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kwoot - (09:26): great! I have irc through webclient! yeah!
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sburjan - (09:42): sdumitriu, : ping
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sburjan - (10:32): tmortagne, : ping
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tmortagne - (10:40): sburjan: pong
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sburjan - (10:40): jerome told me to show you this : XEM-175
sburjan - (10:41): he also suggested that this is not a XEM bug, but XE
sburjan - (10:41): but he told me to show you, and you'll know where to move it more precisely
tmortagne - (10:41): sburjan: see my comment on XEM-174
sburjan - (10:42): so it;s duplicate
sburjan - (10:43): I'll delete it then
sburjan - (10:43): I discovered this on myxwiki - incubator
tmortagne - (10:44): sburjan: ok let me check main wiki, it's probably badly configured as i said
sburjan - (10:44): it anycase, i don't have credentials to myxwiki :)
sdumitriu - (10:44): sburjan: Pong
sburjan - (10:45): sdumitriu, : I just wanted to ask .. how come the issue you deleted was created twice in JIRA
sburjan - (10:45): I've recieved the mail  this morning .. about the removed JIRA issue .. and seen that there are 2 issues ...
sburjan - (10:45): and I can't explain what happend
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sburjan - (10:51): sdumitriu, : I found a problem on the latest snapshot (from today). Then editing the page, there is a new icon (next to the breadcrumb) on the top of the page. With that you can add the Page's parent. That works. But it seems that it breaks functionality to the older panel, the on from the right
sburjan - (10:51): *that
sburjan - (10:52): Document Information Panel
sdumitriu - (10:52): Yes, silviar1 found this too
sdumitriu - (10:52): I know about it
sdumitriu - (10:53): About the two issues, maybe you clicked twice on the create button or something
sdumitriu - (10:53): It's no big deal
sburjan - (10:53): I see
sburjan - (10:53): okay
sburjan - (10:55): Did you got the time to commit the Document Title tests ?
sdumitriu - (11:01): Still no :(
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tmortagne - (11:09): sburjan: is ok now
sburjan - (11:10): okay. so i can remove my issue
sburjan - (11:10): right ?
tmortagne - (11:11): sburjan: close it as duplicate of 174 in any case
tmortagne - (11:11): let's wait for Ricardo to close the 174
sburjan - (11:12): sdumitriu, : question. What is the criteria used for DocumentIndex list of a space ? All the document that have parent the Spacename.WebHome, or All the Documents that exist in that space (created from start in that space)
sburjan - (11:13): XEM-175
sdumitriu - (11:19): Exist in the space
sburjan - (11:20): thanks
sdumitriu - (11:21): sburjan: Issues should never be deleted
sburjan - (11:21): but I didn;t deleted it, I closed it
sdumitriu - (11:21): The only exceptions are really duplicate issues (created twice), and really confidential issues that should not be in the public Jira
sdumitriu - (11:22): Yes, I know, just letting you know for the future
sburjan - (11:22): okay. stored
sburjan - (11:27): sdumitriu, : are you going to have some UI polished for IE's today ? I have another suggestion for the UI
sdumitriu - (11:28): Yes
sburjan - (11:35): I've added 2 new things i found.
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silviar - (11:52): sburjan: HI! The first issue is not 2.5 specific, so you can report it on jira; for the second issue it's indicated to add an image with the initial display and another printscreen that describes the behavior on hover.
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kwoot - (14:24): Okay, I give up. How can I get a page automaticaaly filled with all users?
sdumitriu - (14:28): WDYM?
sdumitriu - (14:28): Like XWiki.XWikiAllGroup?
kwoot - (14:29): yes, that one :-)
kwoot - (14:31): But how do I mention that in the page source as a link?
kwoot - (14:35): Ok, sorry, got that one working. other question: does every user have his own personal page that he can edit like in mediawiki, so not the profile page but something like 'about me'?
sdumitriu - (14:36): No, that would be the profile page
sdumitriu - (14:36): But you can edit it
sdumitriu - (14:36): If you want it to look differently, just edit XWiki.XWikiUserSheet
sdumitriu - (14:36): It will be changed for all users
sdumitriu - (14:37): You can change it so that in view mode only the About Me field is displayed, and in edit mode just the fields you want to be editable (first/last name, about)
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kwoot - (14:42): ok. cool. will do.
kwoot - (14:48): So, if I want to add another tab called 'about me' and have it default filled with something like 'you can edit this', I have to do what approx? add a new object, edit the velocity macro? I know, I sound like a newbie.
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jvelociter - (15:08): hi. tmortagne FYI we reproduce XEM-174 on the intranet and on myxwiki since the 2.4 upgrade
tmortagne - (15:09): jvelociter: see my comment and i fixed this morning as i said
jvelociter - (15:09): (reading now)_
jvelociter - (15:10): what's weird is that the issue came with the upgrade
jvelociter - (15:10): ah
jvelociter - (15:10): I know
jvelociter - (15:10): I've probably erased the XWikiServerXwiki
jvelociter - (15:10): it comes with xem-administrator xar ?
tmortagne - (15:10): yep
jvelociter - (15:11): ok
tmortagne - (15:11): i though i did the upgrade (and the mistake) actually, are you sure it's you ?
jvelociter - (15:13): for the intranet it's me yes
jvelociter - (15:13): myxwiki, no
tmortagne - (15:13): i see only myxwiki in your first sentence sorry
tmortagne - (15:13): s/see/seen/
sburjan - (15:14): sdumitriu, : ping
sdumitriu - (15:15): Pong
jvelociter - (15:15): np
sburjan - (15:15): sdumitriu, : reminder .. the bug when Mandatory Page Title is set to yes, the page is still saved when pressing Save and Continue
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sburjan - (15:36): sdumitriu, : i have discovered an issue
sburjan - (15:37): it seems that all checkboxes from xwiki have their vertical-alignment:middle a little bit broken
sburjan - (15:37): I will pot a screenshot on the incubator page
sburjan - (15:38): *post
sdumitriu - (15:38): K
lucaa - (15:48): hi guys, can someone point me to some documentation to understand why script macros cannot be nested?
cjdelisle - (15:48): It's for security.
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lucaa - (15:49): yes, I assumed so...
lucaa - (15:49): but why / how?
cjdelisle - (15:49): You write <a href="$request.somewhere">link somewhere</a>
cjdelisle - (15:50): I write Your/Page?somewhere={{groovy}}new Random.unsafe.putAddress(0,0);{{/groovy}}
cjdelisle - (15:51): or Your/Page?somewhere={{/velocity}}{{groovy}}new Random.unsafe.putAddress(0,0);{{/groovy}}
lucaa - (15:51): ok, but isn't escaping supposed to be the answer to this?
sburjan - (15:51): sdumitriu, : I've updated the page with screenshots
sdumitriu - (15:52): You can't properly escape 2.0 wiki syntax
lucaa - (15:52): because what happens right now is that the existing dashboard proof of concept doesn't work anymore
lucaa - (15:52): and all it did was to include some macro calls in other macros
sdumitriu - (15:52): And maybe it should allow normal wiki syntax, like bold and italic
flaviusolaru1 - (15:52): i have a groovy script
flaviusolaru1 - (15:52): def globalvar = "helau";
flaviusolaru1 - (15:52): def func() {
flaviusolaru1 - (15:52):   return globalvar;
flaviusolaru1 - (15:52): }
flaviusolaru1 - (15:52): any ideeas why is not working? groovy doesn't support global variables?
lucaa - (15:53): those macros were wiki macros that had their bodies defined with velocity scripts
lucaa - (15:53): and now nothing works anymore because they're all nested...
lucaa - (15:53): I find that a bit annoying, although I am ready to accept it if it's the best solution
cjdelisle - (15:54): re escaping: There are no characters which are be xml escaped. The alternative would be escaping new characters such as {
cjdelisle - (15:54): XWIKI-5275
cjdelisle - (15:54): You were defining groovy macros using velocity scripts?
lucaa - (15:55): no
lucaa - (15:55): wait I
lucaa - (15:55): I'll show you
lucaa - (15:55): do you have an account on incubator?
cjdelisle - (15:55): BTW:
cjdelisle - (15:56): Yes.
lucaa - (15:58): cjdelisle: this is the dashboard macro: (checkout the object inside)
sburjan - (15:58): sdumitriu, : the checkbox issue is present on 2.4 too. so if there is really something wrong, it should be committed on 2.4 too
lucaa - (15:58): that includes other macros inside, like this
lucaa - (15:59): some of those macros inside are wiki macros, they use velocity to be implemented
lucaa - (15:59): so it all fails now
tmortagne - (16:00): cjdelisle:  wiki macro should be special case like include macros are
tmortagne - (16:00): i.e. whhen looking at parent it should stop when hitting wiki macro
lucaa - (16:00): include macros are special cases?
tmortagne - (16:00): otherwise you cant user wiki macro in a velocity macro basically
tmortagne - (16:01): lucaa: yes otherwise impossible to use {{include}} inside a velocity macro to do a if or something
tmortagne - (16:01): in case of include it's valid to allow nested scripts
lucaa - (16:01): tmortagne: yes, sure. I was just pleasantly surprised by the concept of special cases :)
tmortagne - (16:02): lucaa: yes i don't like it either
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tmortagne - (16:02): but i think abusenius made it cleaner than if equals("include")
tmortagne - (16:02): with a interface or something i'm not sure i would have to look at it
lucaa - (16:03): I'm not very happy with this idea because, while it should prevent attacks, it actually seems to make quite legitimate things impossible
tmortagne - (16:03): in any case we should do the exact same thing for wiki macro
lucaa - (16:03): not idea actually, implementation or something
lucaa - (16:03): yes, maybe doing the same thing for wiki macros will fix it
lucaa - (16:04): (as in we won't discover other special cases)
tmortagne - (16:04): lucaa: there was lot's of discussion an vote for this (and i always voted no more than 0 for this kind of issues)
lucaa - (16:04): yes, I missed the discussion, obviously
lucaa - (16:04): anyway, better late than never
lucaa - (16:04): who wants to handle it
lucaa - (16:04): ?
tmortagne - (16:05): i'm looking
lucaa - (16:05): also, is this released in 2.4?
lucaa - (16:05): I think not...
cjdelisle - (16:05): Yes.
lucaa - (16:05): yes?
lucaa - (16:05): lemme check
tmortagne - (16:06): i think it is
cjdelisle - (16:06): maybe something like {{velocity allowNestedScripts=true}}
cjdelisle - (16:06): ?
lucaa - (16:07): hmm, I'm not really surely sure that caller should be aware of the implementation of the macros that he calls
tmortagne - (16:08): cjdelisle: it's not a solution for wiki macro for sure but  yes we could introduce that for people that absolutely need a nested script and know what they do
lucaa - (16:08): i.e. developer googoo, who calls
lucaa - (16:08): {{velocity}}
lucaa - (16:08): {{myWikiMacro /}}
lucaa - (16:08): {{/velocity}}
lucaa - (16:08): shouldn't really be aware that myWikiMacro is implemented using velocity
cjdelisle - (16:09): I think we decided that the number of legitimate use cases were few and other solutions could be found, and on the other hand a lot of very bad code can be written using nested script.
tmortagne - (16:09): cjdelisle: yep that was it and it's still the case i think
tmortagne - (16:10): we just forgot to handle wiki macro the same way than include macro but it does not change anything
cjdelisle - (16:11): I just want to understand exactly how these macros work. What's the page name for one of the inner macros?
lucaa - (16:12): wait a second caleb
lucaa - (16:12): I'm gonna check if it actually fails on incubator
lucaa - (16:12): I tested it on my local on a 2.5 snao
lucaa - (16:12): snap
lucaa - (16:12): I'm making it fail on the incu
cjdelisle - (16:12): Ok. I just found jiragraph.
lucaa - (16:14): no, it was failing because of something else not nested
lucaa - (16:14): so, it's not failing on 2.4
lucaa - (16:14): or at least on incubator
lucaa - (16:14): I put a nested macro now
lucaa - (16:14): actually a wiki macro inside a wiki macro
lucaa - (16:14): and it works
lucaa - (16:15): check the DashboardTest page again
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cjdelisle - (16:15): Ok. no failures. I assume 'nothing' is correct.
lucaa - (16:15): yes
lucaa - (16:15): nothing is correct
lucaa - (16:15): refresh
lucaa - (16:15): you should see a spider
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tmortagne - (16:16): (back,  I have some heat issues with my computer theses days...)
cjdelisle - (16:16): a spider?
lucaa - (16:17): on the dashboard test page
tmortagne - (16:17): lucaa: btw you will not reproduce the same issue on 2.4
lucaa - (16:17): a gadget with a spider
cjdelisle - (16:17): cuite fuzzy thing that eats flies?
lucaa - (16:17): cjdelisle: yes
tmortagne - (16:17): there is nested script protection but there is also a bug in wiki macro that isolate them from the document
lucaa - (16:17): ( tmortagne: yes, I just tested on incubator )
tmortagne - (16:17): which mean that they dont have any parent and so no script macro parent either
cjdelisle - (16:18): I see the box now. (noscript)
tmortagne - (16:18): i just fixed the bug in trunk
tmortagne - (16:18): which make it visible
cjdelisle - (16:19): brb
tmortagne - (16:19): cjdelisle: heat issues=it's too hot
tmortagne - (16:20): and reboot
cjdelisle - (16:20): need more fans :)
cjdelisle - (16:20): I added one pointing right at my disks.
tmortagne - (16:20): you made me go to to check what i said ;)
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cjdelisle - (16:21): be right back.
cjdelisle - (16:28): btw: #set($cols = $util.getArrayList())  ==  #set($cols = [])
cjdelisle - (16:31): hmm. didn't know that worked. <a href='$doc.getURL('inline')'>
lucaa - (16:32): tmortagne: if include macros are a special case then it means that, if a page X.Y has a groovy script and then someone uses the include macro in the situation presented above by cjdelisle it will work?
cjdelisle - (16:33): It only works if the groovy script is on one side of the include and the velocity is on the other side.
cjdelisle - (16:34): So I don't think it's possible to dynamically write script.
cjdelisle - (16:34): There's parseGroovyFromString and #evaluate
lucaa - (16:34): yes, in a velocity script I write
lucaa - (16:34): $request,something
lucaa - (16:34): and then I pass
lucaa - (16:34): PageWithVelocityScript?something="{{include document="X.Y" /}}"
tmortagne - (16:35): lucaa: yep that would probably work
lucaa - (16:35): then it fixes nothing, because of this special case
lucaa - (16:35): same for wiki macros
lucaa - (16:35): almost nothing
tmortagne - (16:35): lucaa: wiki macro is different
tmortagne - (16:35): you can't register any macro and make another user use it
tmortagne - (16:36): you need programming right to make another user use a wiki macro you wrote
tmortagne - (16:36): so you don't need to do that kind  of trick
lucaa - (16:36): yes
lucaa - (16:36): lemme think
cjdelisle - (16:37): hmm suppose PageWithVelocityScript has PR and X.Y does not.
cjdelisle - (16:37): PageWithVelocityScript?something="{{include document="X.Y" /}}"
cjdelisle - (16:37): Does that cause privilege assent?
cjdelisle - (16:37): ascent
tmortagne - (16:37): cjdelisle: the included document is included and then executed as if it was the top document content
cjdelisle - (16:38): ok so {{include does not confer privilege as does #includeForm.
lucaa - (16:38): then, in this case
tmortagne - (16:38): include macro just replace itself with the target  document content
tmortagne - (16:39): so yes there is a security issue to summarize
lucaa - (16:39): yes
lucaa - (16:40): so basically the fact that there is this exception means that nothing is actually fixed
tmortagne - (16:40): it basically mean that we should not discuss that here ;)
cjdelisle - (16:40): Bad guys aren't lurking in the shadows.
cjdelisle - (16:41): IMO paranoia and keeping quiet damages security more than actual problems.
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vmassol - (16:58): guys, I have just sent an email asking for statuses on the 2.5 release tasks. Please make sure everyone with tasks answers so that we can plan ahead and give warnings in advance in case something is becoming risky (in order to slim it down, reschedule, etc). Thanks
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cjdelisle - (17:42): flaviusolaru1: Let me know if you find anything weird about the ApplicationClassSheet, I updated to syntax/2.0 recently.
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flaviusolaru1 - (17:53): for some reason the download link seems weird
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cjdelisle - (18:27): I'll look at it after lunch.
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jvelociter - (21:59): sdumitriu: Hi. Do you have 2 minutes? I've got a DbTreeList question
jvelociter - (22:00): it seems there is a cache on tree displayer values
jvelociter - (22:00): but I'm not sure where exactly it is or how I can flush it
jvelociter - (22:01): or could it be a hibernate cache ?
jvelociter - (22:01): I'm looking at DBTreeListClass#getQuery
jvelociter - (22:06): hmm found the cache I think
jvelociter - (22:06): DBListCache#getCachedDBList
sdumitriu - (22:13): Hi jvelociter
jvelociter - (22:13): Hi. I think I'm towards my solution
sdumitriu - (22:13): K
sdumitriu - (22:13): Sorry, I was away for a while
jvelociter - (22:14): yep, found
jvelociter - (22:14): PropertyClass#getPropertyClass().flushCache
sdumitriu - (22:15): But isn't caching optional?
jvelociter - (22:15): yes, but I want to keep the cache, but flush it when you edit the graph
jvelociter - (22:16): (since it's quite heavy requests)
sdumitriu - (22:18): K
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