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LadySerena - (00:00): so its not just a xar I can import?
LadySerena - (00:00): grrrr
CalebJamesDeLisl - (00:01): It looks like the web.xml files could be merged.
CalebJamesDeLisl - (00:02): There is this:     <servlet-name>XWatchService</servlet-name>
CalebJamesDeLisl - (00:03): And restlet servlet has a bunch of init params.
LadySerena - (00:03): ultimately what I want is a combined platform: XEM + Chronopolys + Watch
CalebJamesDeLisl - (00:04): I have never tried installing watch before. sdumitriu, Do you know why xwatch has it's own pom.xml? Can it be installed on XE?
CalebJamesDeLisl - (00:11): It looks like there are also some jars which need to be installed, I would download xwatch and copy out any jars which are not in XE already.
CalebJamesDeLisl - (00:13): Hmm, looks like it would have to be compiled as the last release was for platform 1.5
sdumitriu - (00:15): lucaa knows best
sdumitriu - (00:16): Watch needs its own web.xml because it has some custom servlets
lucaa - (00:16): hi LadySerena
lucaa - (00:16): watch is a bunch of jars (2), some servlet added in the web.xml and a .xar you impoty
lucaa - (00:16): import
lucaa - (00:17): I assume you'd want to install it on a modern xwiki, for which the solution is:
lucaa - (00:20): CalebJamesDeLisl: that's an old web.xml, it's not watch's own, it's just a merge of enterprise with watch. Quite outdated (my guess is something like 1.5)
CalebJamesDeLisl - (00:21): I see, thanks.
LadySerena - (00:50): you know, with JQuery, you select what you want in your installation, where you wanna put it on your server, and even the color theme and upload images you want it to use ...... and their server builds a package just for your specified configuration
LadySerena - (00:50): I know it'd be difficult, but it'd be cool to build something like that for XWiki.
LadySerena - (00:51): so with one download, someone could have XEM + Chronopolys + Watch + Workspaces preconfigured for ShortURLs and all they'd have to do is deploy it
LadySerena - (00:52): makes life easier for admins  :D
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headache - (08:17): hello
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:21): Hi headache
headache - (08:25): hi CalebJamesDeLisl
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CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:46): vmassol: I'd like to resurrect Alex's proposal for a secret auth token to prevent CSRF. My imagined implementation would require components to have access to the user, what do you think of adding an EntityReference (for the user document) to the ExecutionContext?
vmassol - (08:48): CalebJamesDeLisl: I think you should use the XWikiContext for now till we redesign the authentication module. For example I wouldn't put an EntityReference directly in the EC in the new architecture but instead probably a User object which would have a getReference()
vmassol - (08:48): (but I haven't thought about the new architecture for authentication and authorization so I don't really know)
vmassol - (08:48): what you can do though
vmassol - (08:49): is work on Context/XWikiContext so that you have a getuser api that returns an EntityReference
vmassol - (08:49): (instead of a string)
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:49): I like the EntityReference because it might point to anything in the DB which signifies the user.
vmassol - (08:49): it's a weak concept
vmassol - (08:50): too weak for a proper design IMO
vmassol - (08:50): it's like using a string for a document refernce
vmassol - (08:50): this is too weak
vmassol - (08:50): but it's ok for the old api
vmassol - (08:50): I just wouldn't like the new api to have to change too quickly
vmassol - (08:50): since changing an api is a nightmare
vmassol - (08:51): (EC is new api)
vmassol - (08:51): (Context/XWikiContext is old api)
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:51): EC is api? I thought it was internal.
vmassol - (08:51): @Requirement Exeecution execution
vmassol - (08:51): anyone can do this in his code
vmassol - (08:51): it's public
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:52): I thought API meant public to scripting.
vmassol - (08:52): for me API is well … api
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:53): So everything is api then?
vmassol - (08:53): no
vmassol - (08:53): there are 2 things not api:
vmassol - (08:53): 1) all stuff private
vmassol - (08:53): 2) all code in internal packages
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:53): Ok.
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:54): Are components intended to eventually be accessible to velocity?
vmassol - (08:54): not directly
vmassol - (08:54): but through the velocity bridge we now have
vmassol - (08:54): this is in order to:
vmassol - (08:54): 1) control the risk
vmassol - (08:55): 2) offer more velocity-friendly apis
vmassol - (08:55): 3) perform automated checks on rights
vmassol - (08:55): (we're not doing 3) yet but it's planned)
vmassol - (08:55): (planned in the proposal that was agreed on that is ;))
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CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:56): So a component for making hashes would need to get the XWikiContext from the EC and declare a dependency on core.
vmassol - (08:57): yes it would probably need to be located in the old core if it requires core apis
vmassol - (08:57): we have several of them like this that we cannot move out yet
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:57): It seems the strict rules for the new code are pushing new code into the old core.
vmassol - (08:57): since they're called by the core and they need the core
vmassol - (08:57): (s/core/old core/)
vmassol - (08:57): it's not about strict rule, it's about cyclic dependency
vmassol - (08:57): till the model is not externalized from the old core we'll have this pb
vmassol - (08:58): this is why we introduced the bridge btw
vmassol - (08:58): (to solve the cyclic dep issue)
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:58): Actually I don't see why there would need to be cyclic dependency, the hash generator just uses script service.
vmassol - (08:58): btw
vmassol - (08:58): isn't there arleady a getuser in the bridge?
vmassol - (08:58): (I think there is)
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:59): Oops, have to check.. So much code to miss.
vmassol - (08:59): who uses the "hash generator"?
vmassol - (08:59): if it's just velocity then it's fine
CalebJamesDeLisl - (08:59): Velocity scripts, html generating stuff which makes buttons.
vmassol - (08:59): then the next question is where would you put it
CalebJamesDeLisl - (09:00): The hash generator?
vmassol - (09:00): I think thomas and you should get together to propose a new xwiki-security module, or xwiki-authentication and xwiki-authorization, or another name
vmassol - (09:00): it seems this hash generator could fit in there
CalebJamesDeLisl - (09:01): Why bundle it together with another component?
vmassol - (09:01): you want a new module that would hold 2 classes?
vmassol - (09:02): it seems too fine-grained to me
vmassol - (09:02): fine-grained leads to lots ofissues
vmassol - (09:02): since
vmassol - (09:02): we don't know your idea, I'd say you should make a proposal first
vmassol - (09:02): and then we can discuss it
vmassol - (09:02): :)
vmassol - (09:02): (I'm discussing things before knowing what you're suggesting! which isn't good :))
CalebJamesDeLisl - (09:03): I will send out the email, now knowing that adding to EC is no good and knowing about the bridge api.
vmassol - (09:04): ok
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CalebJamesDeLisl - (09:29): Mail sent. re bundling hash generator with authentication module, I think the authentication module should define an api which can be implemented by openid, foaf+ssl, form, simple, etc. If each have to implement the hash generator, it becomes a ball and chain.
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CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:37): Does anyone have a reaction to the idea of proposing the beginning a storage module as a GSOC project?
vmassol - (13:37): I have one :)
sdumitriu - (13:37): Me too
vmassol - (13:38): several problems
vmassol - (13:38): pb 1: storage and model are quite related and linked. For ex JCR
vmassol - (13:38): pb 2: this is core stuff and it should be done by a committer
vmassol - (13:39): pb3: it's too complex to have any good result during a summer
vmassol - (13:39): pb 4: you need a very good knowledge of xwiki internals; xwiki use cases, past history
vmassol - (13:39): etc
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:40): All good points, that's why I wanted to field it here.
vmassol - (13:40): but we do need to progress on the model indeed. I have it on my backburner
vmassol - (13:41): help is most welcome though
vmassol - (13:41): what I have so far is in the sandbox
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:41): I suspect it will take a full year or so before anything started would be functional, another year to prove it is safe to use.
vmassol - (13:41): yes one hard part is ensuring continuity
vmassol - (13:41): my plan right now is to:
vmassol - (13:42): propose an API (interfaces)
vmassol - (13:42): implement it using the old core
vmassol - (13:42): ensure all continue to wor
vmassol - (13:42): work
vmassol - (13:42): work on another implementation
vmassol - (13:42): offer a config swtich to decide what impl to use at runtime
vmassol - (13:42): deprecate the old impl and make the new one the default
vmassol - (13:42): remove the old impl
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:42): I see. +1 for the configuration
vmassol - (13:43): 2 pointers if you're interested:
vmassol - (13:43):
vmassol - (13:43):
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:44): I think rewriting the db driver should be looked on as an opportunity to change the schema.
vmassol - (13:44): sure
vmassol - (13:44): it goes even deeper than that
vmassol - (13:44): :)
vmassol - (13:44): if we decide to go with JCR then there's no schema anymore ;)
vmassol - (13:44): (well not in the same sense)
vmassol - (13:45): so yes it's a full rewrite
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CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:45): I still like the idea of keeping hibernate because breaking the hql queries is a huge api break.
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:46): I have to look into jcr more.
vmassol - (13:46): CalebJamesDeLisl: yes, we have HQL support in in the query component but it's cheating
vmassol - (13:46): (it's tied to hibernate)
vmassol - (13:47): but yes we need to make it all work with as little disturbance as we can
vmassol - (13:47): although at some point
vmassol - (13:47): we'll probably have to call it XWiki 3.0
tmortagne - (13:47): CalebJamesDeLisl: it mainly means we need to use XWiki query languge as much as possible
vmassol - (13:47): (or 4.0 ;))
vmassol - (13:47): tmortagne: yep
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:47): Ok as long as keeps working...
vmassol - (13:47): is't also supposed to be easier to use than HQL
vmassol - (13:48): we should indeed make a push for it
vmassol - (13:48): and start rewriting our queries
vmassol - (13:48): so that in 10 releases from now we can only have XQL
vmassol - (13:48): :)
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:48): More code to read...
vmassol - (13:49): and so that we can tune it too in case it's missing stuff
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:49): Hope it handles \ all right :)
CalebJamesDeLisl - (13:52): My imagination of what the new component would look like in a sentence: One loadEntity method, document, object and property treated the same, multiple entities can be loaded/stored at once, not 4000 lines of code.
headache - (13:59): i have to go,  today my sister get a master degree in Electronic Engineering :D
headache - (14:01): goodbye
MichelleShi - (14:01): headache, bye:)
headache - (14:01): bye MichelleShi
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C_Kode - (14:17): In general xwiki table syntax.  How do you column span?
tmortagne - (14:18): | (%spanparm="value"%)
tmortagne - (14:18): or
tmortagne - (14:18): |(%%)(%spanparm="value"%)
tmortagne - (14:18): should work think
C_Kode - (14:19): Thanks, I will try that
tmortagne - (14:19): the first (%%) is associated to the <td>
tmortagne - (14:19): but since a white space is meaningfull content
tmortagne - (14:19): | (%spanparm="value"%)
tmortagne - (14:19): is not the same  than
tmortagne - (14:19): |(%spanparm="value"%)
C_Kode - (14:20): hmm, not spanning
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tmortagne - (14:22): what are you trying to obtain in html ? i'm not sure i understand
C_Kode - (14:22): I want a row to span 2 columns
C_Kode - (14:22): 1 colum span 2 while the normal table is 2 columns wide
tmortagne - (14:22): ok so indeed i really did not understood
tmortagne - (14:23): when you do
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tmortagne - (14:23): |(%param="value"%)
tmortagne - (14:23): you optain
tmortagne - (14:23): <td param="value">
tmortagne - (14:23): you can use this to set the colspan
C_Kode - (14:24): so |(%colspan=2%) Something |
tmortagne - (14:24): see for more on table and custom parameters
C_Kode - (14:25): k
C_Kode - (14:30): ahh, got it.  I had a pipe at the end that was throwing the whole thing for a loop
tmortagne - (14:31): yes | is the start of a column but you don't need to close the column
C_Kode - (14:31): Thanks for your help.
tmortagne - (14:31): np :)
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jvelociter - (15:33): vmassol: Hi
jvelociter - (15:33): I would be keen on some maven assistance when you have some time
jvelociter - (15:34): I'm trying to filter a jar that comes with a war overlay
jvelociter - (15:35): basically I'm building a war that has a war dependency and I want the resulting war to exclude one of the jar that comes with the war dep.
jvelociter - (15:35): I've tried using dependentWarExcludes from the maven war plugin configuration
jvelociter - (15:35): but no success
jvelociter - (15:36): no success with an exlucde in an overlays configuration either
vmassol - (15:46): jvelociter: otp
jvelociter - (15:48): vmassol: yep no problem. wasn't expecting a synchronous answer ;) In the meantime I managed to do my filtering using dependentWarExcludes.
jvelociter - (15:48): vmassol: (but if their is a nicer way to do that I'm curious)
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lucaa - (16:44): tmortagne: any reason for which @Test is used fully qualified and not imported here ?
tmortagne - (16:45): lucaa: no idea, i usually use not fully qualified @Test (unless i did a copy past), you should ask vmassol
vmassol - (16:46): lucaa: it's a bug of intellij idea
vmassol - (16:46): it shouldn't be fully qualified normally
lucaa - (16:47): ok
lucaa - (16:47): so if I fix it your intellij will explode?
vmassol - (16:47): (a regression they have in the EAP)
vmassol - (16:47): you can fix it, I'll manage
lucaa - (16:47): ok
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plunden - (18:46): Good evening. Is it possible to programmatically add objects to $doc? I have found removeObject and getObject methods, but no addObject in the Document class.
glerouge - (18:46): yes
glerouge - (18:46): $doc.getObject('Some.Object', true)
glerouge - (18:46): it will try to get the object and create it i it doesn't exist
plunden - (18:51): Ah, yes. I think I got that part already. What I'd like to be able to do is have an object from another page added in $doc.
vmassol - (18:52): newObject
vmassol - (18:52):     public Object newObject(String classname) throws XWikiException
vmassol - (18:53): (yes I know, having an addObject would have been too easy…. :))
vmassol - (18:54): there's also createNewObject
vmassol - (18:54): newObject does a create and returns the object while crate just create it and return its position
vmassol - (18:54): (plunden)
plunden - (18:57): Hmm
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plunden - (18:59): I am having an object already, in another page. Here is what I am trying to achieve:
glerouge - (18:59): something like
plunden - (18:59): #set($user = $xwiki.getDocument('XWiki.PicaPau').getObject('XWiki.XWikiUsers'))
plunden - (18:59): $doc.addObject($user)
plunden - (18:59): #set($userClass = $user.xWikiClass)
plunden - (18:59): #foreach($prop in $
plunden - (18:59):   ; $prop.prettyName
plunden - (18:59):   : $doc.display($prop.getName())
plunden - (18:59): #end
plunden - (19:00): Does it make sense? :-)
vmassol - (19:01): I have no idea why we don't have an api to add existing objects to a document in our public API....
glerouge - (19:01): try with
glerouge - (19:01): actually I don't know
vmassol - (19:01): sdumitriu: any idea why we miss that?
vmassol - (19:01): (we do have apis in the privileged api)
sdumitriu - (19:02): vmassol: Why would we need that?
sdumitriu - (19:02): We don't have floating objects
sdumitriu - (19:02): An object should always belong to a document
vmassol - (19:02): for example you can get an exsiting object, clone it and add it
vmassol - (19:03): sdumitriu: well we do have lots of apis in XWikiDocument for adding BaseObject
vmassol - (19:03): so I guess there's a reason
vmassol - (19:03): and yes you can create object and associate them with a document
vmassol - (19:03): and then add them to a document
vmassol - (19:04): there are cases where it's handy I guess
plunden - (19:04): Yeah, that I'm trying to achieve. Adding an object to current page so that I can show its fields.
plunden - (19:05): s/page/document/
plunden - (19:05): an existing object, I might add
vmassol - (19:06): an alternative would be copy/renameObject methods I guess
vmassol - (19:06): not rename
vmassol - (19:06): just copy
vmassol - (19:06): but it may or may not fill all use cases
vmassol - (19:07): anyway just trying to answer to plunden
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vmassol - (19:07): plunden: btw why do you need to copy the object?
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plunden - (19:12): I am creating an app for managing boards. There is a class HB.BoardMember. They are each associated with an XWiki user. I am trying to show board member data together with their associated user data.
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vmassol - (19:13): plunden: yes but why are you trying to copy objects from one document to another?
plunden - (19:13): Like having HB.PicaPau to show the user data from XWiki.PicaPau and the membership data.
vmassol - (19:14): in your example above you're trying to copy a XWikiUsers object from $xwiki.getDocument('XWiki.PicaPau') to $doc
vmassol - (19:14): and I don't understand why you need to copy it
plunden - (19:15): To show the user&member data together and update the user&member data together.
vmassol - (19:15): plunden: doesn it work if you do: $xwiki.getDocument('XWiki.PicaPau').display(…) instead?
vmassol - (19:16): (it should work in view mode, not sure in inline mode though)
plunden - (19:16): Ah, let me try.
vmassol - (19:17): in any case it sounds very wrong to me to copy object just to display them
vmassol - (19:17): (display and/or edit)
vmassol - (19:17): you'll get duplicated objects (in 2 locations)
plunden - (19:18): So they are not references to the same object?
vmassol - (19:18): no
vmassol - (19:18): each object is associated with one document
vmassol - (19:18): objects don't exist without documents as sergiu said
plunden - (19:19): Yeah, viewing works now.
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plunden - (19:20): Editing not so. ;-)
plunden - (19:21): Or the user data does not get updated, member data does.
vmassol - (19:21): ok… I don't know how to do that, maybe someone else knows here
plunden - (19:23): I think that is enough for me.
plunden - (19:24): Thanks for infos.
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vmassol - (21:19): anyone familiar with the atmosphere framework: ? Sounds interesting
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jvelociter - (21:29): vmassol: or how to have a l&f familiar to facebook users
jvelociter - (21:31): though it looks interesting indeed
jvelociter - (21:31): we could have "document has been edited" live notifications of some sort with such framework
jvelociter - (21:32): live watchlist
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DV - (22:07): hello
headache - (22:17): i don't know, how to make a comment here
headache - (22:17): maybe i have not the rights to comment :)
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