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10:56 <vmassol> ok got an error
10:56 <+tmortagne> vmassol: there is no such thing as selenium test for clustering yet
10:56 <@sdumitriu> Mine succeeded
10:56 <vmassol> ok
10:56 <vmassol> (tmortagne)
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11:04 <JonasBausch> Is there somebody who can help me with some rights issues?
11:05 <@sdumitriu> Hi JonasBausch
11:05 <@sdumitriu> I can try
11:05 <JonasBausch> haven't you just answered my email?
11:05 <JonasBausch> ah no, sorry
11:05 <JonasBausch> wasn't you
11:05 <JonasBausch> well, my problem is:
11:06 <JonasBausch> i want to make a space called "thought archive" where a logged-in user can jot down ideas
11:06 <JonasBausch> the application works, but i only want the individual user to see his individual thoughts
11:07 <JonasBausch> at the moment, everybody can see every thought from every user
11:07 <JonasBausch> or: only the admin can see the "thoughtArchive"-space and nobody else
11:07 <JonasBausch> I'm getting crazy with this
11:08 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: did you do what I told you in the mail ?
11:08 <JonasBausch> yes, i did
11:08 <JonasBausch> still have the same problem
11:08 <+tmortagne> which is exactly what ?
11:09 <+tmortagne> the hasAccesLevel does not work as expected ?
11:09 <+tmortagne> what is your new code ? you can put it on
11:09 <JonasBausch> yes, i have a testaccount, and he shuold not be able to see the thoughts created by the admin
11:10 <JonasBausch> pastebin is blocked by our proxy in the office
11:10 <+tmortagne> nice...
11:10 <+tmortagne> then put it here since it's not too big
11:10 <JonasBausch> no it isnt
11:10 <JonasBausch> {{velocity}}   #set($sql = ", BaseObject as obj where = doc.fullName and obj.className = 'Thoughts.ThoughtClass' and <> 'Thoughts.ThoughtTemplate'")   #set($results = $xwiki.searchDocuments($sql))   #if($results.empty)     No Thought has been created yet!   #else     #foreach ($item in $results)         #set($thought = $xwiki.getDocument($item))         * [[${thought.display("Thought").replace("<p>", "").replace("<
11:11 <+tmortagne> well not easy to read that way :)
11:11 <JonasBausch> i know
11:11 <JonasBausch> but i can't switch off the security policy in my office
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11:12 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: well you don't have hasAccessLevel at all anymore
11:12 <siert> hello... one of my users created a space //xwiki.onvz with the name local/xwiki/bin/view/IT+Applicatiebeheer/Howto
11:12 <+tmortagne> so you want to test only view ?
11:12 <@sdumitriu> JonasBausch: You could write a Groovy listener that sets rights dynamically
11:12 <siert> is it possible to delete that space? from out of xwiki I only get 404
11:12 <siert> (source document name: //xwiki.onvz.local/xwiki/bin/view/IT+Applicatiebeheer/Howto)
11:12 <+tmortagne> sdumitriu: he does not want to set rights, he just want to filter result based on users rights
11:12 <@sdumitriu> siert: Best way is to delete it from a script
11:13 <siert> this way it won't work: https://xwiki.onvz.local/xwiki/bin/delete/%2F%2Fxwiki.onvz/local%2Fxwiki%2Fbin%2Fview%2FIT%2BApplicatiebeheer%2FHowto
11:13 <siert> sdumitriu: is there an example somewhere?
11:13 <JonasBausch> I'll check that hasAccessLevel
11:13 <JonasBausch> just one second
11:13 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: in you code you  are not filtering anything but you will get a bad link if even the user does not have view right on some document
11:14 <@cjdelisle> siert: try {{velocity}}$xwiki.getDocument("where like '%/%'"){{/velocity}}
11:14 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch:  because getDocument will return null
11:14 <+tmortagne> (as I told you)
11:14 <+tmortagne> so what right do you really want to check ?
11:14 <@cjdelisle> siert: paste that into some empty page and view it, if the documents shown are all documents that you want to delete (they probably are...)
11:15 <+tmortagne> basically what is your logical rule on which you want to filter the result
11:15 <+tmortagne> when context user is creator of the document ? when he has view right ? edit right ?
11:16 <+tmortagne> last author of the document ?
11:16 <JonasBausch> alright, for instance: i log in as JonasBausch, i have no thoughts created, i create a few, then log out, and another user logs in, he only sees his thoughts, not mine
11:17 <+tmortagne> yes but what define it as "his" thoughts ?
11:17 <+tmortagne> he is the creator of the document ?
11:17 <JonasBausch> yes
11:17 <+tmortagne> then you should modify your SQL query to limit to creator of the document being the context user
11:18 <@sdumitriu> cjdelisle: Your example is bad, missing a search
11:18 <@cjdelisle> indeed, I broke it
11:18 <@cjdelisle> siert: I meant to say run {{velocity}}$xwiki.searchDocuments("where like '%/%'"){{/velocity}}
11:18 <JonasBausch> ok, how can i do that
11:19 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: see (If you don't already knows it)
11:19 <JonasBausch> (I'm sorry for asking stupid questions, but I'm not very familiar with programming at all)
11:19 <+tmortagne> also you are using HQL in your code it seems, you should use XWQL istead which is way easier to read
11:19 <+tmortagne> will give you very good examples
11:20 <JonasBausch> ok, i'll try and let you know if it works
11:20 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: the creator of the document is doc.creator field
11:22 <JonasBausch> well, it works, but the documents are still listed in the navigation-panel
11:22 <JonasBausch> i think the problem is a bit more highlevel
11:23 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: i'm not sure what you really want
11:23 <+tmortagne> it's not just about your own code ?
11:24 <JonasBausch> i have the navigation panel on the left with all spaces listed, and still as not being the creator of the "thoughts" i can see them there
11:25 <JonasBausch> the whole thoughtarchive has to be private and individual for every registered user in my wiki
11:25 <+tmortagne> i'm not sure what navigation panel you are talking about but if it's the very old panel we removed long ago because it was too expensive when viewing a page then it display everything the current user has view right AFAIK
11:26 <+tmortagne> if you don't want something to appear in here then the user should not have view right on it
11:26 <+tmortagne> so when you create a though you need to make sure only the user creating this document has view eight on it
11:26 <+tmortagne> right
11:27 <JonasBausch> ok, and how can i do that?
11:27 <+tmortagne> which mean put some right object properly configured in it
11:27 <JonasBausch> ok, i'll try
11:28 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: just give view/edit right to the user creating the document and nobody else will have it automatically
11:28 <JonasBausch> sure, but how?
11:28 <JonasBausch> by programming or just by clicking in the users/rights section of the document
11:29 <+tmortagne> I don't how how your application is done but as I told you you need to add a right object in the document you create
11:29 <+tmortagne> as you want
11:29 <+tmortagne> by hand it's even simplier
11:29 <+tmortagne> you have UI
11:29 <+tmortagne> but I guess you want to do that automatically in your application
11:29 <+tmortagne> otherwise it will be a pain
11:30 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: what you could do is using the document right setup UI and see what is the result
11:30 <+tmortagne> in object editor
11:30 <JonasBausch> yes, it has to be automatically, because this wiki will be used by medics
11:30 <+tmortagne> then you will know what you need to do programmtically
11:32 <JonasBausch> alright, I'll give it a try
11:32 <JonasBausch> but thanks a lot for helping me
11:33 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: you'r welcome, i'm searching some more links about rights for you
11:33 <JonasBausch> but another thing, you just said, that navigation panel is old
11:33 <JonasBausch> which one to use now?
11:34 <+tmortagne> none
11:34 <+tmortagne> there is a separated page
11:34 <+tmortagne> with a livetable I told you about
11:34 <+tmortagne> document index that is
11:34 <JonasBausch> ah i remember
11:35 <+tmortagne> here are some more detailed information about xwiki rights
11:35 <+tmortagne> i think there is example of how to set rights programmatically  on
11:36 <+tmortagne>
11:36 <+tmortagne> here it is
11:36 <+tmortagne> you should have everything you need now ;)
11:37 <JonasBausch> Thank you very much
11:37 <JonasBausch> I hope I get it know
11:37 <JonasBausch> Its's pretty hard for me to understand the whole xwiki-system
11:38 <+tmortagne> yep you can't understand it all at once
11:40 <@sdumitriu> I'm not sure there's anybody that can say they understand the *whole* xwiki
11:41 <+tmortagne> yep
11:43 <JonasBausch> If i dont see any progress at the end of the week, I'll try to build a standalone application in Java for our purpose, that's much easier than understanding such a complex system
11:44 <JonasBausch> but thank you guys for the fast reply
11:44 <+tmortagne> JonasBausch: you don't have to master the whole XWiki system to use it either
11:46 <JonasBausch> Well, I'll give it a try, I hope I can ask you some more questions by time
11:46 <JonasBausch> have a nice day
11:47 <+tmortagne> you too
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12:15 <vmassol> btw all tests are passing for me locally now
12:15 <vmassol> :)
12:16 <vmassol> (for ui tests)
12:16 <vmassol> (I committed an hour ago)
12:16 <+tmortagne> vmassol: cool
12:16 <vmassol> so far I haven't been able to make them fail again locally
12:16 <vmassol> I'm now going to review them a bit more for performance
12:16 <vmassol> since I may have caused some delays
12:16 <vmassol> total time 1072 seconds locally
12:16 <+tmortagne> note that  I'm working in fixed all configurations issue with M2Eclipse 1.0
12:17 <+tmortagne> s/fixed/fixing/
12:17 <vmassol> 17 mn
12:19 <+tmortagne> done for oldcore, taking care of jaxb plugin now
12:23 <+tmortagne> jaxb plugin skipped in commons, if someone find other non supported plugins there is an example of how to skip it in xwiki-commons pom.xml (better if you associate a issue link with it)
12:23 <+tmortagne> hmm I need to skip xar plugin I think
12:30 <+tmortagne> no no need to add xar plugin since it's not execusting during an "interresting" phase
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14:17 <+tmortagne> nice user name
15:21 <+abusenius> hi @all, does anybody know why
15:21 <+abusenius> this
15:21 <+abusenius>
15:21 <+abusenius> and
15:21 <+abusenius> are marked "confidential" ?
15:21 <@cjdelisle> you're striking out today
15:21 <@sdumitriu> Checking
15:23 <+abusenius> also, how about subscribing security mailing list to this filter:
15:23 <+abusenius> it shows recently (2 days) updated/created confidential issues
15:23 <+abusenius> otherwise nobody notices them
15:27 <@sdumitriu> abusenius: The last two are from an XWiki SAs client, he probably created them in the wrong place
15:27 <@sdumitriu> The first one (XE-953) should be unmarked, since it's not security-related
15:30 <+abusenius> XE-953
15:30 <+abusenius> nice
15:32 <+abusenius> sdumitriu: what about the other two? do you know where they should go?
15:32 <@sdumitriu> Asking the SAS support team to look into them
15:32 <+abusenius> k
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17:25 <Chami1> tmortagne: hi
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17:42 <_MrUser_> Hi. i have a auth failure using the rest api. The config uses multiple wiki instances. this request ends in a 401: /xwiki/rest/wikis/intranet/spaces/Sandbox/pages/WebHome/
17:43 <_MrUser_> Seams to ocour on xwiki 3.0 too
17:44 <_MrUser_> admin user does not get this error
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18:00 <@sdumitriu> abusenius: I deleted the two issues
18:03 <+tmortagne> Chami1: sorry i'm on the phone right now but you can ask any question you have here even if I can't answer myself
18:08 <Chami1> currently I'm working on making android tree-style navigator to load dynamically from xwiki
18:13 <Chami1> so this class will convert basic ExpandableListView into 3-level expandable list view. Here I planned to pass domain of xwiki using constructor and get data through xwiki-android-rest.
18:13 <Chami1> is it ok with your requirements as mentioned in mailing list?
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18:22 <+tmortagne> Chami1: what is "domain of xwiki" ? you mean configuration to access XWiki ?
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18:54 <Chami1> tmortagne: yeah, like "localhost:8080" or ""
18:55 <+tmortagne> Chami1: you need to give more that just that, there is at least user and password and maybe more later so it should be a Configuration object with the URL among other things and not just it
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18:55 <+tmortagne> anyway ok to give in the constructor
18:56 <+tmortagne> it's a details IMO can always change later
18:56 <Chami1> ok
18:56 <+tmortagne> for now what's important is the general concept of providing an UI element which is working on its own
18:57 <+tmortagne> in the future what would be nice is that all required information to access XWiki are registered in an android account and application use that account to acces connect to XWiki
18:58 <+tmortagne> like you have google account for example
18:59 <+tmortagne> but anyway right now what's important is to make the library working and as complete and clean as possible
19:01 <Chami1> yeah, time is so tight to do all these things. so I have to be more focused on the major features
19:01 <Chami1> :)
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19:01 <+tmortagne> Chami1: what's the most important is that what you do is the easy to use for an android developer, that should be your main focus when choosing a design path
19:03 <+tmortagne> in this case constructor taking a XWikiConfiguration object is easy enough so it's ok for now
19:04 <+tmortagne> the result does not have to be perfect in all aspects but it should fit the main goal: developer should like to use your library :)
19:04 <+tmortagne> I have to go now
19:05 <Chami1> tmortagne: ok, bye. thank you for informing me
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19:54 <qwebirc90155> Hello All, Im trying to find a way to include default data inside a TextArea Property.  I would expect its a simple line in the Custom Display field but i havent found a solution yet.  Any help is greatly appreciated!
19:54 <qwebirc90155> let me also include, Default Data that can be edited.
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