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08:27 <jstoldt> good morning
08:27 <@cjdelisle> good morning
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09:19 <walters> good morning, i was checking the log files of tomcat and there i found a few errors. If someone could help me out with these errors, i would appriciate it very much. 2011-02-22 21:33:12,815 [http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/] ERROR store.XWikiHibernateBaseStore   - Failed updating schema while executing query [create sequence xwiki_owner.hibernate_sequence]
09:19 <walters> 2011-02-22 21:33:22,842 [http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/] ERROR util.JDBCExceptionReporter      - ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB
09:19 <walters> 2011-02-22 21:33:22,844 [http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/] ERROR impl.StatsUtil                  - Failed to search visit object in the database from cookie
09:21 <@cjdelisle> Good morning, could you put the error full stack trace into a pastebin and give us the link?
09:23 <walters> Hello, I am new to this, how can put the stack onto the paste bin?
09:24 <@cjdelisle> I assume you get a stack trace with each of those errors, a whole bunch of:
09:24 <@cjdelisle> at something
09:24 <@cjdelisle> at somethign else...
09:24 <@cjdelisle> Copy that and paste it somewhere like
09:25 <@cjdelisle> where you can paste large text without signing up and ofc large text would be awkward on irc.
09:31 <jstoldt> great thing sdumitriu fixed XWIKI-5910
09:37 <walters> Hello @cjdelisle, before I put it onto the pastebin I've to check it. I maybe was working with an older logfile. I'll get back to this, thanks.
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09:43 <@cjdelisle> I just had an idea
09:44 <@cjdelisle> Bitcoin depends on the difficulty of doing sha256 rounds.
09:45 <@cjdelisle> If you had a reasonably popular forum, it's nice to be able to require processor time instead of requiring people to solve captchas.
09:46 <@cjdelisle> drop a little flash vid in the background that takes ohh 80% of their cpu... deter spam, possibly get free mining which I understand people will pay like $50 for whatever amount of bitcoin that is.
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10:05 <jstoldt> sounds good but with hacked bot nets, is spamming really gonna be countered if all you do is slow it down?
10:05 <jstoldt> the spammers will prolly just include more machines on their spamming spree
10:06 <@cjdelisle> or go to another forum
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10:06 <@cjdelisle> but hey, clean up spam --> get free bitcoin mining :)
10:06 <jstoldt> hehehe
10:06 <@cjdelisle> ofc if they're determined they could throw a video card at it.
10:07 <jstoldt> well, i got no idea about the whole bitcoin thing. but it sounds a little second life to me
10:07 <@cjdelisle> yea
10:08 <jstoldt> yah...
10:08 <jstoldt> meh, reading my internship report for a third or fourth time sucks donkey ass
10:09 <@cjdelisle> you could read my rfc :)
10:09 <jstoldt> i'd rather not. i got a feeling my head would explode... either in amazement or confusion ;)
10:10 <@cjdelisle> I feel the same way about kadimlia algorithm. Still trying to wrap my head around it.
10:10 <jstoldt> oh, yeah, i never got around trying to digg through that
10:11 <jstoldt> despite having messed with eMule quite a bit... *cough*
10:12 <jstoldt> i just never saw the point of trying to when the official devs request no changes there anyway. besides, they got the experience anyway ;)
10:12 <jstoldt> official emule devs, that is
10:12 <@cjdelisle> meh file sharing... otoh the software is quite awesome.
10:12 <jstoldt> it is...
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10:13 <@cjdelisle> my dns engine is talking with bittorrent nodes right now. and ofc I'm logging every packet.
10:14 <jstoldt> what do you log them for? gonna harrass them with the information you gained? ;)
10:15 <jstoldt> although i am not a huge BT fan... i hate how most torrents die in a matter of just a few weeks
10:15 <@cjdelisle> naw, just look at the packets, see if I'm missing anything in my implementation, look for non-standard messages.
10:15 <jstoldt> i see
10:15 <@cjdelisle> Oh and look for abuse/scraping/DoS/etc.
10:15 <jstoldt> btw, why do you even write your own DNS engine?
10:15 <jstoldt> proof of concept?
10:16 <@cjdelisle> Because mine doesn't rely on asking verisign who owns a domain.
10:16 <jstoldt> hmmm, i imagine that this check is meant to keep urls from being spoofed, isn't it?
10:17 <@cjdelisle> Right now it can only look up dht nodes, next is look up public keys and validate signatures on the responses.
10:17 <jstoldt> mhmm
10:17 <@cjdelisle> then make a big list that anyone can add to and that list maps user friendly domains to keys.
10:18 <jstoldt> still, is there a real market for this?
10:18 <@cjdelisle> I assume not.
10:18 <@cjdelisle> It's a hard problem.
10:18 <jstoldt> especially since there are a few BT kind of DNS implementatoins surfacing after the whole wikileaks shit came down
10:18 <jstoldt> i figure so
10:19 <@cjdelisle> Hard problems get me up in the afternoon.
10:19 <jstoldt> X-D
10:19 <jstoldt> << your head is not quite that big, yet, though? right?
10:20 <@cjdelisle> hehe
10:21 <@cjdelisle>
10:22 <jstoldt> lol
10:22 <jstoldt> isn't that the kind of dns i just meant?
10:22 <@cjdelisle> dns-p2p? or .p2p?
10:23 <jstoldt> .p2p i guess
10:24 <@cjdelisle> well it was a disributed project without any leadership which is awesome but it doesn't get code written so I decided I would start on cjdns which was mine and would conform to my specifications and only mine.
10:25 <jstoldt> yeah, i think that is one of the major problems with OpenSource software... priateers seldomly want leadership in a strong sense and without that nothing gets done as good as it could be
10:25 <jstoldt> *privateers
10:26 <@cjdelisle> Well leadership is great and IMO needed but it needs to be by a leader and by a really good dev. I'd gladly work under a leader but without one I'll start my own project.
10:26 <jstoldt> exactly
10:27 <@cjdelisle> Kind of like cjdns is a proposal, .p2p is a to be standard. I'm hoping it will become the reference implementation.
10:28 <jstoldt> well, to be honest, i got my doubts about .p2p... the idea is great and i am all for liberalising the DNS market but unless the major platforms support this natively i don't think many will want to bother with .p2p unless they are full blown nerds
10:29 <@cjdelisle> oh abusenius you'll get a kick out of this, proposed change to DHT was to store little pieces of info. They hash with sha256, good. They only lookup the first 160 bits, ok. They only validate the first 160 bits. facepalm.
10:31 <@cjdelisle> yea, if noone uses it then it'll be an interesting relic and I learn something from the adventure.
10:32 <+sburjan> Hello guys. shouldn't a page disappear  from Activity Stream after it has been deleted ?
10:32 <@cjdelisle> OTOH opennic is reserving the .p2p tld for when the project is done so opennic nerds are in. Perhaps it will pick up steam, maybe not.
10:32 <jstoldt> sburjan: that way we couldn't see it was deleted...
10:33 <@cjdelisle> Instinct says no but I don't know of anything written on the topic.
10:33 <jstoldt> cjdelisle: this becoming a relique is likely because no commercial vendor will want to get into a war with the US government and that one company handing out domains and such
10:33 <+evalica> consistent view: if we show deleted comments, attachments why not show deleted pages?
10:34 <jstoldt> ^^
10:34 <+evalica> and is an activity stream ... so that's it's purpose to show activity
10:34 <+abusenius> cjdelisle: well, 160 bit isn't that bad as long as long as sha256 is not too broken
10:35 <+abusenius> and its definitely better than using sha1 instead
10:35 <@cjdelisle> Are you sure?
10:35 <+abusenius> quite sure
10:36 <@cjdelisle> I would want to see some literature on trunkated sha2 before I stepped off of that path.
10:36 <+abusenius> unless there is something really strange going on in sha256 algo that makes breaking first 160 bit easier than the whole thing
10:36 <@cjdelisle> The only thing I know is cryptographers make rules and you follow them.
10:37 <+abusenius> in general, a good way (it's even proven afair) to make a short hash is to take a long one and cut it
10:38 <@cjdelisle> So there is literature on truncated sha2 collision resistance?
10:39 <+abusenius> I have no idea, but I remember to read about truncating in Bruce Schneier's blog
10:40 <@cjdelisle> hmm. Anyway I suggested that if they truncate it then using p256 instead of p160 is overkill.
10:40 <+abusenius> well, it's slower
10:40 <+abusenius> but sha1 algo is more broken than sha256
10:41 <@cjdelisle> So anything which relies on sha1 could conceivably switch to truncated sha256 with minimal changes.
10:41 <+abusenius> actually if I remember correctly sha512 is faster to compute on 64 bit cpus that shorter sha*
10:41 <+abusenius> yea, basically
10:42 <+abusenius> but in most cases it's probably not worth it
10:43 <@cjdelisle> My proposal --> lookup the high bits of the key, get the value, validate. Their proposal --> lookup the truncated sha256 of the key + name, get value + key, validate with provided key.
10:43 <jstoldt> so how broken is sha-1? does it require huge resources to exploit the flaws or is it pretty easy to crack the thing?
10:44 <@cjdelisle> Never been actually broken AFAIK
10:44 <@cjdelisle> it's just getting weak.
10:44 <jstoldt> ahhh, good... you had me confused and slightly worried there ;)
10:44 <jstoldt> okay, that's to be expected at some point anyway
10:45 <@cjdelisle> Not like the md5 collisions R us, certificate authority
10:45 <+abusenius> sha1 is broken in the sense that they are seriously searching for replacement
10:45 <jstoldt> okay.
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11:30 <+sburjan> I think it would be nice if we'd have panels in 2.0 syntax in 3.0 final
11:44 <+tmortagne> sburjan: +1
11:57 <+jvelociter> restarting
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15:49 <+sburjan> started the bot
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16:14 <+sburjan> cjdelisle: do you have any idea if there is a way to run a shell command and show the output in a xwiki page ?
16:14 <+sburjan> something like each time the page is requested, the content is dynamically generated by running the shell command (more exactly, the command you gave me to get the test methods from all test classes)
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16:50 <walters> @cjdelisle: In Oracle you can use dbms_lob.substr(...) to get a part of the CLOB in the select query but I don't think this is a common sql statement. Maybe it's possible to put something oracle specific in the query? Best is offcourse to change the query when possible and not to use the clob so it works everywhere.
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