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proyvind - (07:35): 1a/wigoto #ulteo
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vmassol - (09:28): good morning guys
vmassol - (09:28): someone broke a lot of tests yesterday
vmassol - (09:28):
vmassol - (09:28): 010-11-08 02:27:22,335 [ ERROR hql.PARSER                      - line 1:207: unexpected token: 8
vmassol - (09:28): 2010-11-08 02:27:22,347 [ ERROR internal.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Exception in macro #displayRecentActivity at unknown namespace[line 2, column 1]
vmassol - (09:29): btw I'm working on the 3 ui-tests that are failing because of the switch to seleinum 2.0a7
sdumitriu - (09:32): Might have been me
sdumitriu - (09:32): Checking
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sdumitriu - (09:37): Not me
sdumitriu - (09:37): No idea what that means
sdumitriu - (09:37): Might be a flicker
vmassol - (09:37): no
vmassol - (09:37): it's for all tests
vmassol - (09:38): it cannot be a flicker for so many tests
vmassol - (09:38): it's something introduced in #displayRecentActivity
vmassol - (09:38): and since a lot of tests go to the home page
vmassol - (09:38): and they check the output
vmassol - (09:39): (console output)
vmassol - (09:39): they fail because of this error
sburjan - (09:41): vmassol: what is notable new in the new selenium beta ?
vmassol - (09:42): sburjan: you can check the release notes
vmassol - (09:42):
vmassol - (09:43): there are no release notes I could find for 2.0a7 yet
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sburjan - (09:46): I've seen a lot of tests failing since friday
vmassol - (09:46): sburjan: yes see above
vmassol - (09:47): they're not ui-tests and thus unrelated to selenium 2.0a7
vmassol - (09:47): (except for the 3 I mentioned)
sburjan - (09:47): yes
cjdelisle - (09:47): I have the same failure on my 2.6-rc1 copy.
cjdelisle - (09:47): Daylight savings time?
cjdelisle - (09:47): BTW: Good morning.
vmassol - (09:48): yes I have it too
sburjan - (09:48): all the webstandards tests are failing
vmassol - (09:48): Caused by: com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.activitystream.api.ActivityStreamException: Error number 3223 in 3: Error number 3223 in 3: Exception while searching documents with sql select act from ActivityEventImpl as act  where and<>Scheduler  and month(date)=11 and year(date)=2010 and day(date)=08 and 1=1 order by desc
vmassol - (09:48): Wrapped Exception: unexpected token: 8 near line 1, column 199 [select act from com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.activitystream.impl.ActivityEventImpl as act  where and<>Scheduler  and month(date)=11 and year(date)=2010 and day(date)=08 and 1=1 order by desc]
vmassol - (09:48): Wrapped Exception: unexpected token: 8 near line 1, column 199 [select act from com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.activitystream.impl.ActivityEventImpl as act  where'Test.ParentPage' and<>'Scheduler'  and month(date)=11 and year(date)=2010 and day(date)=08 and 1=1 order by desc]
cjdelisle - (09:49): day(date)=08
vmassol - (09:49): indeed it seems to be the 0
vmassol - (09:50): (column 199 is '0')
cjdelisle - (09:50): An error which evades testing.
vmassol - (09:50): well it hasn't evaded us
vmassol - (09:50): since our tests break
vmassol - (09:51): but yes it evaded the tests at release time :(
vmassol - (09:51): not much we can do about that though
vmassol - (09:51): it didn't evade our RC strategy though :)
vmassol - (09:51): since we can now fix it before the final release
cjdelisle - (09:51): +1
vmassol - (09:52): rstavro: any idea?
vmassol - (09:52): are you working on it?
vmassol - (09:52): (good morning)
vmassol - (09:53): guys I'll let you fix it and go back to my 3 failing tests
cjdelisle - (09:53): "[proposal] Add an xwiki-store module with a UUID user defined type." <-- Any comments on that?
sdumitriu - (09:53): Hm, is 0x interpreted as octal?
vmassol - (09:53): sorry cjdelisle, didn't get time to read that mail yet on my side
vmassol - (09:53): sdumitriu: was thinking the same
vmassol - (09:54): (re octal)
sdumitriu - (09:54): I'll take a look at it
cjdelisle - (09:54): IMO store2.0 will have to evolve rather then being written in one glorious all-nighter, perhaps a README saying "these apis are subject to change" is in order.
vmassol - (09:54): so it woudl work from 01 to 07
vmassol - (09:54): and fail on the 8th
vmassol - (09:54): :)
sdumitriu - (09:54): And 9th
vmassol - (09:54): yes
vmassol - (09:54): till the new month
vmassol - (09:54): s/new/next/
vmassol - (09:55): in any case we need a new warning in the RN of 2.6RC1
vmassol - (09:55): I'm adding it
sdumitriu - (09:56): Yep, I'm fixing it
sdumitriu - (10:02): XE-744
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cjdelisle - (10:33): Since attachments is hinging on that proposal, I'm going to start working on a hudson mail with charts and graphs and css and a button to automatically fix the broken tests.
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vmassol - (10:43): hmm seems selenium 2.0a7 resolves relative urls to absolute ones
vmassol - (10:43): since getAttribute(src) on the element representing <img src="/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/usersandgroups/img/allow.png"> returns the full url
vmassol - (10:44): was different in 2.0a4
cjdelisle - (10:51): I'm going to install the email-ext and warnings plugin in hudson (warnings to keep track of TODOs in the code.)
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cjdelisle - (10:59): restarting hudson when jobs are finished.
vmassol - (10:59): cool thanks caleb
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vmassol - (11:19): hmm seems there's an important bug in selenium 2.0a7
vmassol - (11:19): check the following:
vmassol - (11:19):         for (WebElement tableEntry : tableEntries) {
vmassol - (11:19):             try {
vmassol - (11:19):                 WebElement cell = tableEntry.findElement(commentVersionXPath);
vmassol - (11:19): cell is always the same reference even though it should point to different instances
vmassol - (11:20): unless they decided that "//" always go to the root of the doc even though it's executed on a sub element
vmassol - (11:20): checking that
sdumitriu - (11:22): Normally // SHOULD go to the root of the document
sdumitriu - (11:22): Use .// to continue from the current element
vmassol - (11:23): (if that's true it's going to break lots of things for people)
sdumitriu - (11:24): They should have used XPath correctly from the start
sdumitriu - (11:24): That's depending on a bug
vmassol - (11:24): I'm still not sure it's a bug
vmassol - (11:24): ok works with ".//"
vmassol - (11:25): means all places where we have non deterministic xpath expressions may fail at some point in the future
vmassol - (11:25): I don't think we have many though
vmassol - (11:32): all ui-tests should pass fine now with 2.0a7
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cjdelisle - (11:33): I just realized the email-ext plugin must be enabled for each project so it would send just as much spam as the current email system.
cjdelisle - (11:34): Right now I'm thinking maybe the thing to do is create a project which scrapes the hudson rss feed and builds all of the nice graphs then make that a job which runs once every hour (?)
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vmassol - (12:07): cjdelisle: is hudson dead? It's not responding
cjdelisle - (12:07): It reset okay.
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cjdelisle - (12:09): looks like it did die. I wonder if email-ext tried to send an email after something built?
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sdumitriu - (12:12): I never managed to make Hudson restart nicely from the UI
sdumitriu - (12:12): It needs a reset from the machine
cjdelisle - (12:12): It restarted, I saw it before and after. It seems to have jammed up since.
cjdelisle - (12:13): I would think restarting tomcat would be enough.
cjdelisle - (12:14): In any case I'm pretty sunk without ssh
cjdelisle - (12:16): unless someone rebooted it, it seems to be back.
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vmassol - (12:41): cjdelisle: strange errors on hudson:$xwiki-enterprise-test-ui/177/testReport/
vmassol - (12:41): same here:$xwiki-enterprise-test-ldap/177/testReport/org.xwiki.test.selenium.framework/XWikiSeleniumTestSetup/junit_framework_TestSuite_16ff9e0/
cjdelisle - (12:42): I noticed one of those on friday or saturday, I passed it off as a fluke.
cjdelisle - (12:43): ``2010-11-08 12:05:41.076::INFO:  seeing JVM BUG(s) - cancelling interestOps==0''
cjdelisle - (12:49): hmm I thought I noticed those before, hudson's making a lier out of me.
sdumitriu - (12:56): Yep, interestOps happens from time to time
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cjdelisle - (13:03): re:``org.openqa.selenium.firefox.NotConnectedException: Unable to connect to host localhost.localdomain on port 7055'' my guess is agent1 has a hung FF process which is holding port7055.
cjdelisle - (13:03): If you want to put my key in the authorized_keys, I'll look at it.
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Stulle - (13:15): where can i choose the panels to be displayed in editor mode?
cjdelisle - (13:21): If you want me to diagnose agent1, here's my ssh key
cjdelisle - (13:22): coffee time. bbiab
rstavro - (13:22): Stulle: you have to set the type of those panels as being edit panels and in order to display them, use the Administration interface
Stulle - (13:23): well, i was actually having a look at the administration interface and it did not get me any further. anyway, i figured out that i'd have to edit the editpanels.vm file in my skin
sburjan - (13:23): vmassol: do you have any idea if it is possible to embed JIRA charts in xwiki pages ? From what I can see, swizzle is not able to import charts
rstavro - (13:28): Stulle: actually, you can edit editpanelsvars.vm, it's cleaner
Stulle - (13:28): i see :)
Stulle - (13:29): otherwise i'd have to override the contents of that file in XWikiPreferences or what would have been the way to go?
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rstavro - (13:38): the reason why is it cleaner to edit/override editpanelsvars.vm instead of editpanels.vm is because this way you avoid useless and/or duplicated code ... you don't need to change the code, you only need to add/remove some Panel document names
Stulle - (13:39): sure, i was actually thinking about the *vars.vm... just slipped my mind when writing thins
Stulle - (13:39): *this
vmassol - (13:40): sburjan: not with swizzle
vmassol - (13:40): sburjan: swizzle is dead anyway, we need something else
rstavro - (13:46): Stulle: I thought that there is a way of setting those panels in the administration interface, but that's not true ... (I really thing this would be a feature) ... so the only way of changing the list of edit panels is by editing editpanelsvars.vm
Stulle - (13:47): well, it would be a major improvement if the according settings were easily accessible and it wouldn't need a change of files in the .war or anything
rstavro - (13:48): s/thing/think
rstavro - (13:48): yep
sdumitriu - (13:55): Stulle: You don't need to change it in the filesystem, you can upload a modified version as an attachment to XWiki.DefaultSkin
sdumitriu - (13:55): And it will be in the database
Stulle - (13:56): i was actually wondering about this feature. is it enough to just attach the file or do i have to make further alterations to the XWiki.DefaultSkin page to make it use the attachment rather than the filesystem one?
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lucaa - (13:57): sdumitriu: hi, I noticed that there is a document save listener in the skinx extension for the save of a ssx with use global. Is that still used?
sdumitriu - (13:57): Just attach
sburjan - (13:57): vmassol: it would be pure awesomeness to be able to embed JIRA charts in XWIKI :)
lucaa - (13:57): because if so, I don't understand how come stuff works...
sdumitriu - (13:57): lucaa: WDYM used?
vmassol - (13:58): sburjan: once lucaa implements google gadget support it should be very very easy
vmassol - (13:58): (ie nothing to do)
sburjan - (13:58): cool. great :)
lucaa - (13:59): sdumitriu: I mean if it's still doing something. Because for example in the case of an import, the extension author (in my case XWiki.Admin) is checked for programming rights which he hasn't, but it still works (css is there after import)
lucaa - (14:00): we can detail in private (call) if you're in the mood
vmassol - (14:01): lucaa: fyi (in case you don't know it already)
lucaa - (14:01): vmassol: I think I looked at it before
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lucaa - (14:02): even added one our very experimental gadget (built in a gsoc) to my jira db
vmassol - (14:02): sburjan:
lucaa - (14:03): ah I didn't read the document
sburjan - (14:03): yes. so I guess now we just have to imlpement adding google gadgets to xwiki. as you stated above
sdumitriu - (14:03): lucaa: It should work
sdumitriu - (14:04): Otherwise enabling global extensions at runtime wouldn't work
lucaa - (14:04): ok... then the import is a special case..
lucaa - (14:04): because in the case of the import, the Admin doesn't have the required rights
lucaa - (14:04): and I don't see why would that work
lucaa - (14:05): so maybe it's a special case...
sdumitriu - (14:05): Why doesn't it have admin rights?
lucaa - (14:06): actually, it's not in any group
lucaa - (14:06): because the groups might have not been imported yet
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jvelociter - (14:36): Seems depencies have not ben updated after XE 2.6-rc-1 release:
jvelociter - (14:36): (vmassol )
sdumitriu - (14:37): After RC dependencies should be left to their release values
vmassol - (14:37): jvdrean: done on purpose
sdumitriu - (14:37): And updated only if a bugfix is needed from their trunk
vmassol - (14:37): the reason is that RC are about stability
vmassol - (14:37): and only necessary changes must be introduced and in a controlled manner
vmassol - (14:38): (the only risk is not introdcuing something that has been fixed but then that should not happen since fixing a bug requires a (unit) test ;))
vmassol - (14:38): it's a tradeoff anyway, there's no perfect solution I can think of
jvelociter - (14:39): OK, I see
jvelociter - (14:39): when should it be updated ?
jvelociter - (14:39): why the developer commits the upstream fix ?
jvelociter - (14:39): s/why/when/
vmassol - (14:39): yes
vmassol - (14:40): and that developer need to be careful too that he isn't changing the version to one that wouldn't be compatible or that would introduce other unwanted changes
vmassol - (14:41): TBH I tihnk the release manager will need to redo the work to ensure there's no mistake but if developers help maybe it's a bit easier, I'm not sure. In any case it's good for devs to be aware of what they're doing IMO
vmassol - (14:52): rstavro: would be great if you could take this issue in the future:
sdumitriu - (14:53): One new type of events
vmassol - (14:53): yep sent by the user mgmt app
rstavro - (14:57): ok, I will take this issue
vmassol - (14:57): cool
vmassol - (14:57): rstavro: no hurry
vmassol - (14:58): (we don't have any deadline for ità
vmassol - (14:58): )
vmassol - (14:58): guys we need to decide what we do abou
vmassol - (14:59): sdumitriu: I'd like especially your input
vmassol - (14:59): (since you helped create the mess ;))
sburjan - (14:59): vmassol: I just wanted to tell you that the tutorial JIRA provides for integrating charts into Google gadgets doesnt work
rstavro - (14:59): yes, actually there is a bigger need: the preferences interface (ability to change parameters - number of items to display, authors, spaces, tags and so on)
rstavro - (15:00): I am talking about the activity preferences interface (not the administration one)
sdumitriu - (15:00): vmassol: I asked asrfel to refactor the ActivityStreamImpl to get out all the elseif mess
vmassol - (15:00): oh
vmassol - (15:00): asrfel is stefan
sdumitriu - (15:00): Yes
vmassol - (15:00): asrfel: would be good to use a proper nick
asrfel - (15:01): vmassol : i will change it to sabageru ;)
vmassol - (15:01): fine, whatever allows us to recognize you (and thus pay more attention to you) is good, thanks
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vmassol - (15:03): sdumitriu: IMO the design is done wrong. It should be the various modules registering their events against the activity stream
vmassol - (15:03): (or the AS listens to all events)
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vmassol - (15:04): in any case the AS module shouldn't have to know all individual modules
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vmassol - (15:04): said differently it should be possible to add a new module without changing a line of code of the AS module
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jvelociter - (15:05): hmmm can't seem to make the :last pseudo class selector work as expected by prototype
jvelociter - (15:06): it keeps giving all matching elements, not just the last
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cjdelisle - (15:07): I seem to recall a comment about a bug in prototype related to css selectors.
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jvelociter - (15:09): that's too bad I will need to something less elegant
cjdelisle - (15:12): I would tend to avoid css selectors because they seem too complex (internally) and likely to introduce surprise bugs.
cjdelisle - (15:12): That's just me though.
vmassol - (15:13): sd
vmassol - (15:13): s/sd//
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jvelociter - (15:16): OK, my bad. I was doing elem.down('li:last') in place of elem.down('li:last-child')
jvelociter - (15:16): their doc is not very clear though
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vmassol - (16:11): sdumitriu: you haven't answerd to the event move mail
sdumitriu - (16:12): Not yet, very busy
vmassol - (16:12): at least do you agree to move stuff out?
vmassol - (16:12): (I'm doing it now for events you have added recently)
sdumitriu - (16:13): Yes
lucaa - (16:20): team i have an exception in the recent activity macro
lucaa - (16:20): is that disinchronized backend and front end on my install?
sdumitriu - (16:22): Might be
sdumitriu - (16:22): Just fixed a bug today
lucaa - (16:25): can we write integration tests for actions?
lucaa - (16:26): actually no, this one is tough to test (XE-727)
lucaa - (16:32): guys, I need a function to register the existing macros in the current wiki
lucaa - (16:33): do you think
lucaa - (16:33):     void registerExistingWikiMacros(String wiki) throws Exception; in WikiMacroInitializer is too specific? (I mean the wiki name paramater, is it to xwiki specific for that API?)
lucaa - (16:33): ( tmortagne, what do you think? )
vmassol - (16:34): sdumitriu:
vmassol - (16:34): this was done in 2.6RC1?
vmassol - (16:34): also why doesn't it contain the commits for the observation module changes?
tmortagne - (16:35): wfym by "xwiki specific" ? if it's "xwiki-core specific", no it's ok since we already have multiwiki concept in  wiki macro visibility
vmassol - (16:35): ok found the answer
vmassol - (16:36): XWIKI-5622: New event types: add/update/delete comment/annotation/attachment
vmassol - (16:36): lots of issues for the same topic…. got lost
lucaa - (16:36): tmortagne: yeah, i mean xwiki-core, the fact that the "wiki with the name xx" is an xwiki concept. But yes, it's already there so it's fine
vmassol - (16:37): sdumitriu: still the descirption for is strange
vmassol - (16:37): and there's no fix for for it
sdumitriu - (16:38): Added fixfor
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vmassol - (16:43): jvelociter: you're making lots of changes for 2.6 final (seen all the deps you're changing). I hope they're safe ;)
jvelociter - (16:43): I hope too
jvelociter - (16:43): hehe :)
jvelociter - (16:45): (they should be safe, yes, I've checked again before that commit)
jvelociter - (16:46): (plus all those changes should be backward compatible)
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evalica - (16:58): sdumitriu: do you know, is intended that all pages have 'xwiki' tag set default?
sdumitriu - (17:00): No, it shouldn't be anywhere
Stulle - (17:16): hey, i noticed something weird
lucaa - (17:16): tmortagne: are you handling the checkstyle errors in WikiMacroExecutionEventListener ?
Stulle - (17:16): i am using the tag cloud feature
lucaa - (17:16): build fails because of that
Stulle - (17:17): and when i go to PDMLink.WebHome it shows just the tags for this space but if i go on any other PDMLink. page it shows the entire tag cloud
tmortagne - (17:17): lucaa: did not seen that actually, i'm fixing it right now
lucaa - (17:17): thanks
Stulle - (17:17): note that PDMLink.WebHome makes use of the tag cloud macro but there i limited it explicitly to this space
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Stulle - (17:18): any way of achieving the same look on all PDMLink pages (and in other spaces)?
tmortagne - (17:20): lucaa: should be ok now, thanks for the warning
lucaa - (17:20): thanks
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lucaa - (17:42): tmortagne: I still have this: main/java/com/xpn/xwiki/internal/ Static variable definition in wrong order.
tmortagne - (17:43): lucaa: sorry did not re-executed checkstyle to be sure, fixing it for real this time ;)
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tmortagne - (17:46): lucaa: this time it's ok, promise
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Stulle - (17:49): XAPANELS-135
Stulle - (18:01): well, good bye :)
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vmassol - (18:43): guys wdyt of moving the attachment/comment events to the com.xpn.xwiki.internal.event package instead?
vmassol - (18:43): (ie not expose them public for now so that we can change them without deprecation later on when we move them again to the target module - when it exists)
vmassol - (18:44): I'll send a mail
lucaa - (18:44): when is the module planned?
lucaa - (18:45): I mean their modules, are they soon planned?
vmassol - (18:45): it doesn't matter
vmassol - (18:46): we can always move them out when needed
vmassol - (18:46): even if they're not ready
lucaa - (18:46): true
vmassol - (18:46): and for us it's not a pb to use internal packages
vmassol - (18:46): (although not recommended)
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sdumitriu - (19:29): tmortagne: Was there a bug in XWiki 2.0 syntax about empty table cells?
sdumitriu - (19:29): |abc| -> only one td
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