): 1. add new public keys
bblfish - (15:55): 2. delete public keys
vmassol1 - (15:56): it's easy to create a ui for that directly in wiki pages
bblfish - (15:56): but not edit the keys of course :-)
vmassol1 - (15:57): you wouldn't you be able to edit your own public key?
bblfish - (15:57): no, most people have no idea what to do with that
vmassol1 - (15:57): sure
vmassol1 - (15:57): it would be an advanced feature
vmassol1 - (15:57): not exposed through the UI
bblfish - (15:57): yes
bblfish - (15:57): so you have a database that dynamically adds info to the DB?
lucaa - (15:57): quick question: how would I get the full reference of a document in 2.1.1 from velocity, as a string? (when doc.fullName only returns the name without the wiki part)
bblfish - (15:58): sorry, you have a framework that dynamically knows to add info to the DB
vmassol1 - (15:58): yes
bblfish - (15:58): are those just key valur props
vmassol1 - (15:58): you can get more info here if you want to see a quick tutorial
vmassol1 - (15:58):
lucaa - (15:58): found it
vmassol1 - (15:59): yes they are key/values but you can define types of values too
vmassol1 - (15:59): (string, text area, password, list, number, etc)
vmassol1 - (15:59): + a lot more
bblfish - (15:59): in the case of an RSA key: we have a modulus and an exponent (and later it would be nice to have creation and expiry dates of the relation to a user)
bblfish - (16:01): This is one of my current keys:
bblfish - (16:01):    [ a rsa:RSAPublicKey;
bblfish - (16:01):      cert:identity <>
bblfish - (16:01):                  rsa:public_exponent "65537"^cert:decimal ;
bblfish - (16:01):                  rsa:modulus """
bblfish - (16:01):                  ba111346f7555ac5ad4378c73ce 0f921fc4f4dd69dcea003
bblfish - (16:01):                  0b6d294e6f8b133ce29812e1cbfd8bcceb43c7d87a6083a9f
bblfish - (16:01):                  1fdb67a267fe32ac7ff4643b7988d1f63bee924643fb33c5e
bblfish - (16:01):                  16859b9b606b0242bc69e91069c6e93f4c4a2cc3fb12887b7
bblfish - (16:01):                  190c675fcef24f10a05669f0e750d7fc9922e958b79d8f3e1
bblfish - (16:01):                  30821123259f"""^cert:hex ;
bblfish - (16:01):                  ],
vmassol1 - (16:02): we can model this using a RSAKey class
vmassol1 - (16:02): with 4 fields
vmassol1 - (16:02): cert identity field, public exponent field, modulus field, data field
vmassol1 - (16:03): then add this RASKey class as an object into user profiles
bblfish - (16:03): ok. makes sense. That's how I would have done it.
vmassol1 - (16:03): you need to understand the xwiki concept of Class and Objects first
bblfish - (16:03): Good I'll read up on that
vmassol1 - (16:03): this could help:
vmassol1 - (16:03): (in addition to the faq tutorial I pointed you to)
vmassol1 - (16:04): you can find several other pieces of info on
bblfish - (16:05): cool. Xwiki: the wiki as an OS
vmassol1 - (16:05): yep :)
bblfish - (16:05): you guys are just trying to to replace emacs, right?
vmassol1 - (16:05): isn't that a law of computing? :)
vmassol1 - (16:05): (I know the one about all software doing emails but that must be another one)
bblfish - (16:06): well I think xwiki can send email, so you have that one sorted...
vmassol1 - (16:06): right ;)
glerouge - (16:06): :)
lucaa - (16:15): new annotations prototype is up, as you might have guessed:
lucaa - (16:15): enjoy, feedback is so welcome
vmassol1 - (16:17): lucaa: I don't see the comment of existing annotations when I hover over the postit icon
lucaa - (16:18): that's not working either, lemme put it in the known issues
vmassol1 - (16:19): it's strange not to see an annotation you're adding
lucaa - (16:19): and also for the moment, try to keep the selection as simple as possible (shouldn't overlap other elements like annotation and formats). It's a client-side issue, temporary
vmassol1 - (16:19): (when you don't have the checkbox checked)
vmassol1 - (16:20): also you don't see different colors and who's written an annotation
lucaa - (16:20): vmassol1: you see the author if you look in the annotations tab at the bottom
lucaa - (16:21): otherwise all the rest is planned to happen (colors & bubble with extrainfo for the annotations)
vmassol1 - (16:21): ok
vmassol1 - (16:21): didn't notice the tab at the bottom
lucaa - (16:22): mmh...
lucaa - (16:22): it's not visible enough?
lucaa - (16:22): do you think it should be specially highlighted or just users instructed to use it?
vmassol1 - (16:22): here's what I did:
vmassol1 - (16:23): try selecting words
vmassol1 - (16:23): nothing happened
vmassol1 - (16:23): then I looked around
vmassol1 - (16:23): and finally saw that Annotations menu
vmassol1 - (16:23): and I thought that was the full annotation feature
vmassol1 - (16:23): so I didn't look further
vmassol1 - (16:24): but now I know and it looks ok as a tab at the bottom
lucaa - (16:24): ok. Was it hard to discover the menu near the watchlist when nothing happened on select?
lucaa - (16:24): do you htink we should make something special on select?
vmassol1 - (16:24): cool feature: hit ctrl+M continuously for several seconds
vmassol1 - (16:24): :)
lucaa - (16:25): I don't want to
lucaa - (16:25): aaaah
vmassol1 - (16:25): it looks ok, it was me not knowing how to use it I think.
lucaa - (16:26): yes, but for discoverability purposes...
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vmassol1 - (16:32): lucaa: we're getting close though, it's quite nice
lucaa - (16:34): I just had a discussion with glerouge and jvdrean about how discoverable / push should the annotations be, and it seems that the vote goes for option behind door number 3/ in the mail, iirc, the one with having a little button next to every text you select, that you can click and add an annotation
lucaa - (16:34): it would be great if you could log your opinions in the mail thread about the UI, vmassol1
vmassol1 is now known as vmassol ([email protected]
vmassol - (16:37): I need to go back to my slides for now…. maybe later
lucaa - (16:37): sure
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NoobFukaire1 - (16:40): with the xml-rpc confluence api support, do you have to enable that or is it always on?
glerouge - (16:42): NoobFukaire1: it's always on
NoobFukaire1 - (16:43): ok thanks
NoobFukaire1 - (16:43): I had our wiki install to the root of the domain
NoobFukaire1 - (16:43): i.e. and not
NoobFukaire1 - (16:44): so some of the example rpc urls needed to be modified to reflect that :)
NoobFukaire1 - (16:44): thanks again
tmortagne - (17:12): who could take care of the bug in group edit UI ?
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bblfish - (17:40): from what I see of the TODO application, when one creates a class one has to tie it to a visualisation
bblfish - (17:42): ie: it seems the fields are set in the template
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glerouge - (17:42): the displayed fields are set in the template
glerouge - (17:43): you can modify it afterwards
glerouge - (17:43): in the default version they're generated automatically
glerouge - (17:43): but afterwards you can do : $doc.display('propertyA')
bblfish - (17:44): but I am wondering if I really need a template at all in this case...
bblfish - (17:44): I suppose it's better to start like that... then one can simplify
glerouge - (17:45): you can avoid having a template
glerouge - (17:45): but then your information will only be avilable in the RSAKey object
glerouge - (17:45): without an user interface
glerouge - (17:45): apart from the object editor
anamarias - (17:46): hi
anamarias - (17:46): I'm trying to build a component, and I'm getting this weird error:
anamarias - (17:47): my pom is:
vmassol - (17:50): bblfish: the template is only there to be able to create a new page easily
bblfish - (17:50): ah ok. I was thinking field declarations would be made in the class page
vmassol - (17:51): it allows creating a new page using a template doc (ie it copies the template doc in the new doc)
vmassol - (17:51): field definition is in the class page
vmassol - (17:51): field values are in the object page
vmassol - (17:51): object page = page containing the object
bblfish - (17:51): ah ok, so building a template is just an easy way to get the fields defs added to the class
vmassol - (17:51): no
vmassol - (17:52): a template is simply a normal page in which an object has been added
vmassol - (17:52): and which includes a sheet to have a default display of the fields from the attached object
vmassol - (17:52): the sheet page is the page that does both
vmassol - (17:52): the display mode and the edit mode
vmassol - (17:53): s/no/yes/
vmassol - (17:53): :)
vmassol - (17:53): (I misunderstood you It hink)
bblfish - (17:54): ok. I am finding my way around here.
vmassol - (17:54): for some reason we've not been able to clearly explain these concepts
vmassol - (17:55): it takes 1-2 days for people to understand them generally
vmassol - (17:55): - class= field definition
vmassol - (17:55): - object = an instance of class
bblfish - (17:55): yes, those are basic concepts I understand
bblfish - (17:55): but on the class page I don't see anything like
vmassol - (17:55): - sheet = generic code to display/edit some UI, taking data from attached object
lucaa1 - (17:56): anamarias: what are you trying to do?
bblfish - (17:56): val age : int
vmassol - (17:56): - template = page that can be copied, for easy creation of new pages
lucaa1 - (17:56): it seems you're depending on the wysiwyg code, so you're trying to build something that uses that?
vmassol - (17:56): you need to edit the class page with the class editor
bblfish - (17:56): ah ok. So that's what I have not done yet.
vmassol - (17:56): when you hover over the edit menu
vmassol - (17:56): you'll see several actions
vmassol - (17:57): one of them is "Class"
vmassol - (17:58): (you need to be in advanced mode to see them: see
anamarias - (17:58): lucaa1: I want to use MacroService#getMacroDescriptors(String)  in
anamarias - (17:58): so, I set this as a dependency:
anamarias - (17:58): xwiki-web-gwt-wysiwyg-client
lucaa1 - (17:59): where do you need that function? in a java class or in some gwt code?
anamarias - (17:59): in a java class
anamarias - (17:59): component
vmassol - (18:00): jvdrean: don't forget to update for the 2.2 release. For ex:
vmassol - (18:00): (+ all pages talking about user profile)
anamarias - (18:00): it's the method that displays all the macros (java and wiki) - the ones displayed in wysiwyg insert dialog
lucaa1 - (18:01): anamarias: it doesn't really surprise me it doesn't work
bblfish - (18:01): got it
lucaa1 - (18:01): now
lucaa1 - (18:01): 1/ that code is built for GWT, it extends the GWT RemoteService, etc
anamarias - (18:02): mariusF said it would
anamarias - (18:02): i know
lucaa1 - (18:02): well, then 2/ you're missing a dep
lucaa1 - (18:02): for the Remoreservicerelative path thing
lucaa1 - (18:03): 3/ why are you doing that like that? imo you shouldn't depend on all that just to get the descriptors, they are in no way depending of GWT so why would you pull GWT deps to get them?
lucaa1 - (18:03): it should be some other component / implementation to give them to you, which would also be used by the macro service
bblfish - (18:03): is string the right thing for a modulus?
lucaa1 - (18:04): if it's something which is needed in more than one place
bblfish - (18:04): I mean is string the right type for a modulus? One has to specify the langth I see (or is that optional?
anamarias - (18:04): I could use directly the one in rendering module, but i understood it lacks some things this method in here doesn't
lucaa1 - (18:06): well, if there's one in the rendering module that does the same and you need it in some java code, then that's the one you should use, imho, and potentially fix the one in the rendering to cover the missing things...
lucaa1 - (18:07): ah, right, it makes sense now
lucaa1 - (18:07): anamarias:
lucaa1 - (18:08): actually wait
glerouge - (18:08): bblfish: yes, string should work just fine
lucaa1 - (18:11): anamarias: can you do a
lucaa1 - (18:11): mvn help:effective-pom > effective-pom.xml
lucaa1 - (18:11): in your command line and paste the effective-pom.xml result someplace?
anamarias - (18:13): lucaa1: here
lucaa1 - (18:15): try to put this in your pom:
lucaa1 - (18:15):     <dependency>       <groupId></groupId>       <artifactId>gwt-user</artifactId>       <version>${gwt.version}</version>       <scope>provided</scope>     </dependency>
lucaa1 - (18:16): with ${gwt.version} 1.7.0
lucaa1 - (18:16): acytually since your wysiwyg is a 2.3-SNAP, it should be gwt 2.0
lucaa1 - (18:16): but
lucaa1 - (18:16): I noticed you use 2.1.1 core deps and 2.3 snapshot wysiwyg dep, why is that/
lucaa1 - (18:16): ?
anamarias - (18:17): wysiwyg dep is not in 2.1.1
anamarias - (18:18): releases
anamarias - (18:18): I fount it only in snapshots
anamarias - (18:18): 2.3 snaphot is more recent than 2.1.1 ? isn't it?
lucaa1 - (18:18): yes it is
lucaa1 - (18:19): but wdym it's not in releases?
lucaa1 - (18:19): for 2.1.1?
anamarias - (18:20): it's only here
anamarias - (18:20): but not here :
sdumitriu - (18:21): It's in com.xpn.xwiki
anamarias - (18:23): sdumitriu: xwiki-web-gwt-wysiwyg-client is not as a single module (
anamarias - (18:23): should I use a different version than 2.1.1 for core deps?
lucaa1 - (18:24): however, I would recommend you use the same version: wysiwyg is part of the platform, which has the same version when you'll install your component.
lucaa1 - (18:24): for example now, if you develop with 2.3 wysiwyg and 2.1.1 platform, your code depending on wysiwyg would compile against the 2.3 version (e.g. gwt 2.0) and your code depending on the other core deps will compile against their 2.1.1 version. When you'll install on 2.3, you'll run with a 2.3 core, when you developed with a 2.1.1, and the other way around
lucaa1 - (18:24): so chances are it wouldn't really work, depending on what you're using...
anamarias - (18:25): I don't need to use 2.1.1
anamarias - (18:25): should I use 2.3-snapshot for core too ?
anamarias - (18:25): or does it have to be a released version?
lucaa1 - (18:26): what are you developing for?
lucaa1 - (18:26): what are you planning to do with this code?
lucaa1 - (18:26): what code it is?
lucaa1 - (18:26): actually
lucaa1 - (18:26): depends on what you want it installed, in the end
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anamarias - (18:27): a component for xwiki/google gadgets
lucaa1 - (18:27): well, it depends on what do you want it working
lucaa1 - (18:27): and _really_ it should not depend on gwt
lucaa1 - (18:27): (btw, is it working now?)
anamarias - (18:28): yup, it did build
anamarias - (18:28): i'll set the core to 2.3-snapshot for now and move it later
anamarias - (18:28): if it needs to
lucaa1 - (18:29): well if you put it to 2.3-SNAPSHOT, it can happen that it won't work with lower versions, depending on the API you use
lucaa1 - (18:29): if you use new API introduced in 2.3, then you won't be able to run it on 2.2
lucaa1 - (18:29): for example
lucaa1 - (18:30): generally we preserve APIs, so if you depend on 2.2 and use _only public API_ in 2.2 (no internal packages should appear in your imports), then it would work in 2.3 too
lucaa1 - (18:31): so now you need to make a choice about where do you want it to work
anamarias - (18:31): i have no idea, where should i want it to work :) ?
lucaa1 - (18:32): the general rule is: as many versions as better
anamarias - (18:32): if you ask me, i'd say current and next release, but i'm just guessing
sdumitriu - (18:33): tmortagne: Why did you delete ?
lucaa1 - (18:34): so if you can make it work from, say, 2.0 up to current version (meaning that you don't need specific API added in the newer versions), then it should be like that
tmortagne - (18:34): sdumitriu: it was a duplicate
tmortagne - (18:34): of
sdumitriu - (18:35): K
bblfish - (18:44): vmassol: I think what I need to do is really easy if someone knows their way around this. Probably 15 minutes at most. Perhaps it's best if I come around tomorrow. It's going to take me more time than that to work my way around this than is needed otherwise.
vmassol - (18:45): sure, on my side I won't be available tomorrow
vmassol - (18:45): (travelling to paris)
bblfish - (18:46): Oh, I thought you all are in Paris
bblfish - (18:48): we have most of the pieces. I have a war with page that contains a form and some javascript that can force any browser to create certificates, this needs to be captured by a servelet (in a war) that knows how to capture the public key sent by the browser, and send the resulting certificate back to the browser. The code is all there, so is the html, and the dummy server certificate too in fact.
glerouge - (18:48): bblfish: where are you located ?
vmassol - (18:48): fontainebleau right?
bblfish - (18:48): fontainebleau
bblfish - (18:48): yes
bblfish - (18:49): but I need to go to Paris anyway, to buy some clothes
bblfish - (18:50): ( no books. I should buy no books! cross fingers)
vmassol - (18:50): books are bought online anyway!
bblfish - (18:51): yes, but I know how to resist the temptation there
vmassol - (18:51): good for you, haven't found the trick...
bblfish - (18:54): if there is a day that would be best to come to Paris let me know.
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bblfish - (18:57): well I should have something functioning anyway soon
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vmassol - (18:58): bblfish: at the XWiki SAS paris office, there are always 2-4 xwiki developers AFAIK. I seldom go there though. Just make sure you tell us 1-2 days in advance and we'll be sure there'll be people who can help you
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bblfish - (19:03): I checked the Xwiki office on your page, but that brought be to en editor.
bblfish - (19:03): (not only replacing emacs, but word too!)
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oxi - (19:06): I feel like standing in front of a kiosk :-(
oxi - (19:06): why does XWiki come in 5 flavors?
vmassol - (19:07): oxi: if you don't like choice, use microsoft software!
vmassol - (19:07): :)
oxi - (19:07): How can I find out which one fits my needs? (If there's not yet a book available about XWiki)
vmassol - (19:07): oxi: more seriously choose XE
oxi - (19:07): hehe, I was thinking the same, Microsoft also likes to give huge choices :-)
bblfish - (19:08): where is SAS?
oxi - (19:08): can I migrate between those 5 flavors?
oxi - (19:08): <- easily
vmassol - (19:08): bblfish:
vmassol - (19:08): oxi: there are only 2 flavors really: XE and XEM
vmassol - (19:08): and XEM is simply an addon to XE
oxi - (19:09): very nice
vmassol - (19:09): workspace is deprecated now
vmassol - (19:09): and watch is also an add on
oxi - (19:09): so with XEM I get everything, right?
vmassol - (19:09): yes but iI'd suggest XE first
vmassol - (19:09): then when you need multi wiki you can transform your XE into a XEM
oxi - (19:09): good, I'll start with that, thanks a lot Vincent
oxi - (19:10): XE = XWiki Enterprise I guess
vmassol - (19:12): yes
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oxi - (19:12): Does it contain the "Watch"
oxi - (19:12): I guess yes, as you said it contains everything
vmassol - (19:12): no, you can import it after
oxi - (19:12): however, I want to make sure
oxi - (19:12): ok
vmassol - (19:13): it's not in the default distribution
vmassol - (19:13): got to go
vmassol - (19:13): enjoy
oxi - (19:13): thanks
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bblfish - (20:03): hmm, I was just looking at the XWikiUsers' class. I would need to add a field from it to a list of RSAPublicKeys, which is a class I defined earlier
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bblfish - (20:06): I can see a property type Database List
bblfish - (20:06): and static list, though I guess that it won't be a static list
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bblfish - (21:25): hi vmassol, are you still working?
vmassol - (21:28): working on my slides for tomorrow's event at the paris jug...
bblfish - (21:28): oh, jug?
vmassol - (21:29):
bblfish - (21:29): yes, just saw it
bblfish - (21:29): they also use xwiki!
vmassol - (21:29): yep
vmassol - (21:30): we have offered to host JUGs at no cost on a xwiki SAS farm
bblfish - (21:30): cool.
bblfish - (21:31): a bit like OSSGTP
vmassol - (21:31): yes it was a spinoff of OSSGTP
vmassol - (21:32): but meant for the general public
bblfish - (21:32): can I just ask a simple question?
vmassol - (21:33): you can always ask, there are others here too who can answer maybe, let's see the question!
bblfish - (21:33): I was just looking at the XWikiUsers' class. I would need to add a field from it to a list of RSAPublicKeys, which is a class I defined earlier. I can see a property type Database List and static list, though I guess that it won't be a static list
vmassol - (21:35): bblfish: I don't think it's the right approach
vmassol - (21:36): you could instead add a second RSAKeyClass object
vmassol - (21:36): a sibling of XWikiUsers if you prefer
vmassol - (21:36): that makes it easier to package your code as a separate extension (XAR) that can be imported into an existing wiki
bblfish - (21:38): mhh. yes the packaging is another issue, I was not going to look at right now. It
bblfish - (21:39): The other trick I was thinking of is having the RSAKeygen key have a field of URLs and then doing a query lookup for each users on that URL... But that seems a bit clumsy, though for a demo that could do
bblfish - (21:40): sorry one RSAPublic key having one identity field whose value is a URL (the user's url)
bblfish - (21:42): just need to tie a user to a list of keys, or a key to a user.
vmassol - (21:43): that'"s easy
bblfish - (21:43): ah cool
vmassol - (21:43): just add RSAKeyClass objects to a user's page
vmassol - (21:43): you can add as many as you want
vmassol - (21:43): that's all
vmassol - (21:43): :)
bblfish - (21:43): I can do that dynamically?
vmassol - (21:43): sure
bblfish - (21:43): ah ok
bblfish - (21:44): where should I look for code for that?
vmassol - (21:45): is a good place
vmassol - (21:45): there are code snippets too
vmassol - (21:45): let me try to find one
bblfish - (21:45): thanks a lot.
vmassol - (21:46):
vmassol - (21:46): it's done in 2 steps:
vmassol - (21:46): 1) you get a reference to the Document object:
vmassol - (21:46): $doc points to the current doc
vmassol - (21:46): othewise $xwiki.getDocument("Space.Page")
vmassol - (21:47): 2) you call newObject on it
vmassol - (21:47): for ex:
vmassol - (21:47): #set($member = $allGroupDoc.newObject("XWiki.XWikiGroups"))
vmassol - (21:47):  $member.set("member", $userDocName)
vmassol - (21:47): 3) you set the values
vmassol - (21:47):  $member.set("member", $userDocName)
vmassol - (21:47): 4) you save
vmassol - (21:47): $
vmassol - (21:48): is that clear?
bblfish - (21:48): ok
bblfish - (21:48): I think that's enough to get me going
vmassol - (21:49): for step 2), it would be something like $mydoc.newObject("SomeSpace.RSAKeyClass")
vmassol - (21:49): the api is available here:
bblfish - (21:50): ah thanks that helps yes
vmassol - (21:50):
vmassol - (21:50):
vmassol - (21:50): so for a Document for ex:
bblfish - (21:58): $member.set("member", $userDocName) is a hash map right, so you can only have one value for "member". In my case that should be "key" I suppose. So if I have a number of them, I should have key0 key1 key2 etc...
bblfish - (21:58): or perhaps I can just create a java.util.Collection() ?
bblfish - (22:01): ah I get it
bblfish - (22:01): the link is from the key to the person
bblfish - (22:01): ok
vmassol - (22:01): the string is the id from the class property
bblfish - (22:02): #rsakey = $mydoc.newObject("SomeSpace.RSAKeyClass")
bblfish - (22:02): rsakey.set("member", $userDocName)
bblfish - (22:02): sets a relation on the rsakey to the user
bblfish - (22:04): then later if I want to find all rsakeys assoicated with a user, I'll need to iterate over all rsa keys, and find for each one of them if their "member" relation is the user in question
vmassol - (22:04): you don't need that I think
vmassol - (22:05): you can just find the XWIkiUsers object located in the same document as the doc where the RSAKeyClass object is located
vmassol - (22:05): (unless you want them to be in different documents)
vmassol - (22:05): (in which case indeed you'd need a field to hold that information)
bblfish - (22:05): ah ok, so there is a notion of objects_in_a_document
vmassol - (22:05): objects are always in document
vmassol - (22:06): they kind of dynamic document metadata
bblfish - (22:06): it's very similar to rdf here btw
vmassol - (22:06): just edit any existing document in your wiki using edit objects
vmassol - (22:06): you'll see for example a tag object
bblfish - (22:06): in RDF an object is always named or spoken of in a document
vmassol - (22:06): if you add a comment to a document you'll see it's actually a Comments object added to the document
vmassol - (22:06): if you set a specific right on a document y'oull see it's actually a XWikiRights object added to the document
vmassol - (22:06): etc
bblfish - (22:07): hmm.. Ok then that makes more sense
bblfish - (22:30): ah yes, I noticed one can even add those objects using the UI. I just added two RSAPublicKey Objects to my profile that way
vmassol - (22:33): yes
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