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cjdelisle - (10:17): import-export looks pretty cool, will it have the capability to output the changes over a certain span of time?
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cjdelisle - (11:54): abusenius: Is there a way I can get the signed script test to actually sign something?
abusenius - (11:55): yes, just don't mock the crypto service in org.xwiki.signedscripts.PKCS7ScriptSignerTest.registerComponents()
cjdelisle - (11:55): so I need to write another test?
abusenius - (11:57): well, depends on what you are trying to do
cjdelisle - (11:58): I just want to be able to sign different stuff until I can get different code to have the same signature.
abusenius - (11:58): well, then you need another test I guess
abusenius - (11:58): and good luck with forging :)
abusenius - (12:06): btw, back to signing with browser, IMO the best thing is (also for signing on server side)
abusenius - (12:06): is to present the text that should be signed to the user first
cjdelisle - (12:06): yup, you have no choice in firefox.
abusenius - (12:06): and then have some button "Do you want to sign this"
cjdelisle - (12:06): It's kind of silly to let a user sign something without knowing it.
cjdelisle - (12:07): takes away the concept of "signing".
abusenius - (12:07): but the thing that shouöld be signed will be constructed on the server
abusenius - (12:07): yes
abusenius - (12:07): I'm currently making the "mangling" to behave exactly as pretty-printing
cjdelisle - (12:07): Why construct it at the server?
abusenius - (12:07): to avoid any errors
cjdelisle - (12:08): errors in what?
abusenius - (12:08): and let it be extensible
abusenius - (12:08): in the stuff you put into the macro
abusenius - (12:08): I will not sign only the code
cjdelisle - (12:09): I still don't see the need to sign stuff other than what the user wants to sign.
abusenius - (12:10): it is the {{signed}} macro and not some random e-mail
abusenius - (12:11): the user has to sign what *needs* to be signed
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abusenius - (12:11): or not sign at all
abusenius - (12:11): and it should be visible
degro - (12:11): bonjour
abusenius - (12:11): hiding dates, names etc in the base64 encoded signature isn't good
degro - (12:12): @cjdelisle any idea on how to translate displayInSection of the ConfigurableClass?
cjdelisle - (12:12): why? it is pretty well guaranteed to be correct.
degro - (12:13): I mean displaying its translation on the XWiki.XWikiPreferences
cjdelisle - (12:13): degro: What are you translating? I can think of a few things.
degro - (12:13): the displayInSection property of a ConfigurableClass object, which appears in the preferences as a section
degro - (12:14): it's quite static now
cjdelisle - (12:14): As far as I know the section is static.
cjdelisle - (12:14): if displayInSection get translated then it would end up putting stuff in the wrong section.
cjdelisle - (12:16): degro: You're building an app and it will have it's own section in the admin interface? and you want that section to depend on the language?
cjdelisle - (12:20): am I correct?
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sdumitriu - (12:31): I think degro is having lunch right now
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degro - (12:50): sorry, I was away for lunch, indeed
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degro - (12:53): cjdelisle: yes. what I want to be able to translate is the title of the section from the main preferences doc
cjdelisle - (12:54): I copied the sections which had existed before, I don't think they are translatable (I may be wrong)
cjdelisle - (12:54): If we were to change to translatable section titles, it would be adding a new feature (I think)
degro - (12:55): oh.
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cjdelisle - (12:55): It actually doesn't sound hard to implement, it would just have to be done.
degro - (12:56): it wouldn't be a new feature
cjdelisle - (12:56): When you're in the section it's translated because the admin app (before i came along) appended the name of the section to "admin." and looked for a key by that name
degro - (12:56): the existing sections are translated
degro - (12:56): yeah, that I know
cjdelisle - (12:56): I didn't change that.
degro - (12:57): and it's not so good, because if you have spaces in the section name, it screws up the key
degro - (12:57): I see
cjdelisle - (12:58): If you are at the XWikiPreferences main page and you change language so the default panel names (General, Programming etc.) change?
cjdelisle - (12:58): s/so/do
degro - (13:02): no, not all of them have translations
degro - (13:02): there's "Panel Wizard"
cjdelisle - (13:04): Which ones are translated?
degro - (13:10): well, only Panel Wizard, apparently
cjdelisle - (13:11): abusenius: Looks like you rewrote all of x509
cjdelisle - (13:11): KeyPairGenerator?
cjdelisle - (13:13): importing from crypto.*.internal, there's no guarentee that that stuff won't disappear tomorrow.
cjdelisle - (13:18): I think I'm going to have to wait until you have a test which actually tests all the way through from the code to the signature to the verification before I can try a forgery attack.
abusenius - (13:20): org.xwiki.signedscripts.PKCS7ScriptSignerTest.testSignVerify() ?
abusenius - (13:20): the key pair generator duplicates code indeed
abusenius - (13:21): I'll remove mocking the crypto service, so that it really signs
cjdelisle - (13:21): Ok, I swa the fake signature string and I couldn't figure out if it was signing or not.
cjdelisle - (13:26): coffee time...
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abusenius - (14:35): the tests sign data now
cjdelisle - (14:35): cool
abusenius - (14:35): (cjdelisle)
abusenius - (14:36): I have changed the format of data what is signed
cjdelisle - (14:36): svn upping...
abusenius - (14:36): it is now literally everything as you see it in the result, axcept signature
cjdelisle - (14:37): I would tend to put the signature in it's own section.
cjdelisle - (14:37): something like:
cjdelisle - (14:37): -----SINGED-----
cjdelisle - (14:37): blah blah
cjdelisle - (14:37): -----SIGNATURE-----
cjdelisle - (14:37): 12345ACDE==
cjdelisle - (14:37): -----END SIGNED-----
abusenius - (14:39): what is the difference?
cjdelisle - (14:40): Well you know for sure that everything between -----SINGED-----   and   -----SIGNATURE-----  is what is signed
abusenius - (14:41): well, I know for sure that everything other than signature is what is signed
abusenius - (14:41): it is really not that hard to see :)
cjdelisle - (14:41): The more complicated you make it the easier it is to break.
cjdelisle - (14:41): s/break/0wn/
abusenius - (14:41): 1. it is not complicated
abusenius - (14:42): 2. it is not easier to break if you shuffle things aroud and call them differently
abusenius - (14:42): it is *exactly* the same data and this is what matters
abusenius - (14:43): better tell me how to generate a self-signed, not CA certificate using X509Keymaker
abusenius - (14:44): ok, I guess I need to generate a key pair and use the same key
cjdelisle - (14:45): newCertAndPrivateKey(final int daysOfValidity, final String password)
abusenius - (14:47): aha, thx
cjdelisle - (14:55): Another question, you have a fingerprint in the signature and one in the cert, which one do you use when validating?
abusenius - (15:00): I compare the certificate I get from the signature with the one I expect
cjdelisle - (15:01): Of course the implementation could have a flaw and it would not be noticeable.
cjdelisle - (15:02): AKA the implementation could trust the fingerprint and not compare.
jvdrean - (15:02): I'd like a new component to reuse a config from the old core, should we have a configuration component that uses xwiki.cfg as source ?
cjdelisle - (15:03): Maybe it would be better to move the configuration to the .properties file and reference it in the old core.
cjdelisle - (15:04): abusenius: You have flickering tests, they will break the build.
tmortagne - (15:05): jvdrean: i don't think so
abusenius - (15:05): I'm thinking how to fix flickering
abusenius - (15:05): it happens because I sign twice, and the date differ in one second
abusenius - (15:06): hm, I could fake the date
tmortagne - (15:06): jvdrean: but that should not be too hard to write a ConfigurationSource geting properties in xwiki.cfg
jvdrean - (15:06): the prop I'd like to use is xwiki.db
tmortagne - (15:06): i understood "do we have" instead of "should we have"
tmortagne - (15:07): jvdrean: why do you need this ?
tmortagne - (15:07): it's supposed to be an internal hibernate storage detail
jvdrean - (15:08): I need this in order to be able to set the wiki I want to make a query on
tmortagne - (15:08): the wiki is "xwiki"
tmortagne - (15:08): whatever is in xwiki.db
tmortagne - (15:08): xwiki.db is used by hibernate storage to finc the real database name for the main wiki
jvdrean - (15:08): ok
jvdrean - (15:09): sorry for the noise
tmortagne - (15:09): jvdrean:  actually it's not "xwiki" (even if it is ;)) but the main wiki name you get in the api to be clean
jvdrean - (15:11): in which new API do we have getMainWiki ?
jvdrean - (15:11): I looked into DocumentAccessBridge without luck
tmortagne - (15:13): jvdrean: not sure actually we have something to main main wiki from components
tmortagne - (15:14): it should probably be part of ModelContext i guess
tmortagne - (15:14): currently i think the code that need main wiki get the XWikiContext as a map in the ExecutionContext
abusenius - (15:15): should not flicker any more
tmortagne - (15:15): and then call get("mainxwiki") (which is a very bad name)
tmortagne - (15:16): jvdrean: you reallu need to get main wiki from a component ?
jvdrean - (15:16): if I want the component to be able to query the main wiki in addition to the local wiki I think so yes
tmortagne - (15:17): what i mean is that don't you need to depends on core to do the actual query
tmortagne - (15:17): ?
jvdrean - (15:18): it's a WIP but I plan to use the query component
jvdrean - (15:18): so for the moment I don't depend on core directly
tmortagne - (15:19): ok
tmortagne - (15:20): i think the less expensive for now is to get the get XWikiContext as a map et get the main wiki from there with a TODO
tmortagne - (15:20): hmm wait
tmortagne - (15:21): forget that
tmortagne - (15:21): there is a way to get main wiki actually
tmortagne - (15:21): let me check something
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tmortagne - (15:23): you can use default implementation of EntityReferenceValueProvider for that
tmortagne - (15:23): it provide a default value (which mean main wiki for the wiki) for each reference type
tmortagne - (15:24): EntityReferenceValueProvider#getDefaultValue(EntityType.WIKI)
vmassol - (15:24): tmortagne: you've probably seen this already:
tmortagne - (15:25): vmassol: actually no (i mostly worked on wiki importer this week), sounds great
tmortagne - (15:27): vmassol: " if you embed Aether, you will be embedding the same library that Maven 3.x uses when it interacts with a Maven repository", found the Grail :)
sburjan - (15:32): so maven 3 will still have poms ?
tmortagne - (15:33): sburjan: if i understood well there is still pom but you are supposed to be able to write them in other "languages" than XML
sburjan - (15:33): I see
sburjan - (15:33): anywayz, I still don't understand 100% fully how maven works .. so
tmortagne - (15:34): sburjan: yep there is always some weird things :)
sburjan - (15:34): at least for me :)
sburjan - (15:35): vmassol, : finished my first Selenium 2 test .. waiting to send it to sdumitriu so he can review it and commit it
sburjan - (15:35): if it's good
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cjdelisle - (15:44): I guess since the same parser is used to generate the output (code) and the stuff to sign, there isn't any really fun forgery that can be done.
cjdelisle - (15:44): A few notes:
cjdelisle - (15:44): You can add as many signatures as you like (after signing), only the last one counts.
cjdelisle - (15:45): (same with comment syntax)
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abusenius - (16:33): hm, my proposal about adding more property acces methods seems to be ignored...
abusenius - (16:34): would be cool if more committers would reply to this: a -1 is better than nothing
cjdelisle - (16:35): I have to look at it more closely.
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lucaa - (16:36): hi xwikiers
lucaa - (16:36): how do I know when a livetable is done loading?
abusenius - (16:36): cjdelisle, I can send you patch implementing it
lucaa - (16:36): I only managed to listen to a xwiki:livetable:newrow ftm
cjdelisle - (16:37): I know something is called when it's all loaded, maybe check the tests?
jvdrean - (16:38): Vincent worked on this in ui-tests
jvdrean - (16:38): document.observe('xwiki:livetable:" + this.livetableId + ":displayComplete
lucaa - (16:39): thanks jvdrean, I'll give it a try
lucaa - (16:39): my livetable is an old one...
lucaa - (16:39): 2.0.5
lucaa - (16:43): nop doesn't work
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cjdelisle - (18:11): abusenius: Send me the patch I'll look at it.
abusenius - (18:18): does it (ddc) work?
cjdelisle - (18:19): DCC? I have to open a port, just a second...
abusenius - (18:20): I can use mail/whatever if you want
cjdelisle - (18:20): Mail is easier.
abusenius - (18:20): ok
cjdelisle - (18:20): You have my mail?
abusenius - (18:21): sent
abusenius - (18:21): to lavabit
cjdelisle - (18:22): Ok, I'll look at it later.
abusenius - (18:23): ok, thx
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DrPoO - (19:49): hello, Im trying to run xwiki-enterprise edition using mysql as a backend and I get the following error message: javax.servlet.ServletException: com.xpn.xwiki.XWikiException: Error number 3 in 0: Could not initialize main XWiki context
DrPoO - (19:49): any suggestions?
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jvdrean - (20:12): DrPoO: this means that xwiki is not able to connect to the database
DrPoO - (20:13): mmm
jvdrean - (20:13): either because it's not running or the credentials set in WEB-INF/hibernate.cfg.xml are not correct
DrPoO - (20:13): thats what i was looking at actually
DrPoO - (20:14): another unrelated question, is there a way of easily exporting/importing a wiki from one machine to another?
DrPoO - (20:14): by doing a mysqldump or something like that
tmortagne - (20:25): DrPoO: you have an import/export support in xwiki
tmortagne - (20:26): go to admin in your wiki
tmortagne - (20:26): you can export a xar from a wiki and import it in another one
tmortagne - (20:28): if you have a very big wiki to export/import you should look at and (the standard exporter loader the whole wiki in memory before actually send it to the client so depending to the momory you allocated to the JVM it could fail)
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DrPoO - (21:56): how can I change the servlet mapping so that my instance has a url path of my choice
DrPoO - (21:56): ?
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sdumitriu - (23:33): Hi DrPoO
sdumitriu - (23:33): See
sdumitriu - (23:34): It explains there all the parts of the URL
sdumitriu - (23:38): About migrating from one machine to another, if it's the same type of database, you can use mysqldump

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