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04:11 <+mflorea> sdumitriu: ping
04:12 <@sdumitriu> Pong
04:14 <@sdumitriu> mflorea: You're up early
04:14 <+mflorea> :)
04:14 <+mflorea> I haven't slept
04:14 <+mflorea> would be awesome if you can find the time to review my last two commits (real commits, not the merge) on feature-sheets branch, see
04:14 <+mflorea> this one is the most important
04:15 <@sdumitriu> OK
04:15 <@sdumitriu> After that, you're all set for this release
04:15 <@sdumitriu> ?
04:15 <+mflorea> from the second one the SheetDocumentDisplayer class is interesting
04:17 <+mflorea> yes, I'm 90% done. What I still need to do is revert some changes to the velocity templates that I previously did on feature-sheets branch and that I don't need anymore (because the sheet is now automatically applied when getRenderedContent is called).
04:17 <+mflorea> but I'll do this after I sleep a few hours
04:21 <@sdumitriu> OK Marius
04:22 <@sdumitriu> I hope at least you're not still at the office
04:22 <+mflorea> btw, if you want to test on a 3.2 snapshot, you need _only_ the jars: xwiki-platform-legacy-oldcore (including of course the modified xwiki-platform-oldcore), xwiki-platform-display, xwiki-platform-sheet-api and xwiki-platform-rendering-macro-include. You can test by editing Blog.BlogIntroduction and deleting the content (the include macro)
04:22 <+mflorea> nop :) I'm at home
04:23 <+mflorea> ok, going to sleep
04:23 <@sdumitriu> Bye
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07:46 <@sdumitriu> mflorea: Up already?
07:46 <+mflorea> :)
07:46 <+mflorea> yep
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07:47 <@sdumitriu> Good, I have a question
07:47 <+mflorea> shoot
07:47 <@sdumitriu> How does a blog post know which sheet to use?
07:47 <@sdumitriu> I don't see anything in the blog post document, in the sheet, or in the class
07:50 <+mflorea> The sheet manager knows: the blog post has an object of  type BlogPostClass, and the manager looks for a sheet for this class. If it can't find any explicit bindings it fall-back on naming convention BlogPostClass -> BlogPostSheet and since BlogPostSheet exists it assumes it is the expected sheet
07:51 <@sdumitriu> Ah, indeed
07:51 <@sdumitriu> Forgot about that
08:06 <@cjdelisle>
08:20 <@sdumitriu> Mixing git index-filter, git update-index, bash, sed, regular expressions...
08:20 <@sdumitriu> This is getting interesting
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09:20 <@sdumitriu> vmassol: Finally, I have something to extract a module with a clean history
09:20 <@sdumitriu> A bit faster than tree-filter
09:21 <@sdumitriu> mflorea: I'm going to catch some sleep, I'll continue to review tomorrow
09:21 <@sdumitriu> (later today for you)
09:21 <+mflorea> great. I'm cleaning up my changes in the mean time (especially the velocity template changes)
09:22 <@sdumitriu> By the way, I use this to see all the changes:
09:22 <@sdumitriu>
09:22 <+mflorea> yep, me too
09:22 <+mflorea> I'm going now through all the changes
09:24 <@cjdelisle> I think I found the problem with panels on myxwiki, someone's redefining panelheader and it's breaking it for everyone.
09:25 <@sdumitriu> cjdelisle: Yes, it's known
09:25 <@sdumitriu> It's old
09:25 <@sdumitriu> Tried to find who exactly redefines it but couldn't find anything
09:25 <@sdumitriu> I searched in the database files (on the filesystem) directly without any luck
09:27 <@cjdelisle> it's breaking the update to 3.2 royally
09:28 <@sdumitriu> Why? It used to be like this since a long time ago
09:28 <@sdumitriu> And the only solution is to restart tomcat
09:28 <@cjdelisle> rewriting the macros in syntax 2.0 makes them fail miserably
09:29 <@cjdelisle> and they are in syntax2.0 in the version 3.2
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09:30 <+tmortagne> s/macros/panels/ ?
09:32 <@cjdelisle> it's the #panelheader macro that's overridden somewhere
09:32 <@cjdelisle> I thought that had been fixed
09:33 <+tmortagne> yes it should be fixed
09:33 <+tmortagne> normally each page load macros in its own velocity namespace
09:33 <+tmortagne> and pretty sure there is unit tests for it
09:33 <@cjdelisle> maybe it's a syntax1.0 thing?
09:34 <+tmortagne> supposed to be the same whatever the syntaxe
09:34 <+tmortagne> it's done at getRenderedContent level
09:34 <+tmortagne> hmm wodering if that's really done properly for panels actually
09:34 <@cjdelisle> anyway I thought overriding anything in macros.vm was explicitly forbidden
09:35 <+tmortagne> cjdelisle: not sure there is really a way to explocitely forbid that
09:35 <@cjdelisle> {{velocity}}{{{ #panelheader('hai') }}}{{/velocity}} pasted into a page shows the overridden version
09:36 <+tmortagne> it depends what namespace is use for where this velocity macro is redifined
09:37 <+tmortagne> if it's root namespace then yes you are going to see in even in pages
09:37 <+tmortagne> that would indicate it's not in a page
09:38 <+tmortagne> but I don't see where else
09:38 <@cjdelisle> I wonder if it's in a skin override attachment?
09:38 <+tmortagne> even if that would explain why sdumitriu ccould not find it in the db
09:38 <@cjdelisle> I don't really understand skin attachments, they are zip files?
09:38 <+tmortagne> maybe, not sure what is used to execute skin overrides
09:41 <@cjdelisle> if they are zipped then that would at least explain why it was never found.
09:43 <+tmortagne> in any case if anyone can redefine a farm velocity macro in his subwiki skin zipped or not it's a bug to fix
09:44 <+tmortagne> right now the velocity namespace is set for the page content rendering but should be set for the whole page display I think
09:44 <+tmortagne> that's probably the issue
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11:40 <vmassol> mflorea: I see you're modifying some app (like the blog app). What happens if someone updates to XE 3.2 final but doesn't update the blog app for ex. Will it continue to work?
11:41 <vmassol> (want to be sure we're backward compatible at the page level)
11:42 <+mflorea> yep, it should work fine. I update the blog (and I updating the administration app) just for the proof of concept
11:43 <vmassol> ok good
11:43 <vmassol> thanks
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12:11 <+tmortagne> sburjan: BTW I added some stuff in the demo UI of EM yesterday and this morning
12:11 <+tmortagne> no new features, just exposing more information
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12:27 <@cjdelisle> restarting myxwiki to enable debug logging on the velocity engine to find where the macro is redefined.
12:28 <vmassol> k
12:33 <+sburjan> tmortagne: I will test it next week
12:33 <+sburjan> guys, it seems we are getting spammed on the dev list
12:33 <vmassol> sburjan: used to get spam I think
12:33 <+sburjan> with forgery web sites
12:33 <vmassol> hmm unless my spam filter is removing them
12:34 <+sburjan> [email protected]
12:34 <+sburjan> is the sender e-mail address
12:34 <vmassol> yep I'ver emoved that user
12:34 <vmassol> check the mails
12:34 <vmassol> they must be old
12:34 <+sburjan> 3 days ago
12:34 <vmassol> yep
12:34 <+sburjan> cool
12:34 <vmassol> that's old :)
12:38 <+sburjan> ;)
12:44 <@cjdelisle> 2011-09-15 10:43:49,548 [] DEBUG o.x.v.i.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Velocimacro : added VM panelheader: source=/templates/macros.vm
12:45 <@cjdelisle> foundit
12:45 <vmassol> nice catch!
12:45 <@cjdelisle> or maybe not, it says "added" not overridden
12:46 <@cjdelisle> I'll look carefully at that subwiki anyway
13:08 <@cjdelisle>
13:08 <@cjdelisle> nice web design
13:08 <vmassol> yep that was a wiki done by XWiki SAS
13:09 <vmassol> (not used anymore ATM)
13:10 <@cjdelisle> I'm just loading all of the pages looking for anything else which reports overriding those macros
13:10 <@cjdelisle> *each wiki
13:25 <@cjdelisle>
13:26 <@cjdelisle> bingo
13:26 <@cjdelisle> 2011-09-15 11:23:27,092 [] DEBUG o.x.v.i.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Velocimacro : added VM panelheader: source=
13:27 <vmassol> that rings a bell, I think I had found this wiki before
13:27 <vmassol> sergiu looked at it AFAIR but said that wasn't the problem. Anyway I don't fully remember
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13:41 <@cjdelisle> yup, I'm 99% sure that's the one, it has the same onclick= that's showing up in the macro
13:43 <vmassol> k cool
13:45 <@cjdelisle> it looks like it would be pretty difficult work around it in their skin without breaking them but I'll see if I can repeat the problem and maybe we can get a quick fix rolled out.
13:47 <vmassol> sounds good
13:57 <+sburjan> is down ?
13:57 <+sburjan> no, just slow
13:59 <@cjdelisle> XWIKI-6972
14:05 <@cjdelisle> restarting myxwiki with debug logging in velocity removed so we don'e end up with 10GB of logs
14:18 <+mflorea> vmassol: I'm ready to merge the feature-sheets branch
14:18 <vmassol> mflorea: ok...
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14:18 <+mflorea> let's see how it goes
14:20 <@cjdelisle> I kind of feel like I need a new way of visualizing code to trace an execution path through oldcore
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14:54 <@cjdelisle> return XWikiVelocityRenderer.evaluate(content, "", (VelocityContext) context.get("vcontext"),
14:54 <@cjdelisle> (in parseTemplate(String template, String skin, XWikiContext context))
14:54 <@cjdelisle> "" <-- put in root namespace
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15:06 <@cjdelisle> sdumitriu: I think I found it:
15:07 <@sdumitriu> Yep, I thought that too for a long time
15:07 <@sdumitriu> But it's not that one
15:08 <@sdumitriu> I mean it wasn't the one that was causing problems before
15:08 <@cjdelisle> how do you know?
15:08 <@sdumitriu> It does redefine the macros, true
15:08 <@sdumitriu> So it is causing your problem
15:08 <@sdumitriu> But there's another one that was messing things up even worse
15:09 <@cjdelisle> XWIKI-6972
15:12 <@cjdelisle>
15:13 <@cjdelisle> if someone defines a skin document, that shouldn't be put in the root namespace correct?
15:14 <@sdumitriu> I wonder what would break if we set a proper namespace there
15:15 <@cjdelisle> I think the namespace should be:  Wiki:Space.SkinName
15:16 <@cjdelisle> Since header is parsed every time a page is loaded with a skin applied, it shouldn't be possible to break the header
15:17 <@cjdelisle> I suppose there might be things which define macros in the footer and expect them to work above the footer and there's a possibility of them breaking but is that going to be very common?
15:20 <@cjdelisle> I guess I have to look more closely at how velocity handles namespaces
16:38 <+mflorea> tmortagne: do you know why$xwiki-platform-extension-repository-aether/630/testReport/org.xwiki.extension.repository.aether.internal/AetherDefaultRepositoryManagerTest/testResolve/ is failing?
16:38 <+tmortagne> mflorea: sounds like a missing push :)
16:38 <+tmortagne> it's the last build ?
16:38 <+tmortagne> checking
16:39 <+mflorea> it is failing for the past 4 builds
16:39 <+mflorea> I hope it's not related to my branch merge
16:40 <+tmortagne> ha no looks like a fixed one test and not the other
16:40 <+tmortagne> it's not your fault for sure ;)
16:40 <+mflorea> good
16:40 <+mflorea> :)
16:41 <+mflorea> I'm waiting to see if there are any functional tests failing after the merge, but I need platform to build first
16:43 <+tmortagne> mflorea: should be ok now
16:43 <+mflorea> great, thanks
16:44 <+tmortagne> ha there is not only failing tests
16:44 <+tmortagne> Caused by: org.sonatype.aether.transfer.ArtifactNotFoundException: Could not find artifact org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-display:jar:3.2-SNAPSHOT in xwiki-snapshots (
16:44 <+tmortagne> :)
16:45 <+mflorea> nexus cache issue?
16:45 <+mflorea> no :) my fault
16:45 <+mflorea> fixing it
16:46 <+mflorea> n00b mistake
16:46 <@sdumitriu> Forgot to add it as a submodule to the platform pom?
16:46 <+mflorea> yep
16:46 <+mflorea> :)
17:01 <vmassol> sdumitriu: I'd like to start creating a feature branch in platform for the new model and thus move the model I've put in  xwiki-contrib/sandbox into my platform branch. I was thinking that preserving history would be nice. Could I use your script to do that?
17:02 <@sdumitriu> Yes
17:02 <@sdumitriu> Let me clean it up
17:04 <vmassol> ok thanks
17:04 <vmassol> guys do we still need the "remotes/origin/enabled-csrf-protection" branch?
17:05 <@sdumitriu> Probably not, it was merged IIRC
17:05 <@sdumitriu> Checking
17:05 <vmassol> ah yes github compare
17:06 <@sdumitriu> Yep, all merged
17:06 <@sdumitriu> I did git cherry HEAD refs/remotes/origin/enabled-csrf-protection
17:07 <vmassol> ah nice didn't know about this
17:33 <@sdumitriu> vmassol: Where do you want the module to appear after extracting it? Root of the repo, /xwiki-model/, xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-model/, something else?
17:34 <+jvdrean> Hi, do we have know issues with $xwiki.copyDocument in 3.1 ?
17:41 <vmassol> sdumitriu: xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-model/
17:42 <@sdumitriu> This one already exists
17:42 <vmassol> yes
17:42 <@sdumitriu> You will get conflicts when mergin, I think
17:42 <vmassol> not really
17:42 <@sdumitriu> OK
17:42 <vmassol> because in sandbox they're in differnet modules
17:42 <vmassol> I'll need to do the merge locally anywya but it'll be a simpl eone
17:43 <vmassol> sdumitriu: I want to merge this in my branch, not on master (just making sure)
17:43 <@sdumitriu> OK
17:44 <@sdumitriu> Sending you the script after I check it works
17:44 <vmassol> k thanks
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18:01 <@sdumitriu> vmassol: Sent
18:02 <@sdumitriu> Report any problems you have
18:44 <vmassol> sdumitriu: thanks
18:45 <@sdumitriu> Works?
18:45 <vmassol> was away haven't tried yet
18:45 <vmassol> will let you know
18:47 <vmassol> sburjan: fyi XE-1016
18:49 <+sburjan> looks nice
18:49 <+sburjan> Improvements in the mouse emulation (movement, click, double click, context
18:49 <+sburjan> click)
18:51 <+sburjan> this should be nice, but I don't know if select text within a container WebElement is implemented
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21:27 <vmassol> mflorea: hi
21:27 <vmassol> I see you've used this for creating a logger:
21:27 <vmassol> private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ConfiguredDocumentDisplayer.class);
21:27 <+mflorea> yes
21:27 <vmassol> but the best way is:
21:27 <vmassol> @Inject Logger logger;
21:27 <vmassol> s/best/canonical
21:28 <+mflorea> nice..
21:28 <+mflorea> wasn't aware of this
21:28 <+mflorea> I'll update my code
21:28 <vmassol> ok cool
21:28 <vmassol> btw I've added missing @Singleton
21:28 <+mflorea> thanks
21:29 <vmassol> @Inject private Logger logger;
21:29 <vmassol> (missed "private" above)
21:29 <+mflorea> right
21:33 <vmassol> mflorea: another point
21:33 <vmassol>             String format = "Failed to lookup document displayer with hint [%s]. Using default document displayer.";
21:33 <vmassol>             LOGGER.warn(String.format(format, documentDisplayerHint));
21:34 <vmassol> the best practice is to use:
21:34 <vmassol> this.logger.warn("Failed to lookup document displayer with hint {}. Using default document displayer.", documentDisplayerHint);
21:35 <+mflorea> nice, but what if I want to also log the exception?
21:35 <+mflorea> ie. warn(String, Throwable)
21:36 <+mflorea> but maybe that is not needed
21:36 <vmassol> well in this example you're not logging the exception
21:36 <+mflorea> sure
21:36 <vmassol> now they're missing an api
21:36 <vmassol> AFAIK
21:36 <vmassol> I'm nt sure why
21:36 <+mflorea> I'm wondering about the cases when the exception is also logged
21:36 <vmassol> maybe they support it
21:37 <vmassol> maybe, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object)
21:37 <vmassol> maybe the first or second param can be an exception
21:37 <vmassol> I need to google a bit
21:37 <vmassol> I don't know the answer
21:37 <+mflorea> anyway, it's not that important to log the exception for a warning
21:38 <vmassol> found it
21:38 <vmassol>
21:38 <vmassol> as the last param
21:38 <vmassol> :)
21:38 <+mflorea> :) nice
21:39 <+mflorea> I'll update the code
21:39 <+mflorea> thanks
21:39 <vmassol> but yes
21:39 <vmassol> we shouldn't print stack trace with warnings
21:39 <vmassol> only with errors
21:42 <vmassol> btw technically a displayer doesn't display btw ;)
21:43 <vmassol> they seem to generate XDOM
21:43 <+mflorea> yes, I followed Thomas's suggestion
21:43 <vmassol> the renderer renders and the template display
21:43 <vmassol> ;)
21:44 <vmassol> generating XDOM is very good. I was just commenting on the naming
21:44 <+mflorea> well, the "displayer" name was taken from
21:45 <vmassol> yep
21:45 <vmassol> I know
21:46 <vmassol> I'm really happy that we've started this module at last! :)
21:46 <+mflorea> :)
21:49 <vmassol> hmmm seems you're executing content to get the title in extractTitleFromContent
21:50 <vmassol> in DocumentTitleDisplayer
21:50 <vmassol> AFAIR we had decided not to do this in the past
21:50 <+mflorea> yes, that was the behavior in XWikiDocument
21:50 <vmassol> hmm I don't remember this
21:50 <vmassol> I remember the opposite
21:51 <+mflorea> nop, I'm pretty sure
21:51 <vmassol> becasue we said it was too dangerous
21:51 <vmassol> (and not performant)
21:51 <vmassol> let me check
21:51 <vmassol> maybe I'm mixing with another getTitle api
21:53 <+mflorea>
21:53 <+mflorea> look for getRenderedContentTitle
21:54 <vmassol> I'm probably confused. I'm pretty sure I remmeber that a document with only an include in it will not get its title extracted
21:54 <vmassol> oh I know
21:54 <vmassol> it's only rendering the header
21:54 <+mflorea> yes
21:55 <vmassol> ok my bad, that's ok
21:55 <vmassol> btw you don't have unit tests for the new modules it seems
21:55 <vmassol> I don't see any in display module
21:55 <+mflorea> yes..
21:55 <vmassol> (which means they were not developed TDD… bad bad ;))
21:56 <vmassol> we really need 80-90% coverage for all new code
21:56 <vmassol> I wonder how you've tested them, it's so much easier with unit tests
21:56 <vmassol> anyway please add them when you can
21:57 <+mflorea> I know.. I was saved by the unit tests in old core and include macro
21:57 <+mflorea> I will
21:58 <vmassol> I like the fact that each class doesn't have much code, this tends to mean it has a good design
21:58 <vmassol> I think there are some fine tuning to do on the exception handling part
22:00 <+mflorea> I had to split the code as mush as possible because I was getting cyclomatic complexity very easy (too many imports)
22:01 <+mflorea> yes, exception handling needs to be improved
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22:07 <vmassol> mflorea: do you know why we need a displayer in the include macro when context is current?
22:07 <vmassol> I was expecting the displayer to be used only when context is NEW
22:08 <+mflorea> just to prevent duplicating the getContent method, especially when the section is specified
22:09 <+mflorea> and for consistency
22:09 <vmassol> I need to think a bit more about this but there are some things that we need to fix in the platform rendering
22:09 <+mflorea> displayParameters.setContentTransformed(false) => the displayer does nothing more than to retrieve the content
22:10 <vmassol> we need to move the include macro in the rendering module in the future
22:11 <vmassol> IMO we need some way to return a XDOM without having to perform any rendering in the macro itself
22:11 <vmassol> even when context = NEW
22:12 <vmassol> i need to brainstorm a bit with thomas about this
22:12 <vmassol> but this would allow to more cleanly separate rendering from the rest
22:12 <vmassol> (rest = other platform modules)
22:13 <vmassol> I'll let you know if I come up with something
22:13 <+mflorea> I guess you need a way to mark that a subtree of XDOM is transformed in new context
22:13 <vmassol> yes
22:13 <vmassol> exatly
22:13 <vmassol> exactly
22:15 <vmassol> exception handling is a btit strange here:
22:15 <vmassol>         try {
22:15 <vmassol>             result = documentDisplayer.display(documentBridge, displayParameters);
22:15 <vmassol>         } catch (Exception e) {
22:15 <vmassol>             throw new MacroExecutionException(e.getMessage(), e);
22:15 <vmassol>         }
22:15 <vmassol> display doesn't thrown an excpetion and yet we expect one, which tends to mean mayb dsplay should thrown an excpetion
22:15 <+mflorea> :) that's actually a hack to make a test of include macro pass
22:16 <vmassol> (not sure why it doesn't thwo one)
22:16 <vmassol> Macro and Transformations do throw an exception
22:17 <vmassol> and it seems to me it's possible to get all sort of problems when calling a displayer
22:17 <+mflorea> indeed
22:17 <vmassol> I see a lot of throw RuntimeException in displayer
22:17 <+mflorea> yep
22:17 <vmassol> IMO the problem is that display() methjod doesn't throw a DisplayException
22:17 <+mflorea> that was the quick solution
22:18 <+mflorea> indeed, an expected DisplayException in the API is better
22:19 <vmassol> would be good that we stabilize the api as much as possibe before the final 3.2 release
22:19 <vmassol> I'll continue to review the committed code tomorrow
22:21 <vmassol> lots of failing functional tests remain apparently
22:26 <+mflorea> hmm, they weren't failing just after I merged the branch
22:26 <vmassol> the webstandarsd one seem to be caused by a jvm crash
22:26 <+mflorea> I need to check them
22:26 <vmassol> I'm restartgin them now
22:27 <vmassol> I also updated selenium to 2.6.0
22:27 <vmassol> but I ran it locally first
22:27 <vmassol> and all tests were passing locally
22:27 <vmassol> (except the famous one that doesn't pass on my mac)
22:27 <+mflorea> :)
22:28 <+mflorea> so it still fails with 2.6.0, I need to check if it fail without my hack
22:28 <vmassol> indeed
22:29 <finbrein> has joined #xwiki
22:37 <mflorea> has quit
22:43 <vmassol> ok only 1 error in webstandard now
22:43 <vmassol>$xwiki-enterprise-test-webstandards/281/testReport/org.xwiki.test.webstandards/RSSValidationTest/Validating_RSS_validity_for____xwiki__bin__view__Main__LuceneSearch_xpage_plain_outputSyntax_plain_text_wiki_executed_as_guest/
22:43 <vmassol> got to go, bed time
22:44 <vmassol> has quit
22:55 <finbrein> has quit
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